Top 14 Free and Paid Social Media Analytics & Reporting Tools for 2021

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By Manvi Agarwal

We have a saying here at SocialPilot “Everything Digital is measurable; you just have to find the right scale with the right analytics tools”.

Piles of user-data are constantly being collected every second of every day, which in the right hands, and with the right social media analytics tools can generate substantial reports, that will eventually allow marketers to make informed digital marketing decisions.

Why do you need a Social Media Analytics Tool?

More often than not, clients ask marketers -

How much of my social media investment has been worth it?

Which social network deserves more of our time or budget?

What are our top-performing content assets?

What is the overall impact of our endeavors on the digital turf?

The answer to these questions is not just important to justify the ROIs of clients, but also the key to making future decisions on creating impactful digital campaigns. That’s why the role of social media analytics has become paramount for successful social media marketing.

That’s why, to accurately measure the reach, impact, and even futuristic potential of social media marketing, having a solid, robust social media analytical framework is a must.

By paying close attention to social media analytics, we can measure our performance against our social media goals and make strategy amendments. Social media analytics tools, competitor analytics tools, social media tracking tools, social media metrics tools, are just some variations in this cluster that users can take up. From planning and scheduling social media content to measuring their performance and enabling informed decision making, social media analytics tools give users control over their social media footprints.

How can you find a social media analytics tool that is the right fit?

Let us cut to the chase and begin first with the best free social media analytics tools. But before that, let us explain that the term ‘free’ usually limits the scope of the tool used and users may find themselves with heaps of data from individual social media platforms. To start with, free social media analytics tools are great to get a ballpark data matrix and create strategies.

But before we jump into cross-platform tools, let us begin by giving you a brief overview social media platforms offered free analytics tools.

Built-In Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Top social networks have their analytics dashboards built-in and if your social presence is limited to these avenues, these tools to measure social media ROI provides an excellent starting point toward understanding your audience.

Facebook Insights

Facebook offers an insightful glance at organic versus paid reach and engagement, which helps users decide whether spending on ads is worthwhile. Facebook's analytics displays detailed metrics about your posts and the engagement they yield. It provides audience analysis including demographic and location breakdown, video views, actions taken on your page and the reach of your posts. The catch is, you will need at least 30 fans to be able to use the tool as an Admin.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter’s built-in analytics tell you a lot about which tweets are succeeding and to what end and extent (But they don’t tell you why). Your number of tweets, tweet impressions, visits to your profile, mentions, and followers are all tracked in the Twitter analytics dashboard. You can simply click on any tweet to see the impressions, likes, retweets, and engagements.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest’s analytics measures the traffic that your site gets, as well as traffic from other channels. Pinterest analytics also provide data as content people save from channels. Some analytics covered include average daily impressions and viewers, audience location, gender, language, total number of repins, total number of clicks, and total likes.

Instagram Insights

Instagram’s analytics give you access to a host of social analytical data like interactions (profile visits and website clicks), discovery (reach and impressions), post, Story, promotion analytics, location, age, and gender info of your followers. Instagram also provides a distinctive feature where you can see what days and time, your audience is active

Youtube Analytics

Youtube analytics are the most comprehensive out there, and using them can help you maximize your earnings, engagement, enhance traffic sources with content sorting filters, geographical sorting and a host of other filters to pick and choose. You also get audience retention reports that show how style, length, and promotion efforts affect your videos.

LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn’s social media analytics are very distinctive and basically offer data about visitors, page updates and followers as well as visitor demographics that revolve around job functions. Post impressions, followers count and follower/search demographics are also some features that the LinkedIn analytics provides for creating targeted campaigns.

Top Social Media Analytics Tools for 2021

Why SocialPilot?

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & GMB analytics
  • Graphical stats for easy understanding
  • Shareable PDF reports
  • Hashtag cloud
  • 24x5 support

What happens when you have multiple social media accounts, which is often the case these days? That’s where you will need the help of a social media analytics and reporting tool that can aggregate and integrate the data from multiple platforms to give you really insightful reports. So without ado, here’re our picks for the best free & paid social media analytics tools that help you.

1. SocialPilot

SocialPilot rating

$50 for 3+ Users


SocialPilot has emerged as one of the most comprehensive and most straightforward social media marketing and analytics tools to use. Currently, it is the only tool that lets you post on multiple social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google My Business, Pinterest, Tumblr, and VK. SocialPilot makes it very simple to track metrics for the performance of social media campaigns for each of your websites separately. You can track content engagement, the growth of your audience, demographics and influencers.

Users can plan, publish, promote, and downright measure everything, create reports under the banner of social media, through SocialPilot. In other words, SocialPilot keeps your content, your social media marketing and your social media analytics in one place, so you can effectively consolidate your digital campaigns. When you add an account to SocialPilot, it pulls in analytics data automatically, so there’s no need to set it up manually. This is a big plus if you’re a busy social media marketer.

