32+ Affordable Content Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business in 2024

Equip yourself with an array of content marketing tools to produce compelling content, driven by deep audience analysis, ensuring authentic connections and captivating experiences.

Affordable Content Marketing Tools

In the ever-evolving era of social media, content marketing professionals face the formidable task of efficiently managing diverse content while ensuring it resonates with their audience.

Although 94% of digital marketers use social media to distribute content but keeping track of content ideas, editorial calendars, and publication schedules can be quite a hassle.

This is where content marketing tools come to the rescue!

These invaluable allies help streamline the content management process and empower marketers to tap into the social media realm like never before.

With a creative brigade of tools at your disposal, you can effortlessly craft compelling content backed by deep audience analysis to ensure that it truly connects with your audience and captivates them.

With a plethora of tools available in the market, it can be overwhelming to find the right pick.

But fret not!

We’ve reviewed some of the best content marketing tools available in the market providing you with a clearer view of the landscape.

But before that, let’s take a deep look at what these tools are and what they exactly offer.

What are Content Marketing Tools?

As we know, content marketing is when you create and share relevant content to attract, engage, and retain your audience. This content can be in the form of articles, podcasts, videos, and other media.These tools help accomplish a variety of purposes, such as content ideation, production, optimization, and promotion.

Now, we know that businesses that succeed at content marketing stay on top of their audiences’ minds and feeds. They establish themselves as thought leaders of their respective industries and win unanimous trust.

So here we are to help you choose the best content marketing toolkit that will amplify your brand voice and double your efficiency streak. Look at this list of incredible content marketing tools that give you the most value for your money.

How we analyze & select Content Marketing Tools:

​​We have meticulously curated this list of premier content marketing tools through detailed research and hands-on testing. We considered various factors such as user satisfaction, G2 ratings and reviews, pricing structure, and scalability. We also actively analyzed the abilities of these tools in automation, developing content, visualization, analytics, and collaborative workflows. We have assembled this list to provide marketers with essential insights, enabling them to make well-informed decisions on the best tools to expand their businesses.

Social Media Marketing: SocialPilot

SocialPilot stands out as a must-have social media management platform for its compelling set of features and affordability for small businesses.

You can schedule and publish social media posts on popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Tumblr, Google My Business, and Pinterest. Shorten links with popular URL shorteners without switching to another browser tab.

If you’re a social media marketer managing numerous clients, you can use SocialPilot’s bulk scheduling feature to schedule a bunch of posts in advance across time zones. It allows you to create post drafts by allowing you to upload media files directly from Google Drive. You can also upload a CSV file containing your posts, URLs, dates and times when the posts must be published, and social media account IDs the posts need to go live on, and you are set.

You can create visually arresting posts and trim them perfectly to fit the standards of every social platform you post for. Optimize your posts with Unsplash integration, utilizing stock images to experience an unending wealth of visuals.

You can also integrate SocialPilot in Canva and directly export designed images by specifying the file size and type. The exported images are saved in the Content Library.

Launching a new product or reminding people of an upcoming event on social media is a tried and tested way to create buzz and encourage rigorous sales or event registrations. That’s why SocialPilot lets you repost top-performing posts across all your social platforms at the frequency of your choice.

The RSS automation feature is a savior during times of content crunch. You can add a website or blog feed and set the number of new posts you want to send out, and the content will be published from time to time from these feeds.

The brand-new feature from SocialPilot is Advanced Reports a game changer for users, especially agencies. It empowers users to download comprehensive analytics PDF reports of their social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Business for any period of time. Reduce the friction of going through reports of individual platforms, and examine your marketing efforts through this all-in-one report.

The entry-level plan starts at a reasonable price of $30/month, dropping to $25.50/month on a yearly billing. With this plan, you get access to set up 10 social media accounts for 1 user and abilities like content scheduling and publishing features.

It lets you set up the tool for 10 social media accounts for 1 user with content scheduling and publishing features.

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Hire Freelance Writers: Narrato.io

Narrato is a great platform to hire quality freelance writers at affordable rates. Narrato’s workflow is set up for maximum efficiency. Content gets delivered quickly, and you only pay if you like it.

Narrato uses smart algorithms to match your requirements with writers’ skills. This eliminates the time-draining process of picking good freelance writers through proposals.

Be rest assured of original content as each work goes through an automatic plagiarism check before the final delivery. To top it all, Narrato also offers a free tool to search copyright-free images to add a much-needed visual appeal to your content.

You can use its trial offer to decide if the platform fulfills your needs. Ordering on the platform is quick and straightforward. Add credit and place multiple orders or pay as you go.

Its learning process is refined and finds you better writers each time you place a content order. Overall, Narrato is a very handy platform to get quality content quickly.


Planable is the tool to use for creating, planning, and collaborating on Pinterest. You can use it to plan your content ahead of time and automate a big part of your Pinterest campaigns. Whether you’re building your social media presence or trying new marketing channels, it’s essential to have tools that do the work without you breaking the bank.

With Planable, you can plan all your campaigns in the calendar view: with a single drag and drop, you can move posts from drafts to scheduled, add labels, and use filter & sort to navigate through the content easily. Also, collaborating with your team on pins is easily done in Planable. Just create the pin, add the details, then tag your teammates to get feedback, all in real-time.

