How Zapier Supports SocialPilot To Be The Most Cost-effective Tool

How Zapier Supports SocialPilot To Be The Most Cost-effective Tool

Zapier Supports SocialPilot

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Nobody wants to do repetitive work which is a necessary element of the job. Right? To address this issue, people are opting for automation tools. With this regard, Zapier has been one of the leading tools in this arena.

A survey conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Zapier, unveiled that nearly two-thirds of workers in the US currently use automation software, and around 18 percent of surveyed workers intend to use it in the future.

According to HubSpot, around 67% of marketing leaders currently use marketing automation platforms, with Zapier being one of them.

How Zapier supports SocialPilot to be the most cost-effective social media tool

Zapier works with the simple concept – ‘If X happens, then do Y.’

This simple concept of online automation continues to change the way companies are working. Zapier connects your favorite apps, and automates mundane and repetitive tasks relying on developers. It also helps you save time, costs, manage tasks effectively with a few administrative errors.

What’s more, Zapier enables you to discover various ways to work smarter instead of more challenging.

Be it any department within your business, Zapier can nestle conveniently anywhere and automate your online tasks. And Zapier has undoubtedly been a boon for the marketing tech industry, including the social media marketing space.

Although numerous social media marketing tools are available, it has become difficult for a user to opt for the right one!

We understand that you always look for something cost-effective and easy to use. Right?

All this is made possible using SocialPilot.

This blog will discuss how SocialPilot helps its users effectively manage and track social accounts and increase social reach cost-effectively via Zapier.

Hey, Wait!

Let’s first talk about how Zapier is changing how social media marketing functions before unveiling additional benefits of SocialPilot and Zapier integration.

Let’s begin!

What makes Zapier a boon for social media marketing tools?

The answer is Zapier is an API hacker. To be precise, it works as an alternative to APIs.

To connect specific social media applications on social media marketing tools directly, it is essential to access an application programming interface (API)s. To increase the user base, social media companies started developing social network API.

However, API permissions from specific social platforms are quite expensive, and in addition to this, there are particular regulation issues with each social media platform.

For instance, some expensive social media marketing tools have direct access to APIs on Instagram. As a result, small and medium-sized agencies avoid purchasing these tools and hence opt for SocialPilot.

SocialPilot’s inbuilt social marketing platform ensures that all of your social media campaigns are successful.

Hmm, you read it right!

To address challenges concerning API permissions, Zapier plays a vital role in automation, making it an ideal automation hack for social media marketing tools.

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Why is social network API necessary?+
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To access APIs, social media marketing tools leverage Zapier for social media management at a cost-effective price.

Now you know why.

Let’s look at some additional factors that make Zapier a boon for social media marketing.

  • Users can share content automatically.
  • Build an automated email list
  • Promote events on scheduled time using tools like SocialPilot
  • Monitor social media community and get updates
  • Connect social accounts
  • Monitor mentions on social media.
  • Get push notifications for the information you want
  • Sync social media with your Gmail
  • Create an archive of social media
  • Automate social interactions
  • And much more, because Zapier supports thousands of apps, you automate almost any task at work.

But, the whole point is to understand the benefits of SocialPilot’s integration with Zapier, right?

So, let’s discuss it further!

What makes SocialPilot better than other social media marketing tools?

There are more than 2,000 marketing tech companies today.

With an increasing number of social media and marketing tools that are adopting Zapier, it is difficult to find a tool in the industry that can match SocialPilot in terms of pricing and ease of use.

Note: SocialPilot, in a press release, announced that Zapier had recognized the company as its ‘Platinum Partner.’ This recognition allows SocialPilot to launch various campaigns, get exposure to Zapier’s 2,000+ partner sites, launch promotional offers, and among others.)

Apart from pricing as a differentiator, here are a few highlights of the tool that makes it a key player in the social media marketing space:

  • SocialPilot enables you to manage nine social media platforms.  Those additional eight platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumbler, VK, Tiktok, Google My Business, and Pinterest.
  • Which means, the more accounts you manage and post frequently, then it’s a better value for money
  • The tool offers robust social media analytics and white-label PDF reports
  • Social Inbox to respond to all queries in real-time
  • Workflow management to collaborate with teams better
  • RSS Feeds automation and bulk upload

How is Zapier helping SocialPilot to be the most cost-effective social media marketing tool in the Industry?

1. Instagram + SocialPilot Integrations

SocialPilot has integrated with Zapier’s “Instagram for Business App” to enable social media marketers to directly schedule their individual Instagram Business Accounts posts.

It’s so easy for you to publish by creating Zap, you know!!

Why business love Instagram
  • Users of SocialPilot register on Zapier and then create a Zap to integrate SocialPilot with Instagram for Business Apps.
  • Once the user creates the Zap, SocialPilot’s social media management tool takes care of posting and scheduling activity.

SocialPilot earlier enabled users to share their Instagram posts via reminders only. With integration with Zapier, users having ‘Instagram Business Account’ are directly posting image posts and link posts.

With this integration with Zapier, it is now more convenient for users to manage their Instagram marketing activities.

2. Increase your social reach

SocialPilot’s users create Zaps and ease their social media marketing workflow.

SocialPilot Integrations

Here are some of the examples enumerated:

  • With the help of SocialPilot and Zapier Integration, you can use your Zaps with all connected SocialPilot accounts to reach maximum target audiences in less time.
  • Zapier allows easy automation from over 2,000 applications that can be automatically published through SocialPilot.
Connect SocialPilot to 2,000 apps

Well, the advantage is you save a lot of time as well as money!

Isn’t that amazing?

Zapier resolves all kinds of integration, be it connecting Twitter, Facebook Page, or pushing the different combinations of Zap to your linked SocialPilot accounts.


Zapier continues to enable users of SocialPilot to publish their content on Instagram quickly, directly, and at a reasonable cost and provides endless opportunities to automate various mundane tasks.

According to a survey done by SocialPilot, its users have liked SocialPilot for its ease of use and cost-effective feature.

Ease of use and cost-effectiveness is not just applicable for Instagram for business but also other social media platforms. The testimony to the fact is SocialPilot has helped thousands of brands reach their customers worldwide.

Now you know the benefits of using SocialPilot and Zapier, what are you waiting for?

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