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The Agency

Limelight Marketing Systems provides low-cost, execution-based marketing solutions for small businesses, that includes their own business as well as their clients’. They understand the need for improving productivity with minimal tools, manpower, and budget. Hence, they are constantly on the lookout for ways to simplify and streamline their workflows.

“Most of our services are low-cost and execution-based. We need the support of a single cost-effective tool to help us execute our strategies efficiently.”

Their marketing services attract a wide range of clients across various industries. Naturally, more clients mean more volume of work, which is a good problem to have. To maximize efficiency, they need the support of the right tools and technology.

The Challenge

Brittany McNicholas, the Senior Strategist at Limelight, noticed that her team was overworked, spending time and energy repeating tasks across different tools. It was hurting their customer experience.

“Before finding SocialPilot, we were building our social media calendar on Airtable and then using another service to schedule our posts. Which meant my team was doing twice as much work setting up posts on each platform.”

Brittany needed a perfect social marketing tool that her entire team could work on. She needed a single tool for creating content, planning calendars, and publishing content directly across all their social media platforms – Google Business Profile, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Additionally, this integrated platform must be a feature-rich solution that will not pinch their client’s pockets.

The Solution

Brittany’s team needed a single tool to replace multiple tools and create a seamless experience for both her customers and her team. A tool that matches their overall philosophy of creating powerful yet simple systems.

SocialPilot was checking more boxes than what Brittany was looking for. The tool was packed with multiple features that will enhance Limelight’s business model and improved efficiency.

With SocialPilot, Brittany could create different profiles for their team members and clients to delegate different tasks and responsibilities. Clients can also monitor their social media marketing activities from a single dashboard instead of logging into multiple social media accounts.

“We create an account on SocialPilot for all of our clients. They can log in anytime they want to view the calendar, the posts, and analytics.”

As a bonus, SocialPilot’s white-label feature allowed Limelight to personalize the entire tool to match its brand identity. Now, their clients were no longer interacting with an external service provider but with Limelight’s own scheduling tool.

SocialPilot is a single tool that offers,

  • An integrated & sharable content calendar
  • An efficient team & client management system
  • A customizable white label feature

The Result

After switching to SocialPilot, Brittany’s team was creating their content calendar directly on the tool and sharing it with the client. A quicker approval process meant that their posts were ready to go live instantly! The clients were also happy monitoring their social media marketing activities from a single dashboard instead of logging into multiple social media accounts.

“By cutting down on the double work we were doing, we had the bandwidth to take on more clients.”

Limelight had not only switched to a low-cost solution but was also generating new revenues for the agency. With the white label capabilities of SocialPilot, Limelight was able to brand the tool as part of its value-added tech services. With a better value proposition, acquiring new clients and building trust and loyalty was easy.

“When we were using Zoho Social, the bill would go directly to the client’s credit card. With SocialPilot’s white-label tool, we are able to add a scheduling fee in our invoice without increasing the cost for the client.”

For a digital agency like Limelight Marketing Systems, this means faster and cost-efficient scalability, additional revenue capabilities, and a unique branded system to attract new clients. Onboarding more clients would not have been possible for Limelight Marketing Systems without SocialPilot’s scalable model and the time saved by working from a single dashboard.

“SocialPilot offers a lot of features for a really great price which is perfect for small business owners and small agencies.”

Matching your scalable business model with easily scalable tools that make space for your growth is very important. For Limelight Marketing Systems, SocialPilot was the most suitable solution.

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