You can also collaborate and plan content in Planable for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GMB, YouTube, and TikTok as it supports all of these major social platforms.

Test Planable features with a Free Plan that’s limited to 50 posts. A Basic plan starts at $11/user.

Cloud Campaign

Cloud Campaign is a powerful social media management software designed to help businesses and organizations better manage their online presence.

It provides an all-in-one platform for managing multiple social media accounts, creating campaigns, tracking analytics and insights, and more.

Cloud Campaign makes it easy to stay updated with the latest trends in social media marketing, allowing users to create targeted campaigns that reach their desired audiences quickly. With its intuitive dashboard and detailed reporting features, users can easily track the performance of their campaigns over time.

Additionally, Cloud Campaign helps users stay compliant with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, ensuring their data privacy policies are always up to date. Its comprehensive suite of tools makes it the perfect solution for businesses looking to maximize their impact on social media platforms.

Cloud Campaign offers 3 payment plans. The basic plan (labeled as ‘Freelancer’) is $49 every month, the next plan (labeled as ‘Studio’) is $229 every month, and finally, the ‘agency’ plan is priced at $349. The main difference between the plans is how many brand workspaces can be added.


ContentStudio is a social media management tool for businesses, agencies, and marketers. A unified platform that allows you to create, organize and schedule your content across all your social media accounts.

It organizes your content, builds your brand, connects with your audience, engages your followers, and monitors your social media analytics.

A total of 30+ social media platforms, video publishing platforms, blog publishing platforms, automation tools, image enhancement tools, and URL shorteners are integrated with ContentStudio.

It offers a 14-day free trial, with 3 paid plans starting from $25/month.

Plagiarism Checker: DupliChecker

To boost your content marketing strategy, you need to come up with fresh and relevant content on a regular basis to capture the audience’s attention. No matter what platform you’re using for content marketing, you need to publish content that is original and not copied from another source to stand out from the competition.

To check whether your text is copied or genuine, you can access DupliChecker and use its plagiarism checker feature over it. This tool will be of great help to detect the instances of plagiarism existing in your text.

You can prevent your content marketing strategy from facing charges of plagiarism by using this plagiarism tool before updating any content. This utility can be accessed and used for free as many times as you desire.

If you want to unlock the advanced features of this online plagiarism checker, you can switch to the pro version by purchasing one of its premium plans. The basic plan is for $20 that you can use for deep searching and features, and check up to 10,000 words per search with it.

Graphics Creator: Canva

Canva is one of the best content marketing tools. Creating eye-pleasing visuals doesn’t require editing skills. Make logos, invitation cards, photo collages, social media banners, posts, certificates, and more in a few minutes.

Canva can be used for making informative infographics, the third most used type of content marketing. Canva’s predefined templates let you break down information and present them in a digestible format.

It is a user-friendly tool that lets you tweak any design in just a few clicks. Canva also enables you to share your content with team members for final edits and approvals. Once done, you can even share your posts from the tool itself. Canva also offers tutorials to help you get started.

On the free plan, you get 250,000+ free templates and 100+ design types. You can even upgrade it to a Pro plan at $12.99 or an Enterprise plan at $36.

AI Video Maker: FlexClip

FlexCLip is an online solution for your video content making. It uses AI technology to assist users in automating certain aspects of the video editing process. This can include features like smart Text-to-video, Blog-to-video, AI image generation, AI script generation, AI auto subtitle generator and text-to-speech. All these tools can streamline the editing process and help marketers create engaging video content more efficiently.

FlexClip is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible for individuals with varying levels of video editing experience. This can be beneficial for content marketers who may not have advanced video editing skills.

Besides, FlexClip provides a library of ready video templates in different categories and stock media (images, videos, and music) that users can use to enhance their videos. This can save time and effort in content creation, especially for marketers who need to produce videos quickly.

If you need a social media promotion video, select a ready template to start or input your video description. The AI will generate a fancy piece for you. There are also various customization options that allow you to personalize the video according to your brand or campaign requirements.

Background Remover: Simplified

Simplified is an artificial intelligence powered app that provides everything you need to create, collaborate and scale your social media. Its the perfect tool for a small team, medium business or big agency.

Amongst, Simplified’s many features, it has a free online background remover to make an image transparent. You will have the ability to create unique designs with Simplified’s one-click background remover. Simply upload brand photos or choose from millions of free stock photos to edit with its simple, professional design tools.

With Simplified, you will have access to thousands of fonts and filters to designs, and collaborate with team members in real-time to finalize your work. Furthermore, you can publish directly to socials from the Simplified app once you are done editing images.

You can access AI-powered graphic design tools for free, or you can utilize its advanced features for $10-15 USD per month.

HubSpot AI

HubSpot ai is a comprehensive toolkit meticulously engineered to empower marketers with the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence. With a focus on practicality and usability, this platform aims to redefine the way you approach content creation, customer engagement, and overall marketing strategy.

One of Hubspot AI’s standout features is its intuitive interface, which seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting out, Hubspot AI provides the tools you need to succeed, without the steep learning curve.

