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Best For : Small to medium-sized businesses, digital marketing agencies,
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Pricing: $320

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Zoho Social

Zoho Social

by Zoho Social Media
  • 9.4 Publishing & Scheduling
  • 9.2 Analytics
  • 8.8 Inbox/Listening
  • 9.0 Collaboration
  • 8.7 Support

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4.5 (741)
  • 9.1 Publishing & Scheduling
  • 8.2 Analytics
  • 8.0 Inbox/Listening
  • 8.8 Collaboration
  • 8.9 Support


Zoho Social is a valuable tool for marketing teams and businesses to manage their social media accounts and expand their online presence. It enables users to schedule and publish content, monitor feedback about their brand, and assess the effectiveness of their social media campaigns.

Zoho Social is a platform that supports several social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest. With its user-friendly dashboard, you can easily publish posts across all the above multiple social platforms.

You can also schedule your posts for the most active times for your audience on social media. In addition to creating your own publishing schedule, you can utilize the tool’s best-time predictions to increase your social media engagement.

With Zoho Social, you can collaborate with your team, analyze your social media performance, and generate custom reports. Additionally, it offers useful features like sentiment analysis and keyword tracking, enabling you to better understand your audience, improve your social media performance, and optimize your strategy.

Best of all, the tool lets you visualize your content pipeline using a publishing calendar. This feature helps you stay organized and ensures your audience keeps on receiving a steady stream of content.

Zoho Social also possesses a number of listening columns that lets you know all the relevant information you need to know of. You can engage with your audience as much as you want and reply to them in real-time via the tool’s monitoring dashboard.

According to Zoho Social reviews, it assists you in building a strong social media presence for your brand. The tool can aid you in scheduling, posting, monitoring, and measuring your social media content across multiple social platforms, all from one single interface.

Zoho Social’s intuitive features, user-friendly interface, and power-packed analytics have made it popular among a lot of marketing teams and businesses compared to it’s alternatives. As Zoho Social reviews are mixed, it’s important that you know more about it in order to decide whether or not you should go for the tool.

Zoho Social Rating

Zoho Social
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Zoho Social Review


  • An advantage of using Zoho Social is the ability to monitor comments and engage with users. Using a centralized system to manage social media allows you to stay on top of conversations, respond to feedback, and build relationships with your audience.
  • Zoho Social's seamless integrations enable users to edit creatives using tools like Canva. This feature makes it easy to create eye-catching graphics and designs.
  • You can quickly review and plan content for multiple social networks using Zoho Social, thanks to its intuitive interface and streamlined workflow.
  • Zoho Social provides robust analytics capabilities. Unlike other platforms focusing on ad management, Zoho Social delivers comprehensive data and insights on your organic social media efforts.
  • Zoho Social has an efficient content approval process that saves a lot of time from back and forth communication, when working with a team.
  • Zoho Social's collaborative features make it easy for team members to work together on social media planning and allow better flexibility and adaptability.
  • Zoho Social includes a feature that analyzes data and suggests the optimal time to post, maximizing the reach and engagement of social media content.


  • Most advanced features and services in Zoho Social are only available to users who pay for a subscription or access a paywall, limiting the functionality and value for free users.
  • The lack of a preview feature in Zoho Social can be a drawback for users who value visual consistency and may want to make minor tweaks to social media posts before publishing to ensure optimal appearance and messaging.
  • Zoho Social's interface requires some refinement to better direct users to the correct sections for editing certain features.
  • Zoho Social's support team can’t always provide clear solutions to user issues, potentially leading to frustration or extended downtime for users.
  • Zoho Social sometimes faces issues with account linking, which prevents some users from fully utilizing certain features or services.
  • Zoho Social does not offer an easy or streamlined way to integrate UTMs into links.
  • Zoho Social's reporting may be comprehensive but is challenging in terms of creating a single display of chosen metrics for all social networks in one place. Even when customized, the page can be cumbersome and difficult to interpret, potentially reducing its usefulness for some users.

Zoho Social Pricing

After a thorough look at Zoho Social’s reviews, it’s now time that we discuss in detail about Zoho Social pricing.