SocialPilot has really cool social media analytics & reporting features:

From novices, intermediate experts, to advanced users, SocialPilot fits a diverse range of skillsets, making it a highly versatile tool for social media analytics and social media reporting besides scheduling & publishing. You can analyze your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google My Businesses accounts with SocialPilot.

What Users are Saying

Luis Ignacio C.

“I am surprised with the kindness that it offers me.” Anyone who works in digital marketing, looking for a reliable tool, is what I have received since. implemented SocialPilot as the main tool. They also offer you a complete section of analytics, which allows you to show the orderly evolution of your work.

Cindy C

“SocialPilot is amazing!”This software frees up my time immensely, even providing me with analytics for each one of my social media accounts which is great.

Verified User

“I love the simple, clean navigation.”It's incredibly easy to learn to navigate, to add feeds/social pages, and to check out the graphs and analytics. Compared to their competitors, the pricing is at a great level for small to midsize businesses.

Free Trial

2. Agorapulse

$199 for 3 Users

Social media analytics tool - Agorapulse

Agorapulse is very capable in managing social media because it lets you schedule posts, analyze post performance, and even monitor hashtags & keywords. Though it does not really qualify as a social media analytics tool, its analytics and reporting features definitely make it a great tool to have to get a very clear picture of your social media performance


  1. It provides great social media competitor analytics.
  2. It provides insightful community management reports such as response and conversation rates to show how well your customer/community interaction is going
  3. Topic-wise labeling feature allows you to track the analytics of your post, and generate reports easily

Verified AgoraPulse User

The Inboxing feature is something our team enjoys the most.


  1. It does not give Pinterest publishing nor analytics and reporting for Pinterest.
  2. AgoraPulse provides basic reports making it difficult for agencies to use this as a powerful social media reporting tool.
  3. For the features it offers, Agorapulse is priced quite heavily.

Alex F

Unfortunately, the reporting is pretty weak. We actually use another third-party app to pull .csv files for loading into Google Sheets and Google Data Studio. AgoraPulse will allow you to export mostly PowerPoints (which aren't that pretty) and some .csv files for very basic social metrics. I'm also not sure there's any real metrics for paid advertising as well.

SocialPilot proves out to be a cost-effective Agorapulse alternative. We have compared both the tools in details, here. For a more elaborate list of the best Agorapulse alternatives, check out here.

3. Google Analytics


Social media analytics tool - Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best ways to track social media campaigns and even helps you measure social ROI. Google Analytics is a valuable tool for analyzing the behavior of social media traffic - meaning which social media network is yielding the best results for your campaigns etc.


  1. It’s free! And that’s pro enough for most of us
  2. It’s universal, meaning it is compatible with multiple digital environments like websites, mobile applications, etc., including Google Ads accounts
  3. Not only can you collect data from multiple sources, you can also create goals and track them through the platform
  4. It gives you custom reports for informed decision making

Esra K.

Google analytics provides us meaningful insights about our website so we can improve it accordingly, attract new visitors and increase our potential customers.


  1. There’s a lot of learning involved to understand the tool, so if you are pressed for time and not savvy enough, it’s going to get very difficult to use this tool
  2. It’s an eyeful, meaning it has multiple dashboards, matrices etc. which can get overwhelming if you are not sure what you are doing
  3. Yes, while Google Analytics is free, and should serve your need, if you have high-traffic volume, it will require an upgrade to the pro version which is a whopping $150K a year!

Christi A.

Financially not an option at times. Although I know it increases traffic, I feel Google has complete control and can redirect according to who pays. Google used to be good but now they are only loyal to money and could care less about helping small business. I'm thinking Yahoo is better

4. ShortStack


Social media analytics tool - ShortStack

If you are big on running contests on social media platforms then ShortStack is the best social media metrics tool for you for managing everything ranging from entry data to long-term campaign performance. It allows visitors to fill in their details on the page, doing which they can unlock special offers including e-books, discounts codes or giveaways. It has customizable features like landing page (including colors & fonts) and widgets for forms, polls and galleries.


  1. Designing, launching, monitoring and measuring the contests is extremely easy, even for non-technical people
  2. It has a drag and drop interface to help customize everything ranging from colors, fonts, widgets, etc. to give your visitors the experience that you want
  3. It gives you the ability to embed any analytics tags to track conversions or retargeting tags

Shelley F

"ShortStack Is Very Robust and Easy To Use" There is a bit of a learning curve on all the widgets, but once you figure them out it makes developing your entry site a snap.


  1. ShortStack is a contest platform, so if you are looking for managing social media and getting analytics, it is not for you
  2. The tool offers comprehensive contest analytics, but does not consider entry-fee processing
  3. Using ShortStack does not necessarily increase your profile views or followers

Magnus H

It's a very complex piece of software to program and the workflow isn't always intuitive. It left me with a few customer grievances, unfortunately. Doors opening at the wrong time and people missing out on offers.

5. Keyhole


Social media analytics tool - Keyhole

Similarly, for those big on hastags, Keyhole can provide real-time performance analysis of the industry and campaign-specific hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, including helping brands understand which hashtags are trending amongst followers.


