Holiday Campaign To Amplify Brand Messaging via Social Media

Along with the incessant growth in its popularity, social media has evolved into one of the most effective marketing channels for businesses—emerging or established. More than three billion people around the world use social media today, which makes it a great channel for businesses to reach out to a larger target audience.

Breanne Brown, who graduated from the University of Tampa studying advertising and graphic design, is currently working as a Digital Content Coordinator with ROIAmplified. As an incharge of all the social media for the company and their clients, she shared some actionable strategies with SocialPilot’s Marketing Strategist, Jagruti Bhargav, which brands can use for holiday campaigning using social media.

Listen to the insights shared by Breanne Brown.

Q: What is the importance of social media today for a brand? 

A: Having social media presence is no longer a choice, but a necessity. It provides you the opportunity to give your brand a voice and let your potential customers know who you are and why you exist.

Q: How can one leverage social media for a holiday campaign?

A: Social media is a great way to reach out to a larger targeted audience during the holiday season. This is because most people are holiday shopping, which increases your odds to expand your business.

  • Set your calendar and plan out your organic posts for the holiday period.
  • Go for paid campaign to engage more people who may otherwise not be aware about your existence.

Giving your brand a face, you not only earn new customers, but also intensify the trust of your existing customers.

Q: How can one leverage the existing content and tailor it around the holiday campaign?

A: The content you have put out once does not become ineffective. Tailoring it around your holiday campaign is the key to reinventing the whole campaign. So how you can run a holiday campaign when you have a new set of products but old content is:

  • Repurpose the old content such as a blog post into other forms of content such as an eBook, Landing Page, video, or gravity form.
  • Rephrase certain content pieces like catchphrases, slogans or captions to make it more holiday-specific.
  • Tweak the old graphics and create something that resonates with your audience during the holiday period.

Q: How can a brand amplify the brand messaging and tailor it around a specific holiday?

A: When the holiday season starts, you might still want people to connect with your brand messaging while not being mundane or blatant. The best strategy to stand out here is to find an innovative way to post your content on social media. Following are two other strategies:

  • Strengthen your brand messaging by sticking to your brand colors and fonts.
  • Be creative and play with words to provide your audience with interesting content and give them more of a holiday feel.

Q: Do you also certain content pieces that you send out to your audience and convert them into lead magnets?

A: We gain lead magnets by creating gravity forms, which help you gather important information about your prospective customers.

  • Collect information such as customer’s email or contact number.
  • Use the information to send out email campaigns and increase your order count.
  • Gather more information and send emails about new product launches to encourage more sales.
  • Send blog posts or videos to attract more leads.
  • Turn an existing blog post into a video or landing page or gravity form to make everything work in sync with each other.

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