Hubspot AI is designed to be accessible to businesses of all sizes. With flexible pricing options and a commitment to transparency,

Digital Asset Management: Pics.io

Pics.io is a powerful and affordable Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool, designed to streamline the way businesses manage their digital assets. It’s an ideal solution for marketing teams, manufacturers, e-commerce platforms, educational institutions, and non-profits seeking to efficiently organize and optimize their digital content.

This SaaS platform offers a centralized repository for all your digital assets, making it easy to store, manage, and share files like images, videos, documents, and more. With its intuitive interface, Pics.io simplifies locating and retrieving assets, saving valuable time and resources.

Key features include version control, ensuring you’re always working with the most up-to-date files and customizable metadata fields for precise asset categorization. Collaboration is effortless with Pics.io, as it allows teams to comment, approve, and share assets directly within the platform.

Pics.io seamlessly integrates with popular cloud storage providers like Google Drive and Amazon S3, ensuring secure and scalable storage solutions. Plus, it offers robust analytics tools to track asset usage and performance, helping you make data-driven decisions.

The platform offers a free-trial and the pricing starts at $50 per month for one user.

Work Management with Spreadsheets: Retable

Retable is the ultimate tool for managing, planning, and collaborating on your content planning operations. With its robust features, you can streamline your content workflows and enhance team collaboration. Whether you’re organizing complex content tracking projects, or managing a content database, Retable offers the capabilities you need without breaking the bank.

With Retable, you can easily create customizable content planning spreadsheets to suit your requirements. The intuitive interface allows you to organize your content in a way that makes sense to you. Use the calendar view to plan your content deadlines, or try the Kanban view to organize the content status or assignees. Adding labels, filtering, and sorting your data is effortless, ensuring you stay organized and focused.

Retable supports a variety of use cases, from project management to content planning, and more. Whether you’re working on a marketing campaign, organizing events, or managing content operations, Retable adapts to your needs.

You can try Retable for free for one month, which includes all premium features to get you started. Then you can upgrade to our team plan starting at just $12/user for advanced features and greater capacity.

Video Creator: BIGVU

BIGVU is a video creation tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you make great videos quickly and easily. Whether you’re new to video-making or an experienced creator, BIGVU has features that can help you make your videos better and give you the confidence to share them.

With BIGVU, you can use the AI script generator to create engaging scripts on any topic you can imagine instantly. Create a personalized script to instantly pitch your business, share your expertise, or give a news update.

From there, simply shoot your script to the Teleprompter to deliver your script like a pro. The Teleprompter will stop you from rambling and help you speak clearly on camera. Once you finish your take, choose to combine several takes or trim your video, quickly covering up any awkward or unwanted pauses. BIGVU’s WordTrim feature makes complicated trimming a thing of the past.

Use the video transcript to choose which parts of the recording to trim. The robust styling features include automatic subtitles in stunning themes, subtitle translation, stock image overlays, royalty-free music tracks, green screen background replacement, intros, outros, and logo placement. Finally, you get to share it on your social media accounts in one click, using AI to create optimized posts and track your video’s performance from a centralized dashboard.

The platform is available both as a mobile app and on the Web so that you can create and edit your videos from anywhere. You can get started with the free plan, which includes the free online teleprompter. Still, for those seeking enhanced capabilities, premium plans start at $18.99 per month.

Video Editing Tool: Movavi Video Editor

With Movavi Video Editor, you don’t need to be a video editing pro to create amazing content. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly features make it easy for anyone to create high-quality videos in just a few clicks.

Whether you’re adding text, transitions, or special effects, Movavi’s powerful editing tools give you the flexibility to customize your video to suit your unique style and message.

Movavi has pre-made templates and offers a variety of styles and themes for video content. The built-in collection of music, videos, backgrounds, and effects allows you to enhance your videos with a professional touch. With just a few clicks, you can add royalty-free music tracks, stock videos, and stunning backgrounds to give your videos a polished look.

Movavi Video Editor can be downloaded for Free. If you want to access its premium features like AI noise removal, fast processing of 4K videos, and more, you can opt for its paid plans starting from USD 54.95.

Stock Images: iStock by Getty Image

It is difficult to imagine content marketing without images. Even email marketing campaigns that include images have a higher click-through rate than those without.

iStock gives you access to fantastic stock photo galleries that you can use in your blogs, social media posts, and more to hook your audience to your brand. iStock by Getty Images offers 88 million royalty-free photos, vectors, illustrations, videos, and exclusive images.

Images and particularly illustrations on iStock win you over with their technical and creative quality. Look for high-quality stock videos for your website or social media using their AI-powered search.

iStock offers two payment methodologies. You pay for images with credits, and each image file costs a certain number of credits, starting at $12 for one credit. You can also buy a subscription plan instead of credit to download 10 images a month for $40.

Pop Creation Tool: Picreel

Picreel is a powerful popup builder tool that helps businesses in growing leads, conversions, and sales by displaying personalized popups at the perfect moment. The tool provides 100+ templates to help you build a variety of popups, including exit-intent, capture forms, nano bars, sign-up offers, and many more.

You can closely track visitors’ digital footprints and click behavior to present them with the most relevant content that strikes the right chords. For example, when people show signs of leaving, you can pull them back with irresistible offers and convince them to complete a purchase, share their contact details, or subscribe to your newsletter.

