FAQs for Affiliate

What shall I do to become an Affiliate?

Signup to the SocialPilot affiliate program is Free – No initial payments or minimum requirements. Please register here and start earning.

How can I get an affiliate link?

Once you register for our affiliate program on FirstPromoter and we approve your request, you will get your affiliate links from the FirstPromoter along with other promotional creatives.

How much will I earn from one user?

From each user referred by you, you will earn 20% recurring commission for a year.

Do you pay for bringing Referrals?

Yes. You will receive 20% commission for each monthly payment for a year of your referred user’s subscription! Please note that this applies only to brand new, first time new users you refer. Old, existing or returning SocialPilot subscribers are not eligible for the same.

How frequently and in what form can I receive the money I earned?

We are using FirstPromoter as an affiliate platform, so you’ll automatically get the previous month’s commission on the 13th of the current month.

Are there any restrictions on promoting SocialPilot?

Yes. You can not run any type of advertisement on any Ad network to attract customers. You cannot promote SocialPilot on Coupon/Loyalty websites. Self-referrals are also not allowed. In any of these cases, we will be bound to decline your rewares and in extreme case, we can terminate our partnership

What are the terms and conditions of the Affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is bound by strict terms, conditions and guidelines for promotion. Any violation will result in the termination of your account. By signing up to be an Affiliate in SocialPilot Affiliate Program you automatically agree to these guidelines. Please ensure that you read the guidelines for promoting SocialPilot and Affiliate terms carefully before signing up.

What is the eligibility criteria for payout?

To avail payout of your affiliate commission, you must have at least two valid customer referrals, with a minimum approved commission of $50 in your account.