What is Customer Advocacy?

Customer advocacy encompasses the practice of promoting and supporting the interests of your customers. It can serve as a good strategy for better customer service. It involves recognizing what customers desire and then assisting the company in putting those needs first when making brand decisions.

More About Customer Advocacy

Any business today that works both online and offline must understand the importance of Customer Advocacy. 32% of CMOs rank customer experience as one of the top priorities. So, excellent customer service is essential, especially in today’s competitive social media scenario. 

Businesses that adopt a customer advocacy approach are continually able to discover new methods to support their customers and guarantee that their requirements are addressed and fulfilled. 

There are different types of customer advocacy techniques, such as:

  • Social sharing: Sharing a business’s content on platforms increases social engagement by 25% to 40%, according to the 2022 Employee Advocacy Benchmark Report.
  • Case studies: Case studies provide detailed client success stories that highlight a company’s capabilities. They are essential for complex solutions or products and serve as an invaluable tool for teams. 
  • Referrals: A referral occurs when a customer advocate promotes a company’s product or service to a friend straight away. 
  • Testimonials: Customers share their experiences through video testimonials or quotes, which are shareable content displayed on websites and social media.
  • Reviews: Reviews provide detailed customer feedback on a product or service, containing features, support, shipping, customer experience, and other information.
  • Digital community forums: Brands use community forums as an online platform. Here, people are allowed to exchange knowledge and engage in discussions about various topics, including specific products/services. 
  • Webinars, podcasts, and conferences: Events such as webinars, podcasts, etc., are employed by businesses to let their customers speak on their behalf. This is such an effective advocacy tactic as it increases trust and builds your brand. Reports tell that over 47% of buyers say thought leadership helps them find and buy from non-leaders.
  • Customer advisory boards: A customer advisory board is a group of high-level executives who regularly share market insights with organizations, helping shape their priorities and strategies.

The example of Social Pilot testimonials shows what users’ recommendations and praises look like. Such reviews help brands or businesses to improve their business tactics in line with customer needs. 

Customer Advocacy

Source: SocialPilot

Frequently Asked Questions

How does customer advocacy help businesses?

Customer advocacy can increase a company's brand awareness, market and industry reputation, and recognition while also spreading word-of-mouth marketing more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Advocacy is increasingly important in influencing consumer behavior and thereby enhancing a company's profitability.

How does an outstanding customer experience help?

If you provide outstanding customer service, you will often be greeted with customer advocacy from loyal customers. They become dedicated, vocal advocates of your company. A survey revealed that 92% of consumers prefer recommendations from friends and family over any type of advertising when making a purchasing decision. So, happy customers can be your greatest asset.

How can loyal customers affect your company?

If a company has a strong network of loyal customers who may serve as an extension of your customer service and sales staff, it can bring great revenue. Such customers bring unique perspectives and experiences that benefit both the company and other prospective clients.

How to execute a customer advocacy strategy?

Most businesses adopt a customer advocacy strategy. Here are some suggestions for a more comprehensive approach to consumer advocacy.

  • Define an objective
  • Identify the persona of the advocate.
  • Hire advocates
  • Start a customer advocacy program
  • Monitor performance

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