The tool’s A/B testing functionality lets you test the water before going full throttle with your campaign. It helps you identify which designs, fonts, text, colors, and CTAs will work best for your campaign.

You also get built-in reports that provide comprehensive insights into your top and poor-performing campaigns. These insights can be used to measure your visits, impressions, and conversions.

Picreel offers a Monthly paid plan starting at $49.97 which includes unlimited pageviews, campaigns, 3 domains, advanced targeting, reports and analytics and more. If in doubt or need hands-on experience, you can avail its 15 days free trial.

CRM with Email Marketing: BIGContacts

BIGContacts is a powerful CRM and email marketing solution that helps you automate the delivery of emails to leads and customers, thereby saving you a considerable amount of time. It eliminates the need to manually share emails and intelligently modifies campaigns based on where a prospect clicks in the email or what stage of the sales cycle they are currently in.

By letting you set up recurring emails and automated reminders, BIGContacts ensures that no critical follow-up opportunity is missed. You can also craft highly personalized emails using the contact management capabilities of this CRM solution. It also lets you store and use templates to scale your marketing efforts.

The tool lets you design drip campaigns to nurture your leads effectively. BIGContacts also offers a suite of reporting and analytics tools to help you stay updated with the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

All your previous interactions and associated contact information can be found in one place, so you never lose context. This marketing automation tool also lets you define custom actions for triggering your marketing campaigns.

BIGContacts is highly affordable, with plans starting from $10/user/month.

Content Discovery: Feedly

If your way of discovering awesome content is to browse the internet or bookmark your favorite blogs, you’re missing out.

There’s a far more efficient and rewarding way of staying on top of new and interesting content in your industry. And that’s a feed aggregator named Feedly.

Feedly curates content aligned to your topic keywords that you can organize into feeds. Preview a source to determine if it publishes articles related to your industry or not.

Save your favorite articles to boards or share them across Twitter and Google news feeds, LinkedIn, Evernote, or an SMM tool (currently supports Hootsuite and Buffer).

As your one-stop RSS feeder, Feedly has over a hundred sites feeding content by the hour for a steady read. Feedly’s AI research assistant Leo further helps in meaningful board curation. Set priority topics and trends for tracking and getting recommendations. It beats the efforts of sifting through a sea of information.

Feedly’s Pro package starts at $6/month when billed annually for 1000 sources and without AI assistance. For your own Leo, upgrade to Pro+ at $8.25 to access 2500 sources. There is another plan ‘Enterprise’ which comes with 7500 feeds and many more advanced capabilities with Custom pricing.

Content Writing: Content at Scale

Content at Scale is a solution that uses advanced AI technology to help SEO marketers create high-quality and original content efficiently.

The platform can generate long-form SEO blog posts in just five minutes by analyzing top-ranking content on Google. It can produce 2,500+ word articles and write for any industry and informational search terms.

Using its innovative AI model, Content at Scale enables agencies and marketers to save 10-25x the time and cost of human-only content creation.

The platform has a user-friendly interface and can generate content structured for search with a keyword or single-sentence prompt. Users can create 2,500-7,000 word SEO blog posts with just one click. Additionally, the platform provides a WordPress plugin that syncs directly to users’ WordPress, allowing them to publish long-form SEO blogs easily.

Even though the platform does not offer short-form content options, Content at Scale has scalability for high-volume content production, a lucrative affiliate program, a user-friendly interface, single-click output, bulk content creation, high-quality and fully optimized articles, and a white-label feature.

The pricing starts with a paid trial of $24.99, and the plans begin at $250.

Content Marketing Management: Brafton

Brafton is the solution you need to efficiently plan, produce and measure your content marketing efforts in a single location. Since it’s the only platform built for content marketers by content marketers, you can use it to solve all the challenges you face while doing content marketing.

With features such as digital asset management, content calendar management, content production planning, resource tracking and campaign measurement, the Brafton Platform provides the tools you need to streamline your workflows and enhance collaboration for improved performance.

By leveraging the Brafton Content Marketing Platform, you can take full control of your content marketing initiatives, maximize your efficiency and achieve your goals more effectively.

The pricing starts at $100 per month for 50 users.

AI Voice Generator: Lovo

Lovo a versatile tool designed for TikTok creators and content producers. It offers a diverse range of over 500 voices in multiple languages, catering to a global audience. This feature is particularly useful for creators aiming to reach viewers in different linguistic regions.

Additionally, it includes an AI Writer, which assists in scripting engaging content for videos and other media. Its advanced voice technology allows for the creation of unique voiceovers and the cloning of specific voices, adding a personalized touch to content.

LOVO offers a tiered pricing structure to suit various content creation needs: a Free plan for beginners, a Basic plan at $24 per month for essential tools, a Pro plan also at $24 per month with professional features, and a Pro+ plan at $75 per month for high-volume content production.

AI Writing Tool: Writesonic

Writesonic is your ultimate destination for next-gen AI tools, thoughtfully designed to take your work processes to new heights. Writesonic firmly believes in empowering you through the formidable capabilities of artificial intelligence. The suite of tools offered, including Botsonic and ChatSonic, aims to make your workflow more efficient and intuitive.

Botsonic stands out as a unique tool that allows you to train ChatGPT on your own knowledge base data. The tool’s customized training feature ensures that the AI’s responses are tailored to your needs. With Botsonic, you can expect precise answers that perfectly align with your company’s knowledge and expertise.