You can try Zoho Social for free (15-day free trial). In case you are a digital agency, you can try the tool’s Agency plan. Once the trial ends, your account gets moved to the Zoho Social free plan. Zoho Social pricing is segregated into two brackets. You can opt for a paid plan whenever you are ready, right from the tool’s dashboard. The Standard, Professional, and Premium plans are for businesses. As far as the plans for agencies are concerned, you can choose from Agency and Agency+ plans. Here’s a look at the features and pricing of Zoho Social paid plans:

Standard: The Standard plan costs $15 per month. In this plan, one team member can use the tool and you can connect a total of 9 channels. The other notable features of this Zoho Social pricing plan include multi-channel publishing, home dashboard, publishing calendar, user tagging, summary reports, image editor, etc.

Professional: Zoho Social’s price for the Professional plan is $40 per month. The Professional plan lets you connect 9 channels and only one team member can use the tool under this plan. This plan includes all the features of the previous plan and also a lot of additional features such as livestream, post insights, bulk scheduling, popular posts, media library, and monitoring dashboard.

Premium: The cost of this Zoho Social pricing plan is $65 per month. 3 team members can use the tool in this plan and you can connect a total of 10 channels.

Apart from including all the features of the Professional plan, the Premium plan includes other notable features such as discussing posts, exporting posts, custom reports, reports dashboard, content targeting, content approvals and workflow, etc.

Agency: The price of Zoho Social’s Agency plan is $320 per month. You can connect 100 channels and 5 team members can use the tool in this plan. This plan comes with Premium plan’s features along with a host of other useful features. These features include portal customization, agency-branded reports, scheduling/emailing reports, and custom view for clients.



Per Month
  • 1 User
  • 9 Social accounts


  • Home dashboard
  • Multi-channel publishing
  • Content scheduling
  • User tagging
  • Image Editor



Per Month
  • 1 User
  • 9 Social accounts

Standard features+

  • Repeat posting
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Post insights
  • Media library
  • Instagram first comment



Per Month
  • 3 User
  • 10 Social accounts

Professional Features+

  • Content approvals workflow
  • Reports dashboard
  • Share reports
  • UTM parameters
  • Lead ads



Per Month
  • 5 User
  • 100 Social accounts

Premium Features+

  • Client invite
  • Portal customization
  • Emailing reports
  • Agency-branded reports
  • Custom view for clients

Apart from these 4 plans, it also has Agency+ plan. The price for this plan is $460 per month. 5 team members can use the tool under this plan, and you can connect 200 channels. The Agency+ includes all the Agency plan’s features as well.

Price Comparison

Zoho Social’s pricing subscription for agencies is priced at $320/month. You can easily get a much less costly alternative to Zoho Social. SocialPilot, the best Zoho Social alternative out there, offers plans for agencies priced at $100 per month.

Here’s a closer look at the pricing comparison between plans of both Zoho Social and SocialPilot:


$40.00/Per Month


$64.00/Per Month


$320.00/Per Month


$460.00/Per Month

Free trial




$30.00/Per Month

Small Team

$50.00/Per Month


$100.00/Per Month


$200.00/Per Month

Free trial




1. Publishing & Scheduling

Allows you to create social media content and schedule them for publishing at a later stage.

With the publishing and scheduling feature of Zoho Social, you can create as well as implement your social strategy and publish posts at the best times for engagement with your audience. To use this feature, you need to first create a post with images, text, and links using the tool’s dashboard. Next, you will have to select the social media network on which you want to post content. After this, you need to select the date and time for publishing. Lastly, you can preview the post after you schedule it. Doing so will let you know if you need to make any changes.

Publishing & Scheduling

2. Publishing calendar

Allows you to organize your posts in whichever way you want and lets you visualize your content pipeline. The intuitive publishing calendar feature by Zoho Social takes care of your scheduling needs and you can plan your social media pipeline from one calendar.

With the help of this feature, you can schedule posts for any dates in the future, take care of any finishing touches with the option to edit, and drag and drop to effectively space out your content.

The best thing about the calendar feature from Zoho Social is that you can either craft posts for future dates or save them as drafts.

