Free Canva Templates for Real Estate

Enhance your real estate brand with SocialPilot’s free real estate social media post templates. Use our free, customizable social media templates on Canva to quickly make posts for house for rent, apartment for sale & other real estate social media posts.

How Can Real Estate Businesses Use Canva Templates for Social Media Marketing?

From newspaper ads to social media campaigns, visuals have always been a core part of marketing appeal. This is especially true for social media marketing, where images and presentations can make or break a campaign.

That’s where Canva’s real estate social media templates come in. They’re not just a boon, but a necessity for real estate agents looking to meet their marketing needs.


By showcasing property listings with engaging content, you can reach potential buyers and renters in a more personalized way. This increases brand loyalty and sets the stage for a successful marketing campaign. Our templates streamline the entire content creation process and enable you to publish visually appealing listings.

Our free real estate templates help you

  • Create an impressive profile: Use our templates to compile a visually appealing portfolio of your properties. Simply include a list of your properties, the deals closed in the past, and client testimonials. This will not only serve as a powerful marketing tool but also give your prospects a clear idea of what to expect from you.
  • Customize your ad posts: Our real estate social media templates offer a wide range of customization options. Want to flaunt a house you just sold or invite prospects to an open house? These templates will be the talk of the town on your social media.
  • Craft without any design experience: Don't have a background in graphic design? No problem! Our templates are designed to be user-friendly. They can save you time and help present your business in a more professional light.

Our customizable Canva templates are great for creating flyers, newsletters, advertisement posts, and more. As a real estate agency, it is vital to showcase inviting and appealing visuals to prospective buyers to advertise a property as their dream home.

Want to boost your real estate sales through effective social media marketing? Explore our free real estate templates on SocialPilot today!

What’s Next?

The next step is to unlock the full potential of social media for your business. With features ranging from seamless scheduling to comprehensive analytics, SocialPilot empowers your business to elevate its social media game.

  • Schedule and publish on multiple platforms
  • Curate engaging content
  • Use bulk scheduling
  • Enhance posts with alt text and custom fields
  • Engage in real-time with Social Inbox
  • Collaborate seamlessly
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Gain insights with analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Canva templates user-friendly and affordable?

Absolutely! Our Canva templates are specially designed for people who aren’t essentially graphic designers. You can change colors, pick fonts and adjust the layout to suit your needs. While some of the templates are free and can be used by anyone, premium templates are available for users with Canva Pro subscriptions.

Where can I find real estate social media templates?

You can find free real estate templates on SocialPilot’s website. Choose from a wide range of options and you will be redirected to Canva, where you can easily design and edit your template.

Are these templates tailored for the real estate industry?

Yes, our templates are already customized for real estate professionals. They are perfect for creating listing advertisements, flyers, and more.

What are the dimensions of the real estate social media templates?

Our free templates follow the dimension of 1080 x 1080 pixels, making it ideal for social media posts.