Present and Future Social Selling Trends with Timothy Hughes

Part 1: Unlocking the Power of Social Selling with Timothy Hughes, CEO and Co-Founder of DLA ignite

Episode Summary:

Timothy Hughes, CEO and Co-founder of DLA ignite, joins Tejas Mehta to discuss the ins and outs of social selling, how to create content at scale, and the three must-haves to succeed on social media.

Key Highlights:

  • 3:42 – 6:29 – What Is Social Selling? – Social selling is using your presence and behavior on social media to build influence, make connections, and grow relationships and trust, which leads to conversations and commercial interactions. It’s not about spam messages, cold calling, or email marketing based on interruption. What you need to do is generate conversations because they generate sales.
  • 9:12 – 16:18 – Leveraging Social Selling – There are three things that you need to succeed on social media. One is you need to have a biocentric profile. The second thing you need is a network to connect to the people you want to influence. And the third thing is relevant content for your buyers looking for valuable insights or entertainment.
  • 16:31 – 19:57 – Creating Content at Scale – If you’ve got the ability to understand what it means to be social, you have the ability to scale fast. Content creation is something that you learn over time. All you have to do is to start somewhere. Keep in mind that people consume different types of content. Some people will read the written words, and others will watch videos. So you need to ensure there are various types of content that you are putting out.

Part 2: Present and Future Trends of Social Selling

Episode Summary:

Timothy Hughes, CEO and Co-founder of DLA ignite, joins Tejas Mehta to discuss the power of building an online community, the role of influencer marketing in social selling, and the future of social media.

Key Highlights:

  • 1:34 – 3:03 – The Power of an Online Community – Many companies have started building communities online. Though some think they will get people together and sell their products and services to them, it takes time and effort to create a meaningful community. You don’t build a community just to sell things. You’re building a community genuinely to help out people.
  • 6:39 – 14:31 – Shifting Toward Digital – Social media is constantly changing, and even people who are already in this field have to keep pace and learn new things. There is a movement to digital dominance where businesses look to become market leaders. Business leaders have to learn the ins and outs of the digital world to understand the modern buyer or investor. Otherwise, they will become irrelevant.
  • 17:52 – 20:53 – The Future of Social Selling – Social media will grow, and we will experience massive changes. From a metaverse perspective, we are where we were with social media twenty years ago. Over the next twenty years, we will migrate from where we are at the moment in terms of Web2 to a more Web3 environment.

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