It will significantly enhance your customer interaction by providing an AI that effectively communicates in your business language. Moreover, it hands your team the reins of an AI assistant trained on your exclusive data, making your team more competent and agile.

Moving on to ChatSonic, a state-of-the-art chatbot tool that doesn’t just emulate but surpasses the capabilities of many existing chatbots. It leverages the powerful GPT-4 base for advanced communication. Its features are crafted to meet your specific needs, providing you with an adaptable AI assistant to streamline your work processes. ChatSonic aims to amplify your team’s productivity, making it a must-have tool in your technological arsenal.

At Writesonic, the goal is to provide you with AI tools that don’t just enhance but redefine your work efficiency. You are invited to explore the offerings of Botsonic and ChatSonic today and witness the transformation they can bring about.

Finally, Writesonic ensures that quality doesn’t have to break the bank. You can take these tools for a spin for free with 10,000 words to test their efficiency. If you find these tools as revolutionary as they promise, you can go pro.

The Unlimited plan comes with GPT 3.5 and starts at a modest fee of $20 per user per month. The Business plan offers both GPT 3.5 and 4.0 support and comes at a price of $19 per user per month.

This accessible pricing ensures you can make the most of AI advancements without stressing your budget.

Website Feedback Software: Qualaroo

Well-written website content optimized to search engines and people is crucial to the success of any online business. It is extremely helpful if the users of your business website can tell you what it’s missing and where it shines.

While you can send out surveys via email, the response rate of email surveys is low, preventing you from getting the full picture of how visitors perceive your website.

Qualaroo takes a different approach to customer and website user surveys by engaging them. The tool offers different templates for page-level customer feedback and lead generation. In the context of content marketing, you can gauge the usefulness of your content by choosing predefined questions for your survey, like ‘Did you find what you were looking for?’ and ‘What encouraged you to visit our site?’.

There are 10 question types, including checkboxes, dropdown, and text-based. You can target the questions to specific audiences. As the tool offers several targeting options, you can be sure that the right people view your forms and aren’t turned off by surveys irrelevant to them.

The survey responses shed light on the aspects of your website that can be improved and reveal what topics customers and users would want to read on your website. Consistently improving your website’s content will help you drive more conversions and deepen your understanding of customer intent.

As far as user-friendliness is concerned, Qualaroo gets a full score. It has a knowledge center that helps you get started with the tool.

Used by eBay, Shopify, and Udemy, Qualaroo is an excellent addition to your content marketing toolkit. The Essentials plan is available at $99/month for 100K pageview tracking. You can leverage features like survey customization, advanced reporting, and audience targeting of the Premium plan at $199/month.

The Business plan offers everything in the Premium plan plus unlimited domains, advanced targeting, a dedicated success manager, etc and is priced at $299/month.

SEO Audit: Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO research and analysis tool, which would be a great addition to your marketing efforts. You can use Ahrefs for checking backlinks, as a content strategy tool to conduct keyword research and monitor your competitors.

Along with these basic tasks, the Ahrefs tool can be used to identify technical SEO issues, monitor the internet for unlinked mentions, monitor backlinks, check URL rankings, prepare audit reports, and find guest posting opportunities.

The tool uses SEO metrics to provide quantitative data for every website analyzed. If you are new to this tool, try out the various core functions and side features.

The pricing plans start from $99/month for Lite and go up to $999/month for Enterprise.

You can start a 7-day trial for $7 and choose any of the plans as per your team size and needs.

Email Marketing: SendGrid

As your business picks up momentum, automating your email saves time on repetitive email writing and sending to leads and customers. With the email marketing solution SendGrid, you can set up recurring newsletters to customers or a drip campaign to guide prospects down the sales funnel.

As a free SendGrid user, you can send 100 emails a day as long as you use the platform. You can also opt for its Essentials plan at $19.95/month and send 100,000+ emails each month.

Creating an email is super easy. Use modules to add the building blocks of your images with drag and drop or upload them directly.

Similarly, create a signup form and select the contact list to add new signups. This way, you can stay in the loop about who has opted-in to your email newsletter or advertising.

Setting up automation is also a breeze. Choose pre-built automation or define your custom automation. SendGrid offers built-in spam testing and link validation, so only regulatory-compliant mail goes out.

There’s also a ton of useful analytics to help you monitor email campaign performance, like the number of emails sent, opened, bounced, link clicks, and unsubscribers. Get statistics by the email client, device, browser, and geography.

Opt for Expert Insights to your plan for monthly reports on your campaign along with recommendations on improving results.

Graphic and Video Creator: Placeit

This content marketing tool is very helpful for marketing teams, business owners, or startups because it does everything for you!

Placeit is a powerful design tool that will help you accomplish any design task as per your needs. Create logos, business cards, and social media campaign designs with ease.

Save time by choosing a design template and filling in your information. Placeit also has an unlimited library of mockups, from mugs, and apparel to responsive devices.

  • Choose your template, mockup, or video
  • Fill in your information
  • Customize colors, fonts, and images
  • Download

With Placeit, you can also make videos in seconds. Choose your favorite video template and customize it. You can add up to 10 slides, access their original soundtracks, and preview your video as you create it. Try their free templates to see the magic for yourself.

