14 Classic Content Curation Tools For Your Marketing Strategy In 2021

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by Manvi Agarwal

Churning out new content regularly is a tedious process. It is also hefty on the marketing budget for small businesses, agencies, and startups. That’s where curation comes in!

Content curation is the process of collecting relevant content from various authoritative sources and sharing it with your audience in different formats. The most preferred ratio of curated to created is 60:40.

By leveraging this content recycling system, you will save time, money, and invested efforts that are wasted on ideating and creating fresh content.

But how do you curate content that best fits your audience?

Content curation tools become your life-saving alliance in this endeavor. Content curation tools help you find relevant content (or content ideas). They also make it easy for you to share this content across multiple social media platforms. Content curation tools offer you great content from other sources to enhance content marketing strategy, increase brand visibility, and boost SEO ranking.

In this blog, we shall cover 15 classic content curation tools to bolster your marketing arsenal. Let’s dig in.

Content Curation Tools to Skyrocket Your Strategy

1. ShareIt

Free Content curation tool - ShareIt

ShareIt is a free content curation and influencer discovery tool useful for bloggers and social media teams. All you need to do is to type out a keyword. ShareIt will curate a relevant list of content pieces and social handles. These content pieces are available in multiple formats like blogs, videos, and more. It has a separate tab for influencers, which provides you with a list of influencers and popular sites relevant to your search. ShareIt also helps you share content directly to your accounts from social media buttons provided next to each content suggestion.

Useful Tips

  • Click the ‘influencers shared’ option for a particular content suggestion to find a list of influencers who’ve shared that content. It helps to determine whether the content is trending and authentic.
  • Log in with your Twitter account to get more content suggestions per search.

2. Buzzsumo

Content curation tool - BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is one of the most popular content curation tools to get some great content that connects well with the audience. Enter a keyword or a domain name to get a list of the most shared content on that subject. You can then sort the list using categories like date, content type, view backlinks, follow authors, and more. All the articles displayed already resonate with your audience, making reliable additions to your content marketing strategy.

Useful Tips

  • Use the ‘Content Research‘ tab to discover hot topics and interact with fans who share your content.
  • Set up alerts to notify you when influencers and eminent authors post new content.

3. SocialPilot


SocialPilot is actually a robust social media marketing tool that also offers excellent content curation services, that too at no extra cost. Save all the time by getting your content curated and marketed from the same platform.

SocialPilot offers content curation features right from its dashboard. Click on the category for specific curation of blogs. You can also access evergreen content to get engagement at all times.

SocialPilot has an advanced search where marketers can place keywords relevant to their business and pull out some amazing articles. You can even experiment by searching for your favorite website, author, and more. The results obtained are a list of content suggestions that will help you boost your content marketing postings. This is indeed a one-stop solution for all your content marketing activities.

Useful Tips

  • SocialPilot has a social media analytics feature that helps analyze the post performances to understand your audience better.
  • Use the content discovery tool to discover the evergreen content.

Keywords are the soul of content marketing. Keeping that in mind, SocialPilot has an advanced search where marketers can place keywords relevant to their business and pull out some amazing articles. You can even experiment by conducting searches by typing the name of your favorite website, author and more. The results obtained are a list of content suggestions that will help you boost your content marketing campaigns.

Social media automation tools like SocialPilot have definitely made content curation simpler!

SocialPilot Free Trial

4. Flockler

Content curation tool - Flockler

Flockler is a content curation software that filters out spam content and churns out fresh and relevant content for you. It brings you fans, followers, and industry experts to you. Flockler also publishes snippets from your social feed alongside all this curated content. Analyze your performance using Google Analytics and other powerful social media analytics tools.

Specify rules to curate and publish content using the Flockler tool automatically. The idea behind using the tool is to create an unparalleled brand experience for your fans and followers. The valuable and rich content compels them to come back for more.

Useful Tips

  • Create social media feeds to showcase user-generated content.
  • Moderate content by setting custom rules to filter out unwanted content.

5. Quuu

Content curation tool - Quuu

Quuu is the only content curation software to suggest content that is reviewed in-house by humans and not pre-set algorithms. This content tool is also the one-stop destination for videos, podcasts, blogs, presentations, and more from over 500 interest categories, covering everything from marketing to beauty, golf, and beyond. And, if you’re still not satisfied with their hand-curated content, you’ll be able to find more content from additional RSS feeds.

Quuu’s content curation game doesn’t stop there either. The Discover feature lets you find content from any interest category in any language. Creators can now learn, share, and engage with each other in one place with Quuu.

Useful Tips

  • Quuu works with the most popular schedulers. Connect to the Quuu account and share content instantly with your social media accounts.

6. Trapit

Content curation tool - Trapit

Get detailed industry insights, the latest research, trending topics, and excellent content from all over the internet using this amazing content curation tool, Trapit. It further organizes the curated data into topic-specific categories for immediate reference and study. With Trapit, you can curate endless information to attain the best content.

It gets more intelligent with every search, and you can then use the ‘trapped’ data for better engagement across all social media networks. The company claims that the ‘traps’ or pieces of content result from superior content creation technology, which uses AI and handcrafted curation techniques.

Useful Tips

  • Use Trapit to guide company employees to follow the best social media strategies while enabling them to build relationships with fans and targeting the audience to engage in social selling.
  •  Trapit provides your employees with pre-approved data, hence you can staying in control of the messages they share. Launching an employee advocacy programs makes the content look authentic and trustworthy.

