Strategies for Social Media Success with Justin Levy

Part 1: Unlocking 3x Growth in Followers: Strategies for Social Media Success

Episode Summary:

Justin Levy, Director of Social and Influencer Marketing at Demandbase, joins Tejas Mehta to discuss social media strategies to achieve a 3x growth in followers, KPIs marketers should measure to increase reach and engagement, and the role of influencer marketing in B2B.

Key Highlights:

  • 4:21 – 7:29 – Growing on LinkedIn – Demandbase recently passed 50,000 followers on LinkedIn, which is a 3x growth compared to last year. Justin and his team achieved these results due to their focus on the content that people responded to, close attention to the metrics, and experimenting with various types of content, like carousels and video. As they found the most successful ones, they accelerated the pace at which they used them. Also, the company relaunched its brand to get a fresh look.
  • 7:43 – 11:50 – KPIs for Maximum Reach – Regarding social media, KPIs like reach and increased followers matter. But engagement rates are one of the most important metrics the social team looks at. Marketers should consider the traffic that is being driven back to your website from what you have published and promoted, like podcasts, ebooks, or ads. Also, think about taking advantage of a piece of content and repurposing it in multiple ways.
  • 15:11 – 19:50 – Influencer Marketing for B2B – In B2C, generally, you’re dealing with one or two buyers. In B2B, it’s a much larger buying committee that goes deeper within the organization. You’re not just selling to a CMO or CFO, but to that larger buyer committee around that person in a longer deal cycle. With B2B influencer marketing, you should work with influencers who create content on a particular topic or in the general industry area and share similar values to your brand.

Part 2: Employee Advocacy, Online Communities, and the Future of Social Media

Episode summary:

Justin Levy, Director of Social and Influencer Marketing at Demandbase, joins Tejas Mehta to share the importance of employee advocacy in social media marketing, how to manage and leverage online communities, and his predictions for the future of social media.

Key Highlights:

  • 0:27 – 3:57 – Employee Advocacy in Social Media – Employee advocacy in social media marketing is a common practice that helps companies get higher engagement rates. Justin and Demandbase utilize an employee social advocacy platform to provide employees with content to share, such as upcoming webinars, press releases, or various awards.
  • 3:57 – 11:44 – Building Online Communities – During the pandemic, when everything was shut down, and we were all trapped in our houses, private communities had expanded. Now, new community concepts like white-label communities or communities on Slack and Discord, have a place in the spotlight. For a company like Demandbase, a community also becomes a great source of content, while for its members, it is a means for building relationships, participating in notable events, or learning from top thought leaders.
  • 14:35 – 21:09 – The Future of Social Media – Though TikTok has been experiencing enormous growth, Justin predicts the platform will eventually be banned due to government intervention at both state and federal levels. Regarding content, he believes people and companies will focus more on vertical video.

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