QR code generator: Beaconstac

Beaconstac’s QR code generator facilitates seamless communication and information exchange by allowing you to create, customize, and distribute QR codes for various purposes, such as marketing campaigns and contactless menu access.

You can use the built-in tracking and analytics tools to track performance and fine-tune your plans. Using a QR code generator like Beaconstac can simplify the process of connecting, sharing, and interacting, making your future interactions smarter and more efficient.

Project Management Tool: Trello

Trello is a project management tool that you must use to streamline your content efforts. With so many responsibilities and deliverables, it is easy to lose track of the status of each one. Trello is a simple project collaboration tool that sums up your project status in a dashboard.

Add projects, teams, tasks, and stages. Your team just needs to drag and drop deliverable cards at relevant stages. It’s easy to visualize your task progress with the intuitive features of Trello.

The tool is so easy to use that you need no demo. Even beginners can pick it up and use it hassle-free. Trello also offers automation triggers to eliminate repetitive tasks.

Trello also supports several integrations like Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, and Slack for file sharing. You can even use it from its mobile app, which is equally efficient.

Trello provides a free plan, but you can only add up to 10 boards. You can upgrade it to Business Class or Enterprise for just $12.5/month and $17.50/month respectively.

Trello provides a Free plan with a limit to create up to 10 boards for the workspace. You can upgrade it to Standard, or Premium for just $5/month and $10/month respectively. If you are an organization and want more flexibility, you can opt for its Enterprise plan priced at $17.50 per user/month.

Popup Builder Tool: Poptin

Poptin is a free popup builder that lets you create high converting popups and contact forms in minutes, with no coding required. You can set up your popup campaigns to their maximum potential by equipping them with the right conversion optimization features.

It helps marketers and digital agencies to generate traffic and convert it into leads and customers. Track users’ behavior using Poptin and present them with content that interests them.

With over 40+ customizable templates, you can create mobile-responsive designs with ease, such as lightboxes, slide-ins, bars, overlays, gamified popups (spin the wheel, scratch card, pick a gift), countdown popups, video popups, mobile popups, social popups, widgets, email forms, and more.

To make sure you convert the right people at the right time, choose from a wide variety of smart triggers and targeting rules. Such options can help you improve sales conversions, reduce cart abandonment, drive more email subscribers, and boost engagement.

Poptin is free to use forever. You may also opt to subscribe to any of its paid plans to get access to more advanced features and tools.

GIF Editing Tool: Motionbox

Need to cut out the monotonous text block? GIFs will do the trick. It’s a fun way to represent your mood, make an online jest, or add some engaging trappings to your digital design. GIFs, however, come with some exciting text or subtitles.

Editing such images may be a daunting task for many, but if you ever need to add text to your GIF, you can count on the Gif Editor tool from Motionbox. This tool comes with a simple drag-and-drop editor that lets you seamlessly add text to any GIF image.

It also lets you add elements that will further turn your content into a visually engaging piece. You can include shapes, background images, and audio. There’s also a set of extensive templates that speeds up the entire process of creating videos as well.

That’s not all. If you run a podcast and want some of your episodes in video formats to share them with your social media folks, Motionbox will help you do that in a blink too.

Website Security: UpGuard

UpGuard is a powerful cybersecurity product that helps your online business stay secure. You can use UpGuard’s free website security scanner to analyze your website, email, network, and domain security risks and improve your security score.

For content marketing teams, it’s essential to maintain your website’s security as it’s a critical trust signal for website visitors. Factors such as strong HTTPS encryption also help improve your SEO performance, as search engines consider this a ranking signal.

Besides basic website security, UpGuard analyzes 70+ potential attack vectors that could lead to a data breach and helps you remediate these risks.

It’s easy to get started with the free version. You can also start a 7-day trial for free and choose any plan that suits your needs.

Project Management Software: Indy

You can streamline and manage your content marketing projects with Indy, an all-in-one project management software that helps you take control of your freelance business from beginning to end. Generate new leads with easy-to-use proposals, contracts, and form templates that let you create, customize, and send off in minutes.

Indy has task management, automatic time tracking, file storage, and an intuitive calendar app to keep multiple content marketing projects flowing smoothly so you never miss a deadline. And when you’ve wrapped up a project, you can quickly generate an invoice and send it off to clients in seconds. You can even set up recurring invoices to automate the process.

Then use the calendar app as a command center for monitoring all tasks, invoices, proposals, and contracts. Indy Calendar supports 2-way sync with Google Calendar to keep your entire content schedule together in one place.

But the real magic is how some of Indy’s tools integrate to streamline your workflow. Create to-do’s right in the calendar app with task management integration. Then you can track your hours by turning any calendar event into a time track. And when you’ve wrapped up a project, turn those time tracked hours into an invoice with just a couple clicks.

Indy has a free forever plan that gives you limited access to all of Indy’s premium tools, including proposals, contracts, forms, invoices, and time tracking. You’ll also have full access to task management, a calendar app, chats, and 1 GB of file storage. For unlimited access to all of Indy’s premium tools plus 500 GB of storage, you can join Indy’s Pro Bundle for just $9/month.

