Holistic View of Twitter Performance is Now Available on SocialPilot

Twitter Performance is Now Available on SocialPilot

Twitter Analytics is back on SocialPilot for users on all plans.

Twitter Analytics is now available for all SocialPilot users, bringing a deeper understanding of your Twitter account’s performance directly within the SocialPilot platform. The feature will offer insightful data to guide user strategy, enhancing Twitter’s presence.

Users can now see a clear picture of what’s working well and what needs improvement. They can learn what they’re doing right by looking at their best performing tweets. At the same time, seeing where their tweets didn’t do well can teach them what to avoid.

Twitter Analytics

What users can do now?

  • Analyze your tweeting patterns and daily content performance.
  • Learn how people are interacting with your tweets, from likes to retweets.
  • Understand which content resonates and the best times to tweet.
  • Get a condensed view of your audience’s weekly interactions for refining content strategy.
  • Stay on top of your brand or profile mentions on Twitter to know their online presence.
  • Schedule automated reports of Twitter to be sent out to your email. Available only for Agency and Agency+ plan users.

One of the standout features of Twitter Analytics on SocialPilot is the ability to create customizable, period-specific reports. You can generate reports based on the specific time frame that suits your or your client’s needs. Whether it’s a weekly, monthly, or quarterly report, you can tailor the insights to the period most relevant for your strategy or your client’s review. However, this is available only to users on Agency and Agency+ plans. Feel free to upgrade your plan if you want to get your hands on this feature.

Note: Our analytics, sourced from Twitter data, may slightly differ due to variations in data processing between SocialPilot and Twitter’s own analytics systems.

SocialPilot offers Twitter Analytics in your existing SocialPilot plan without any additional costs. To know more about the feature, read the Help Documentation.

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