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Manage multiple Instagram accounts. Create, schedule, and publish engaging posts with SocialPilot’s Instagram Scheduler.

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Never Miss Publishing a Post with Instagram Post Scheduler

Use your Instagram accounts to strategically market your brands by posting regularly. Manage multiple accounts and schedule posts for all of them so that you never miss a posting. And publish posts on the go with SocialPilot’s Android and iOS app.

An Instagram Scheduling App to Share Videos & GIFs

Leverage the power of attractive and engagement-generating content such as videos and GIFs to inspire your audience to engage with your brand. SocialPilot makes it extremely easy to schedule reminders for images, videos, and GIFs so that you can keep your social media strategy on track.


Make Designing & Scheduling Posts Easy with Canva Integration

Effortlessly design visually attractive posts using the built-in Canva integration and schedule them seamlessly for all your Instagram accounts. SocialPilot’s Canva Integration lets you design engaging images posts right from the post composer to make things really simple and easy for you and your entire team.

Make data-driven decisions with detailed Analytics

Understand your audience better and know the type of content that resonates the most with them through in-depth and insightful analytics reports. Analyze what’s working and what’s not to effectively strategize brand and business growth on Instagram.


Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts With Your Team

Easily collaborate with your team to plan and execute your Instagram marketing strategy across all Instagram Business Accounts with SocialPilot's team collaboration feature.

You can set multiple access levels to ensure flawless collaboration between your team members and eliminate the risk of errors while posting.

Directly Publish Your Posts using the Zapier Integration

Tired of setting reminders for publishing your posts on Instagram? Use SocialPilot’s Zapier integration to directly publish your scheduled link posts and image posts to all your Instagram Business accounts without any additional effort every time you want to publish something.

Just set up a Zap to connect your SocialPilot account with Instagram for Business App available in Zapier. 


Plan and Execute long-term Instagram Marketing strategies with Social Calendar

Get a bird’s eye view of your posting schedule for multiple Instagram accounts using Social Calendar. SocialPilot gives you the flexibility of editing, rescheduling, and re-sharing these posts directly from one place.


How many types of posts can be directly published on Instagram using SocialPilot?


You can schedule Instagram posts, stories, videos and GIFs using SocialPilot. To directly publish posts on Instagram, you’ll have to use the Zapier Integration which supports image and link posts.

Can you queue posts on Instagram using SocialPilot?


Yes you can add your composed Instagram posts to the queue to publish them at the next scheduled time slot.

Can you schedule Instagram Stories?


Yes. With SocialPilot you can schedule Instagram stories as well as posts.

Client Management

Invite your clients directly from the tool, let them add accounts and you are all done.

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URL Shortening

Avoid ugly URLs in your posts with integrated URL shorteners.

Browser Extension

Schedule and share content from anywhere on the internet.

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Native Mobile Apps

Schedule and manage content from your mobile with SocialPilot’s Android and iOS app.

Bulk Scheduling

Schedule and share bulk content from anywhere on the internet.

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RSS Feed Automation

Add your favorite blogs in RSS feed and let SocialPilot schedule and share them automatically.

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