What is Clickbait?

Clickbait is a type of content aimed to generate clicks on search engine result pages. Many companies use clickbait to create traffic on their posts or websites, frequently using sensationalized titles to catch readers' attention.

The "curiosity gap" of humans refers to their incredible need to know the solution to uncertain inquiries or assertions. As a result, clickbait may attract attention even when the content is of poor quality.

When used correctly, clickbait is one of the most powerful techniques to capture people's attention and direct traffic to your content.

More About Topic

Although frequently attributed to online media, this form of content has been there since the beginning of print journalism. When newspapers were competing for circulation in the 19th century, they discovered that employing captivating headlines to hook readers was the most effective approach to attracting audiences.

Clickbait is content written to bait clicks. It mostly contains:

  • A compelling headline
  • A powerful appeal to emotion
  • Scannable content for web reading
  • Witty copy
  • Content aimed at social media sharing

Organizations employ clickbait for a variety of purposes. Many companies have taken full advantage of the trend since they require greater traffic on their websites. Some clickbait items become quite popular and can even lead to social sharing.

Malicious groups often use clickbait articles to promote scams, phishing sites, and malware. To combat this, search engines like Google have introduced new criteria in their algorithms.

Some examples include the most prevalent varieties, including listicles, how-tos, and posts to blogs based on popular topics.

Some heading examples of clickbait include the following:

  • “The Ultimate Guide to _____”
  • “# Methods to Enhance Your _____”
  • “A List of the Best _____ in UAE.”
  • “The Secret to ______ That Will Change The Way You Think Forever.”

The following image presents you a glimpse of how Yahoo News adopts the clickbait strategy. Their compelling headlines and descriptions entice the readers’ curiosity and urges them to click in order to continue reading.

Yahoo News

Source: Yahoo News

Frequently Asked Questions

Does clickbait work?

While clickbait content has the potential to increase visitors, it frequently fails to convert visitors. If visitors are dissatisfied with the content, they may leave soon, resulting in a high bounce rate and a loss of customer confidence. There are better ways to amplify material than using clickbait.

Give a Clickbait example.

An example of Clickbait is entertainment news article headlines. The headline employs intriguing terms like "you won't believe your eyes" in the description and "once a huge star, now lives alone" in the title to attract your interest.

Does YouTube ban clickbait?

No, YouTube does not qualify for scams, spam, or other dishonest practices that take advantage of the YouTube community. Social media do not authorize content where the primary objective is to mislead others into exiting YouTube for another site. If one finds content that violates this policy, they must report it.

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