7. Pocket

Content curation tool - Pocket

Pocket is a content curation tool to store a substantial amount of relevant content for later use. Ever sent yourself numerous emails with links and a list of bookmarks? Pocket helps you clear out the mess and organize all your content in a central place for reference.

When you come across something you like, click the Pocket plugin button, and the content gets stored in your account. You can use the tool across several platforms. Whether you find the content on your computer or mobile, it all gets stored in the same place. Pocket is a simple to use content curation tool for beginners and startups looking for a viable solution for their content marketing strategies.

Useful Tips

  • Group articles with tags for easy identification.
  • Use the inbuilt search feature for speedy searching of curated articles.

8. Curata

Content curation tool - Curata

Curata is a great tool for enterprises having a surge in content needs. Its intelligent content curation software crowdsources content from various platforms like websites, blogs, social media, and more. You can even collaborate with your social media team to decide on the content curation strategy.

Moreover, Curata allows you to customize the content before you share – enabling you to add a personalized voice to the content and using relevant royalty-free images while sharing it.

Useful Tips

  • Add your team for more content suggestions and better curation.
  • While surfing the internet, use its browser plugin to add content to your curated lists immediately.
  • Use its built-in blog publishing capabilities and marketing integrations to share content to your social media, emails, etc.

9. Triberr

Content curation tool - Triberr

Triberr is an excellent content curation tool for bloggers, influencers, and small businesses looking to build an audience through content marketing. Triberr helps you find, curate, and promote content, as well as track your goals.

Think of these ‘tribes’ as groups of people following a particular kind of content – fashion blogs, cooking videos, finance tips, automobile industry updates, etc. You can be a part of one or multiple tribes.

Useful Tips

  • Use Triberr’s analytics to see who likes and shares your content consistently.
  • Triberr’s ‘queue’ feature helps you set schedules for social media posting.
  • Use ‘tribes’ to get more people to read or view your content.

10. List.ly

Content curation tool - list.ly

List.ly helps you curate content in the form of lists which you can later publish or on your WordPress site and share to social. It has a website app and an iOS app to help you create lists on the go. Also, its chrome extension and bookmarklet help you add content to your lists from anywhere on the internet.

Useful Tips

  • Publish lists on a site and encourage people to suggest content to be added to it and vote for their favorite content in the list.
  • Categorize your audience’s interests by adding different lists for each topic – places list, apps list, book list, products list, people lists, etc.

11. Feedly

Content curation tool - Feedly

If you are a marketer, you would know how crucial it is to keep up with the latest news in your industry, following what experts are saying, and tracking trending content on social media. For a busy marketer, checking various sources for this purpose becomes a difficult task. Hence, Feedly collects content from your favorite sources and displays it for you to consume effortlessly.

Feedly helps you organize content from publications, tweets, YouTube channels, RSS feeds, blogs, and specific keywords.

Useful Tips

  • Organize all your content in different categories of interest – say fashion, travel, food, etc.
  • If you don’t have time to read or view the content at that instance, just mark it ‘read for later’. You’ll then be able to find this content easily.
  • Share your boards with your team members to curate content, comment on it, and prioritize it.

12. Scoop.it

Content curation tool - Scoopit

Whether you are a professional or heading a small business, Scoop.it helps you aggregate relevant content on your website, publish it, and share it on your social media. If you employ content marketing to achieve your goals, this tool will help in every aspect of it.

Scoop.it helps you create newsletters in minutes to promote your content and share third-party content.

Useful Tips

  • Distribute content among your team members in the form of emails.
  • Create a content hub to publish content automatically.

13. cognitiveSEO

Content curation tool - cognitiveSEO

cognitiveSEO’s Content Optimizer is a brilliant content curation tool that lets you take full advantage of content as a Google ranking factor. The tool is built upon a three-step process: keyword research, competitor analysis, and optimization, which works great for content curation. CognitiveSEO’s Content Optimizer has one of the easiest ways to find curated content in many languages and locations on mobile and desktop devices.

Discover the most high-performing content by the number of links, ranks, number of words on the page. It delivers loads of curated data and recommendations to add a personalized style to the content.

Useful Tips

  • Use the optimization section to do real-time curation and build evergreen content.
  • Identify your target audience’s content needs.

14. Flipboard

Content curation tool - Flipboard

Flipboard is a fantastic content curation tool available for desktop and mobile usage. Curate stories for your followers to grab hold of their attention. It is a user-friendly tool that lets you create a mini-magazine for your readers.

The design is simple and effective, shifting the focus solely on rich content. You can also add videos, listen to music, or have textual information. Just select the categories that interest you and subscribe to preferential sources for personalized curation.

Useful Tips

  • Save the content pieces for reference later.
  • Share magazines across multiple social media platforms with Flipboard.

Wrapping Up

Establishing a dynamic presence is easier than ever today. But to continue maintaining that presence is the actual uphill climb. With better targeting and right strategizing, you can give your business the needed exposure.

Content curation is one such strategy that will help you outshine. Social media managers should leverage the benefits of content curation to create a strong presence on social media and increase engagement.

But curating good content is half the battle. Sharing, optimizing, and performance tracking are crucial too. That’s why it is strongly recommended to invest in a complete social media automation tool like SocialPilot that lets you do everything from one dashboard. Sounds thrilling? Go for a free trial to get started right away.

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