Publishing calendar

3. Analytics

Allows you to examine the impact your social media strategy is creating. Zoho Social’s analytics feature also allows you to create insightful reports that shed more light on your audience and let you keep tabs on your social media performance.

The analytics feature helps you make smarter decisions as you get useful context from in-depth social media metrics. The feature allows you to know your audience better, recognize your top-performing content, discover the optimal times to engage with your social media followers, and examine the distribution of clicks across your social profiles.


4. Monitoring

Allows you to monitor brand hashtags, core keywords, product reviews, and more.

Zoho Social’s monitoring feature allows you to track social engagement and notifications. You receive a stream of updates from your audience from the social networks you manage through Zoho Social, that too, in real time. You also get an exclusive space for all the direct messages you get from your audience on Twitter and Facebook in a chat-style interface. This enables you to easily respond to messages and requests you get in a timely manner.

The monitoring feature also lets you know what your followers and the people you follow are talking about on social media.


5. Collaboration

Enables you to collaborate with your team on Zoho Social, helping you to not only save time but also make decisions faster.

All thanks to the Collaboration feature of Zoho Social, you can work together with your team to discuss popular posts, plan a campaign together, and share custom reports. You can also discuss new content ideas with your team. Whether it’s editing posts, sharing copy ideas, or getting your drafts approved, you get to do this all with the help of a single tab. You can even start a conversation around a particular report after you share it in the Collaborate tab.


Zoho Social Reviews – Social Media Analytics Software

Zoho Social
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Zoho Social is one of the prominent social media management tools that allows you to schedule unlimited posts, provides you with an intuitive calendar to visualize your content pipeline with, and provides you with multiple listening columns to stay abreast of anything that’s relevant. It also lets you engage with your audience as much as you want and allows you to respond to them in real time. Apart from this, the tool offers you access to best-in-class social analytics. This makes understanding your audience a lot easier.

Now that you are aware of Zoho Social’s reviews, features, plans, and pricing, it puts you in a more informed position about whether or not you should go for it.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zoho Social used for?

Zoho Social is a useful social media management tool that helps agencies and businesses to build an active and solid presence on social media. The tool helps you schedule, post, monitor, and measure your social media posts from one interface, across different social platforms. These channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile.

Does Zoho Social have a free version?

Zoho Social offers a free edition. Under this Zoho Social free plan, one team member can use the tool and the user can publish on 7 channels.

How many brands can you have in Zoho Social?

The number of Brands you can have in Zoho Social are:

  • Standard plan: 1 Brand
  • Professional plan: 1 Brand
  • Premium plan: 1 Brand
  • Agency plan: 10 Brands
  • Agency Plus plan: 20 Brands

Except for the Standard plan, all the other plans come with brand add-ons as well.

What does Zoho Social cost per month?

Zoho Social pricing starts from $15 per month (the Standard plan). Other plans for businesses include the Professional plan and the Premium plan that are priced at $40 per month and $65 per month respectively. For agencies, there are two plans – Agency and Agency+. The Zoho Social price for the Agency plan is $320 per month. For the Agency+ plan, the tool costs $460 per month.

Is Zoho Social worth it?

Zoho Social is a great tool for scheduling, posting, monitoring, and measuring your social media content across different social platforms. But, you can go for another tool, one of Zoho Social’s competitors – SocialPilot to get access to more benefits.

If you choose SocialPilot, one of the benefits you get is that you can bulk schedule up to 500 posts with links, texts, and images. Zoho Social, on the other hand, helps you bulk schedule only 350. SocialPilot also allows you to choose from multiple URL shorteners to shorten your links as compared to Zoho Social. Lastly, when it comes to pricing, the cost of SocialPilot’s plans for agencies is $100 per month, much less than Zoho Social’s cost of plans for agencies (priced at $320 per month).

What are some alternatives to Zoho Social?

Zoho Social competitors are many.

Some Zoho Social alternatives include:

  • SocialPilot
  • Hootsuite
  • Agorapulse
  • Sprout Social
  • DrumUp
  • Sendible
  • eClincher
  • Falcon.io

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