  1. Keyhole produces a whole host of reports to keep their clients more informed, which can be downloaded in PDF format
  2. Availability of historical data and influencer management features
  3. Track conversations about your brand across blogs, forums, and news websites

Fatima M

The metrics given on keyhole are unmatched and help us in setting KPIs and measuring results accordingly. The layout is also very user friendly and everything is exportable so that's wonderful.


  1. Free and paid versions differ dramatically
  2. You may have to set up trackers beforehand, as adding them after can be tricky business

Ben K

I felt like it broke A LOT. Sometimes info would not be pulled, the reports would be screwed up, etc. When I requested help, I was made to feel like I was the one making mistakes when I was a pretty savvy user (imo).

6. Hootsuite

$199 for 3 Users

Social media analytics tool - Hootsuite

When it comes to paid products, Hootsuite is perhaps the first name that comes to mind. Hootsuite helps provide social media analytics so you can see which content performs best or worst and in turn helps you make smarter decisions. Its price point varies on need of the hour of any business, but it’d be fair to say that for experienced marketers, it is the go-to platform.

While it has been in the market for a long time, it is comparatively a complex tool to use. Thereby we recommend other user-friendly hootsuite alternatives.


  1. The platform supports a host of social media networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  2. It has an all-one interface that allows you to add different networks you wish to monitor quickly

Matt R.

It makes things easier to view with everything on one dashboard. I can see messages, comments, replies all at one place.


  1. Reviews have called the auto-scheduling feature as having some bugs. But then again, it is nothing that cannot be fixed
  2. For novice users, the interface can be very overwhelming.
  3. Everything extra will be charged extra. For example, adding additional users than your plan will be extra, more detailed reports will be extra, etc.

Bill R.

“Slow to change. Unresponsive to needs of Social Managers” Horrible analytics. Doesn't allow for reporting on key engagements such as saves/shares.

If you'd like to check how SocialPilot proves out to be a perfect alternative to Hootsuite, we have a detailed comparison here.

7. Rival IQ


Social media analytics tool - Rival IQ

As the name suggests, Rival IQ is a source for getting social media competitor analysis. In addition, the tool also analyzes your brand’s performance on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. The tool has robust competitor benchmarking that allows marketers to understand their clients’ social stats within the context of their competitors The analysis from the platform allows marketers to easily gauge trending contents and tweak their strategies for maximum impact.


  1. RivalIQ puts competitor and the company on the same platform and derives comparative information from various social media channels
  2. It has a diverse reporting feature consisting of customizable slideshows, pdfs, and can even giv end-clients a portal to log into.

Brendan B.

The insights from Rival IQ inform a lot of how we plan and execute our social media strategy. To be able to see a snapshot of our competition across the league is invaluable as well.


  1. The platform’s subscription is tier based, so if you want to add more rival companies, you either have to pay more or swap out from your existing list
  2. Less historical data is available so for long term users, it may get a bit cumbersome to manage
  3. It is not an all-in-one option and may have problems when it comes to ‘social media management and listening’ capabilities.

Verified Rival IQ Reviewer

I found that the data that we wanted was sometimes not available through the software, and we either had to go into the platform directly, such as Facebook, to get it.

8. Sendible

$99 for 3 Users

Social media analytics tool - Sendible

Sendible is a social media management tool primarily meant for larger agencies and teams. It has features like post publishing, analytics and community management built-in. The platform focuses on collaboration, and has easy approval protocols to ensure swiftness of social media management.


  1. It is capable of handling multiple social media accounts and allows you to manage workflows and delegate tasks with ease
  2. Another feature that the platform offers that it helps you generate new leads and measure your ROIs

Meredith K.

My organization really enjoys how organized Sendible is. By assigning each other particular tasks we are able to increase our work load.


  1. Frequent glitches and reconnection issues have been reported by users, which is nothing to worry about and can be easily fixed.
  2. It be a little intimidating or confusing to navigate and go around the dashboard.

Caitlin L.

This software is so glitchy. I often have to log out and back in to make features work. Sometimes they disappear altogether, or when I click them they don't fire. The users and accounts in the administration settings only work about 20% of the time.

To see how SocialPilot competes Sendible, we have a detailed comparison here of SocialPilot being a great Sendible alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

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So what does it eventually boil down to?

The gist of things said here is simple. Choose what works the best for you. Even the paid ones offer a free trial! So it’s a win-win, without having to make a budget commitment. But in the end, it is imperative to remember that having a tool set is a must, because having the right social media analytics and reporting tools to conduct social media analysis means you can benchmark your efforts, and get comparative on your strategic approach. Only then can you see what’s really working, and develop better campaigns.

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Manvi is a Marketing & Communication Manager at SocialPilot. Social media & content marketing is Manvi's niche area in which she employs an interactive user-oriented strategy. Besides this, Manvi loves experiencing new things and trying new food!

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