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About the Agency

50 Pound Social is a UK-based social media agency that helps small business owners have an engaging social media presence.

Founded in 2016 by Jack MacHugh, co-founder of successful products like Interrail Planner and Japan Rail Planner, the agency currently manages social media accounts for more than 500+ clients with a team of 30 dedicated social media professionals.

The Challenge

“How to speed up content approval for an agency handling 500+ clients?”

As 50 Pound Social broadened its horizons and welcomed more clients, Jack and his team welcomed the opportunity to enhance their collaboration and management skills to ensure their clients’ success. With their growing success and expanding client base, the team embraced the challenge of managing tighter timelines, quicker turnovers, and heavier workloads.

Despite assigning dedicated account managers to individual clients, there were challenges in collaborating with multiple clients and obtaining timely content approvals for social media posts. Using email and WhatsApp for feedback and approval, along with wait times of up to two weeks (not accounting for revisions), required significant effort.

With their client base flourishing and project timelines becoming more demanding, 50 Pound Social proactively identified the need to optimize their workflow to ensure they could continue delivering high-quality work to their clients.

“Previously, we were using Google Sheets & sending copies & graphics for approval to our clients via email. It was really slow, now it’s much faster.”

The Solution

After exploring various social media management tools claiming to aid marketing agencies in handling their work more efficiently, 50 Pound Social eventually chose SocialPilot.

SocialPilot’s affordability, user-friendliness, and the right set of features were what Team 50 Pound Social needed to continue their upward trajectory.

Before adopting SocialPilot, 50 Pound Social faced multiple client revision requests, leading to several rounds of back-and-forth communication. The agency had to inform their clients via email every time a change was made to the content, resulting in time-consuming iterations.

However, with SocialPilot, the agency could share post previews with all clients a week before the scheduled posting date, allowing them to review, approve, or suggest edits efficiently.

“If a client sees a mistake, they can just request a quick revision directly on SocialPilot. Sometimes we are working with the clients of resellers where we do not have direct access to the client, this is where the newer features like Post Comments really prove to be useful as revision requests get handled really simply with lesser back and forth.”

SocialPilot provided 50 Pound Social with the advantage of integrating multiple client accounts into a single dashboard, allowing them to track performance analytics and respond to social media comments individually. Additionally, they could directly communicate with clients for scheduled content drafts, further streamlining their collaboration process.

Having everything at one place for our clients and account managers rather than having to switch between dashboards is definitely a blessing for a company our size, working with as many clients as we do.”

The Result

500+ happy clients across the world who will vouch for 50 Pound Social’s social media marketing services

By implementing SocialPilot into their workflow, Jack’s team was able to improve their work organization significantly, shorten the client feedback loop, and gain more time to onboard new clients and grow their agency.

Since September 2017, 50 Pound Social has relied on SocialPilot’s comprehensive support and applauds its effectiveness in resolving any issues they encounter.

With trust in SocialPilot as their long-term partner, the agency looks forward to continuing leveraging the tool’s affordability, accessibility, and profitability for social media management.

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