Content Writing: Attrock’s Headline Analyzer

Headlines form an important part of SEO. After all, they compel a searcher to click on them to land on your page. That makes it critical for you to ensure that your headlines are well optimized so they click with your audience.

This is where Attrock’s Headline Analyzer comes in. This tool analyzes your headlines and gives them a score out of 100. It also suggests various changes that you should consider making to them to increase their score and effectiveness.

From identifying positive and negative sentiment through words, it also helps you correct the sentiment around your headline.

The best part here is that the tool is completely free and it’s pretty easy to use as well. All you have to do is add a headline in the box and the tool will do its work.

Content Research and Marketing: BuzzSumo

The most important part of any content marketing campaign is carrying out content research and tracking metrics. BuzzSumo – a content research and marketing tool that takes the guesswork out of your marketing strategy and gives you insights on popular posts based on keywords.

To further scope out the competition and analyze what type of content is going viral on networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, you can sort content according to their reach. This allows you to identify content ideas that your target audience is interested in.

If you want to narrow down your search, you can use custom filters and look specifically for queries like “how-to” posts with a focus on specific countries, website domains, and more. You can connect with the key influencers of your industry and connect with them to grow your business.

The pricing of BuzzSumo starts from $119/month (Basic) for 1 user. Other plans are Content Creation ($249/month for 5 users), PR & Comms ($249/month for 5 users), Suite ($499/month for 10 users), and Enterprise ($999/month for 30 users).

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback can be a valuable addition to your content marketing toolkit. You can gather insights on your audience’s preferences, pain points, and needs. This information helps you create content that is more relevant and engaging to your target audience.

Zonka Feedback can measure the success of your content marketing campaigns by asking your audience to rate the relevance and usefulness of your content. Thus you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Surveys can also be used to generate new content ideas by asking your audience what topics they would like to see covered or what questions they have. So you can create content that is more aligned with their interests and needs.

Zonka Feedback offers two pricing categories for its services to cater to the varying needs and budgets of individuals and businesses alike. The first category is Personal Plans, which includes a basic free plan, an Essential plan priced at $24 per month, and a Starter plan priced at $44 per month.

The second category is Business Plans, which includes the Professional plan priced at $79 per month, the Growth plan priced at $169 per month, and the Enterprise plan priced at $429 per month. Additionally, there are Custom plans available for businesses that require personalized solutions. The pricing structure aims

Stock Images and Design Assets: Freepik

Freepik is a free-to-use stock images’ website that strives to be the one-stop destination for all your design needs. From millions of quality stock images, vector designs, fonts, and templates to stock videos and AI-generated images, it can be the driving force behind your branded projects. It promises constant quality content, thanks to its expanding community of professional creators.

Further to the success of its highly valued asset library, the website also allows users to create quick visual solutions with little or no design experience using Wepik. This highly intuitive in-browser design tool allows you to create stunning marketing material in minutes, customizing them using Freepik’s vast library of graphic elements.

Becoming a premium member will allow you access to premium content while enjoying the flexibility of unlimited downloads, priority support, and no need for attribution.

Free Graphic Creator: Wepik

Wepik is an all-in-one design platform that can help businesses of all sizes create stunning marketing materials with ease. It is a cost-effective solution that empowers marketers to create high-quality visuals without any prior design experience or expensive design software.

With its drag-and-drop interface, Wepik enables users to create social media posts, marketing materials, and presentations that captivate their audience with ease. Its library of customizable templates, graphics, and design elements makes it easy to create branded visuals that align with a brand’s identity.

Whether you require a poster, banner, brochure, or flyer, Wepik has a template that will suit your needs. The platform’s template library is regularly updated with new designs, ensuring you have access to fresh and trendy designs that keep your brand looking modern and up-to-date.

Wepik’s makes it effortless to create graphics that align with your brand’s color scheme and typography. This ensures that your brand remains consistent across all marketing materials, creating a cohesive and recognizable brand identity.

One of the biggest advantages of Wepik as a marketing tool is the platform’s affordability – it’s completely free! This makes it an excellent choice for small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for a cost-effective solution to their design needs.


inBeat is an influencer database that allows users to search for and find micro to nano influencers on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. This database is designed to assist in influencer marketing campaigns by providing tools for searching, vetting, and tracking influencers. It excels in crafting engaging video content that captures attention and resonates with your target audience.

They also have a feature that lets you combine influencer marketing with video ads and user-generated content (UGC). This strategy significantly lowers cost per acquisition (CPA), increasing visibility and conversions.

inBeat’s pricing plans for influencer marketing start from $200 per month, with varying levels of access to features like contact exports and client accounts. Custom pricing is available for enterprise solutions and their User Generated Content platform.


PlayHT is Ai voice generator tool poised to revolutionize your YouTube and TikTok content strategy. With PlayHT, transforming text into captivating audio has never been easier and opens up a world of possibilities for content creators looking to enhance their videos.

For YouTube creators, PlayHT offers a seamless solution for adding professional voice overs to your videos. Simply input your script, choose from a variety of voices and accents, and let it work its magic.

It also helps you if you’re narrating tutorials, delivering informative content, or adding flair to your vlogs to create polished and engaging videos that captivate your audience from start to finish.

