Trending Hashtags Kit

For Social Media Calendar 2021

Target Organic Growth With
#Hashtags For Each Day Of The Year.

Everything you need for a solid Hashtag Marketing Strategy.

  • 3650+ Hashtags for 2021 + Content Ideas
  • Comprehensive Guide
  • Design Templates

Unleash the power of
trending hashtags

Make the best use of our well-researched hashtags in our comprehensive calendar.

Achieve 3x
organic reach

Expand your reach organically by using our recommended hashtags for each day.

365 Days – 365 holiday
events to focus on

Your holiday list calendar just got a whole lot better! Never miss another opportunity to go viral.

Content ideas for
every day in 2021

Capture your audience’s attention with catchy content ideas ranging from images, listicles, blogs, memes and much more.

Customizable design

Do more with less effort. Use our design templates to create posts in a quick and easy way.

eBook guide on
trending hashtags

Learn to make the best use of popular hashtags for a foolproof social media strategy

365 Hashtag Calendar

10+ trending hashtags + content ideas for
every day

eBook Guide

The ebook covers best hashtag practices, Industry-specific hashtags & real case studies of top brands.

Customisable Design Templates

Create quick and easy memes, announcements, polls and more.

Why do you need the 2021 holiday content calendar?

When it comes to social media, consistency is key. Brands that publish more than 16 posts a month generate 3.5 times more traffic than those which publish less than 4.

Using this customizable 365 Days hashtag calendar, you can have a ready-made template to build your year-around social media strategy. The list of trending hashtags included in the calendar also ensure that your posts generate more engagement and reach to keep your brand growing.


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