Run Winning Video Campaigns With SocialPilot: Explore Features, Tips, and Tricks

Discover how the advanced capabilities of SocialPilot can supercharge your video engagement, automate your publishing workflow, and create content that is loved by your audience.

Pushkar Patil

Pushkar Patil

Rahul Girdhar

Rahul Girdhar

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  • 18th July, 2024

  • 12.30 PM EST

Run Winning Video Campaigns With SocialPilot

What You’ll Learn From the Webinar?

  • Video Marketing Lessons: Get insights on platform-specific strategies and promotion ideas to excel in video marketing on social media.
  • Scheduling for Discoverability: See how the scheduling features can expand the reach of your video marketing by posting across platforms.
  • Strategic Campaign Planning: Discover how to plan and execute your video marketing campaigns strategically using the Social Calendar.
  • Collaborative Campaign Creation: Explore the built-in collaborative features to work together with team members on video campaigns.
  • Drive Higher Engagement: Learn to boost video post engagement by adding subtitles, using AI, and scheduling first comments.
  • Analytics for Insights: Tap into analytics to tweak strategies, boost video performance, and amplify video marketing results.

Pushkar Patil

Associate Director – Product Marketing | SocialPilot

Pushkar is a marketing leader with 12+ years of experience launching SaaS products for high-scale startups. His experience in content, social media, brand, and product marketing helps organizations scale in global markets.

Pushkar Patil
Rahul Girdhar

Rahul Girdhar

Sr. Product Specialist | SocialPilot

Rahul is a senior product Specialist at SocialPilot with over three years of dedicated experience building world-class products. With a keen focus on customer understanding, Rahul has a knack for deciphering clients’ unique needs and tailoring perfectly aligned solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this SocialPilot webinar about?

This webinar is designed to provide participants with actionable insights on how to effectively optimize and scale video marketing efforts using the powerful features of SocialPilot. It will cover how to schedule, publish, and optimize video content across various social media platforms, including tips on collaboration and analytics.

When and where will this webinar take place?

The live webinar will be hosted online on 18th July 2024 at 12:30 PM (EST).

Who can participate in the webinar?

The webinar is open to anyone interested in leveling up their video marketing skills on social media. Whether you are a marketer, business owner, or content creator, this free session is designed to equip you with valuable video marketing tools and insights. Pre-registration is required to receive the access link.

Is there a registration fee for attending the webinar?

No, there is no registration fee. This webinar session by SocialPilot is completely free to attend.

Can I ask questions during the webinar?

Absolutely! We encourage participants to engage actively during the webinar. You can submit your questions through the chat box, and we will address them during the Q&A session at the end of the webinar. We are also happy to get back to questions via email if needed.

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