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Facebook Marketing Statistics 2020-2021 [Infographic]

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by Akshay Tiwari

There is a reason why Facebook still dominates the social media marketing space. Its rich feature set is what allures marketers the most. Be it Facebook group or page, stories, or analytics- just name it! Facebook has it all.

Over the years, Facebook has witnessed massive usage growth. It has grown way beyond just friendly chat pings and family shares.

It is now serving as the most crucial gateway to the sales funnel for millions of businesses online.

But Facebook marketing is utterly dynamic, evolving thoroughly to become hyper-personalized. Therefore, as a marketer, you have to keep yourself updated with algorithm changes and new features to stay ahead of your competitors.

And the best way to catch up with that is to watch out for the latest marketing statistics and yearly recaps. They fine-tune your existing strategies and give you a quick idea of what tactics are working for others and what's not.

Statistics are great for providing in-depth insights on your target audience's preferences and friction points. Considering these parameters will help you in faster lead generations.

Have a look at this Facebook Marketing Infographic! We have compiled the best of Facebook 2021 statistics for you.

It captures the perfect scenario of present-day Facebook marketing. Refer to each of the following sections of the infographic for further clarity:

  • Facebook Usage- Insights about the demographics and their usage pattern
  • Facebook Engagement- Engagement metrics of various Facebook content types
  • Facebook Ads- Stats to leverage the superpowers of Facebook Ads

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Picture of Akshay Tiwari

Akshay Tiwari

Akshay is a content strategist & marketer at SocialPilot. He spins out fresh content using extensive research, multi-industry experience & a magical third eye. He dreams about food, workout, and the balance of ingredients in lunch & life.

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