What is Twitter Analytics?

Twitter analytics provides a collection of information about the performance of your tweets and how your audience is engaging with them.

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Twitter Analytics was introduced in 2014. It was launched to provide vital insights into key data such as follower growth, tweet impressions, engagement rates, and profile views, indicating a big step towards increased transparency and measurement capabilities for users.

There are several advantages of Twitter analytics, such as

  • Provides essential data for performance assessment.
  • Helps identify strategy effectiveness and areas for improvement.
  • Aids in informed decision-making for maximum outcome.
  • Offers an in-app analytics dashboard for tracking performance metrics.
  • Shows profile growth in terms of visits, follows, and mentions.
  • Tracks Tweet analytics like engagements, impressions, link clicks, replies, and Retweets.

Twitter analytics allows for the tracking of a wide range of metrics. Here are some of the most essential metrics available in Twitter’s native analytics dashboard. 

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Likes
  • Replies
  • Link clicks
  • Engagement
  • Engagement rate
  • Followers
  • Response rate
  • Response time
  • Mentions
  • Profile visits
  • Top follower
  • Top media Tweet
  • Top Tweet
  • Top mention
  • Retweets without comments

You can turn Twitter Analytics on for your X account by following the simple process:

  • Log in to x.twitter.com with X username and password.
  • Access post activity on desktop or laptop.
  • Tap the analytics icon in the iOS or Android X app.
  • Ensure the latest version of X is installed.

Here below is a screenshot of the Twitter Analytics Dashboard:

Twitter Analytics

Source: Convince and Convert

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Post Activity Dashboard?

The post activity dashboard is an analytics tool that can help you discover further information about your posts and the way they interact with your audience.

  • Analytics tool for understanding post engagement and relevance.
  • Real-time comparison of post activity and followers.
  • Detailed view of post's reposts, replies, likes, follows, or clicks.
  • Provides insights into the audience, especially those engaging with posts.
  • Allows download of post metrics.

Can I access the dashboard directly?

Every Twitter profile includes unlimited access to the native Twitter analytics dashboard. Any user can visit the dashboard directly at https://analytics.twitter.com.

How can I view Twitter Analytics from a desktop?

Twitter Analytics from a Desktop:

  • Click on the “More” button on the Twitter homepage to access Creator Studio, Professional Tools, and Settings and Support.
  • Select “Creator Studio” and then “Analytics.”
  • Navigate to the native Twitter analytics dashboard to view performance metrics.
  • View a 28-day summary of your performance, including Tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions, and followers.
  • View a monthly breakdown of your performance, including top tweets, mentions, followers, and media tweets.
  • Click on the “View all Tweet activity” button to access advanced analytics.
  • A graph comparing changes in Tweet impressions over a chosen period is available.

How can I view Twitter Analytics from a mobile device?

Twitter Analytics on a mobile device:

  • Access to the full analytics dashboard is limited to individual Tweets.
  • To analyze a Tweet, open it and tap "View Tweet analytics" at the bottom.
  • Comprehensive performance metrics include impressions, engagements, detail expands, profile visits, and new followers gained.

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