Play.ht offers tailored pricing plans including a free option with 5000 free words/month, while paid plans range from $39/month for Professional (600,000 words/year) to $99/month for Premium (unlimited voice generation), and Enterprise offering additional features with custom pricing.


Visme is a content creation tool that offers cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to manage their budget efficiently.

Visme empowers users to effortlessly design captivating visuals, animated infographics, and presentations, making content creation a breeze.

With a user-friendly interface and a vast library of templates, icons, and images, Visme allows you to bring your ideas to life without breaking the bank.

Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your content to your brand, engage your audience, and elevate your marketing strategy—all at an accessible price point. The transition from costly design software and welcome Visme’s budget-friendly solution, turning your ideas into engaging, shareable content that connects with your desired audience.

Content Condenser: AI Summarizer

AI summarizer is an AI-powered tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently condense lengthy marketing content while keeping the original meaning intact. The tool can be used to create product descriptions, introduction & conclusion of blogs, and summaries of marketing content. 

The tool uses advanced AI algorithms to generate a concise summary of given content. These algorithms first identify essential points in the input content and then create a short version using only those points. 

It offers two summarizing modes, “AI Summarizer” and “AI Summarizer 2.0,” for marketers with different output requirements. Out of the two, the AI Summarizer is the free version. One of the key features of this tool is that it offers a “Summary length Adjuster.” This feature will allow you to generate marketing content summaries according to your desired length. 

This AI-based summarizing tool supports 7 different languages and offers output results in multiple formats. For instance, you can get output in the form of whole paragraphs, bullet points, or just the best sentence. 

It offers a 3,000-word limit to free users. In order to increase this limit, you have to purchase the premium plan for $3/weekly, $5/monthly, and $35/yearly. 

Ready to roll?

Whether you’re getting started with or are planning to level up your content marketing, the right tools can help you get more work done in less time.

Save time to focus on higher-value marketing tasks with new content marketing strategies. Share eye-catching visual content at the best time in one go. Automate repetitive email marketing and content discovery tasks. Lastly, never miss out on any opportunity to engage with your audience.

You can start with SocialPilot and take its free trial. Don’t wait anymore and leverage it to elevate your branding to begin with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of content marketing?

Content marketing includes the following types:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Ebooks
  • Case Study
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Emails
  • Podcasts
  • Social media posts
  • Lead magnets
  • Presentations
  • Reports

What is the value of content marketing?

Content marketing is valuable for engaging your audience in the long term. It is generally used to spread awareness about your business where your target audience actively participates in your promotion by reacting to your content in likes, shares, comments, and more.

What is the role of content?

Content plays a vital role in authenticating your brand. It also establishes you as a thought leader in your niche. The quality of your content can also make or break your prospects’ trust in you. Content marketing acknowledges the audience of your presence and lures them into believing that you are the best fit for their needs.

What kind of businesses can take help of these content marketing tools?

Businesses from every industry will benefit from using these content marketing tools to improve their overall marketing strategy. Big consumer brands, retail sectors, IT companies, service-based businesses, and more can use content marketing.

Content marketing provides excellent results for both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies. Although the strategies used by B2B and B2C companies vary, both can benefit from the help of content marketing tools, which will help them reach out to their target audience effectively.

When can I see the results from using these content marketing tools?

A content marketing strategy is meant to work long-term, but it provides phenomenal results even when used for a short while. When you first begin using these content marketing tools to aid your strategy, you will see an increase in social media shares and witness the emergence of new leads. The only rule here would be to remain consistent in your content marketing efforts. Good content is timeless, and it works as an asset to build brand loyalty and improve sales for a long time to come.

In what ways are these content marketing tools advantageous?

By using these content marketing tools, you will allow your content marketing strategy to mature effectively. Over time, you will see an improvement in brand awareness, lead generation, engagement, customer retention, return on investment, search visibility, and authority within the industry.

Which platform is the best for ecommerce content marketing?

Here are some of the best ecommerce content marketing platforms:

  • Contently
  • HubSpot
  • Joomag
  • Ceros
  • Percolate
  • Mintent
  • DivvyHQ
  • ContentStudio
  • Stackla
  • Zerys

What are the Pillars of Content Marketing?

The five pillars of content marketing success are:

  1. Know your audience well.
  2. Plan content that caters to the needs of your potential customers at each stage of the sales cycle (awareness, consideration, and decision).
  3. Create those content types that decision-makers want to read. For instance, a B2B buyer can value research reports and studies over other content types.
  4. Promote your content through social media campaigns and email marketing campaigns.
  5. Measure the performance of your content. Also, analyze its progress.

What are the 7 steps of content marketing?

Here’s are the 7 simple steps of content marketing you should definitely follow to get the ball rolling:

  1. Plan content based on certain parameters such as what kind of audience you are targeting, the topics you will cover, the social media channels you will use, and so on.
  2. Create content that is high-quality and engaging. It should also offer readability.
  3. Develop content assets such as blog posts, articles, infographics, and videos.
  4. Ensure you create shareable content and then promote it through viral marketing. This kind of marketing involves the use of UGC (user-generated content), email marketing tactics, and social media sharing.
  5. Promote content via word-of-marketing, social media, and email marketing.
  6. Repurpose content i.e. use the existing content to promote your offerings.
  7. Lastly, always measure your success with content marketing.
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