38 Facebook Statistics and Facts for Every Marketer in 2024

38 Facebook Statistics and Facts for Every Marketer in 2024

Unlock the latest Facebook marketing statistics and trends to optimize your social media presence. Gain valuable insights to elevate your strategy.

Facebook Statistics Marketers Need

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Two decades after its founding, Facebook is still as relevant as it was back then.

The latest Facebook statistics paint a picture of Facebook’s dominance in the social media landscape.

Despite mounting competition from recently emerged platforms like TikTok, the network has grown to an unparalleled 3.07 billion monthly active users. In other words, it is the world’s most used social media platform.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Dive in with us as we unravel 36 intriguing Facebook statistics neatly categorized to aid your Facebook marketing strategy in 2024.

What sort of Facebook statistics are covered? Here they are:

  • General Facebook facts
  • Facebook usage statistics
  • Facebook demographics statistics
  • Facebook engagement statistics
  • Facebook business statistics
  • Facebook advertising statistics

Whether you’re a marketer, a business owner, or just a curious social media enthusiast, these Facebook statistics will offer a deeper understanding of the world’s most popular social network.

General Facebook Facts

There is a saying that if Facebook were a country, it would be the largest country in the world by population.

This shows just how many users are on Facebook.

Here are some amazing general Facebook statistics that showcase this giant social media platform’s tremendous reach, influence, and continued relevance in 2024

General Facebook Facts

1. Facebook has 3.070 billion monthly active users (MAUs)

As of Q4 2023, Facebook has over 3.070 billion monthly active users (MAUs), making it the largest social media app in the world. This is an increase of +81 million from 2.989 billion in Q1 2023 and an increase of 3% Y-O-Y.

2. Facebook has 2.11 billion daily active users (DAUs)

What’s interesting is that almost more than half a percentage of Facebook decide to log in to Facebook every single day. In the fourth quarter of 2023, the daily active users of Facebook (DAU) reached 2.011 billion, an increase of 6% Y-O-Y.

3. 38.7% of the global population uses Facebook monthly

To put things in a new perspective, roughly 38.7% of the global audience uses Facebook monthly. To put things in a new perspective, roughly 38.47% of the global audience uses Facebook monthly. So, no surprise that it is the most used social media platform in the world, with a growth of 6% year-over-year.

4. Facebook is the third most popular app in the world

Facebook is the third most popular app among Android users in the US, while Google Chrome and Google hold the first and second positions. Facebook is also the third most visited website in the world.

5. Meta generated a whopping $134.90 billion in revenue in 2023

Meta generated a total revenue of $134.90 billion in 2024, and $40.11 billion of that came in the final quarter of 2023. When compared to 2022, the revenue increased by 25% Q-o-Q and 16% Y-o-Y.

Facebook Usage Statistics

The average number of time people spend on Facebook has gradually decreased.

While people are spending less time on Facebook lately compared to newer, flashier apps, the platform still receives 30.8 minutes of undivided attention daily.

This remains a strong number and good news, especially for marketers hoping to reach Facebook’s vast audiences.

Here are some of the key Facebook usage statistics that will help you understand how people are using the platform.

Facebook Usage Statistics

6. U.S. users spend an average of 30.9 minutes per day on Facebook

An average Facebook user in the United States spent 30.9 minutes daily or 15.45 hours monthly on the platform in 2023, making it the fifth most engaging social media app. TikTok holds the first spot with 53.8 minutes, while YouTube comes second with 48.7 minutes daily.

7. 81.8 of Facebook’s mobile app users use Android devices

As of July 2021, 81.8% of Facebook’s mobile users aged 18+ accessed the platform via an app from an Android device. While 14.8% of users accessed Facebook via an app on an iOS device, and 3.4% of users used the platform from a mobile web browser.

8. 31% of American users regularly get news on Facebook

Regarding where Americans get regular news updates, Facebook outpaces almost all social media websites. A whopping 31% of users say they regularly get news from Facebook.

9. Facebook use among teens in the US dropped from 71% to 32%

Over the years, Facebook has witnessed a significant downfall in its popularity. According to a report, Facebook use among teenagers in the US dropped from 71% in 2014 – 2015 to 32% in 2022. This Facebook trend displays a 39% drop in teen usage.

Facebook Demographics Statistics

Facebook isn’t just a social media giant; it’s a demographic powerhouse. Ever wondered who’s really behind those billions of likes, shares, and posts on Facebook?

Did you know that Facebook, the social media behemoth, boasts a whopping 315 million active monthly users in India or that 7% of Gen Z users plan to quit the platform?

Hold tight and read on because all the numbers on demographics are nothing short of fascinating!

Facebook Demographics Statistics

10. The 25 – 34 age group makes up the largest audience on Facebook

A recent study of Facebook age demographics shows that the 25 to 34 age group has the highest number of Facebook users. 29.9% of all active Facebook users fall within this range.

This is followed by the 18 – 24 age group, which makes up 21.5% of all Facebook users worldwide. Together, these two biggest age demographics of Facebook users make up 51.4% of all active Facebook users.

popular among males

11. 72.13% of internet users in the United States use Facebook regularly

Approximately 72.13% of internet users in the United States used Facebook regularly, a jump from 2022’s 71.43%.

12. Only 18% of Americans think the platform protects their privacy and data

When it comes to trust, social media users don’t trust Facebook. In 2022, only 18% of Facebook users thought the platform protected their privacy and data, down from 27% in 2021. This is the lowest among all the social media platforms, with Twitter at 23% and TikTok at 24%.

13. Indians make up the largest user base on Facebook, with 315 million users

The countries with the largest numbers of Facebook users:

  • India: 315 million
  • USA: 175 million
  • Indonesia: 119.9 million
  • Brazil: 109.05 million
  • Mexico: 83.75 million

14. 56.3% of the population of Facebook is Male

Men make up the majority of Facebook’s user base. As of January 2023, 53.6% of all active Facebook users are male, compared to 43.7% who are female.

Note: The research data set did not account for non-binary or gender non-conforming users.

population of Facebook

15. 7% of Gen Z users plan to quit Facebook in 2023

About 25% of Gen Z users in America intend to use the network less frequently in 2023. 7% of users between the ages of 18 and 25 intend to quit the platform. If marketers know their target group, Facebook still offers a wealth of marketing opportunities.

16. Teens are less likely to be using Facebook

With new social media platforms catering specifically to young audiences, Facebook no longer enjoys the loyal teen following it commanded a decade ago. Recent research reveals that only 33% of surveyed teenagers reported using Facebook today, a steep drop from 71% in 2014-2015.

The research also shows that only 19% of teens use Facebook daily, lagging far behind YouTube, which is at the top, getting daily visits from 71% of its teen users daily.

Facebook Engagement Statistics

Engagement is the most precious currency on any social media platform.

It’s not just about people signing up; it’s about them showing up and interacting with other posts genuinely. Facebook’s engagement stats will make you rethink how you see online interaction.

Our Facebook engagement statistics will shed light on the kind of content that resonates with Facebook’s audience.

Facebook Engagement Statistics

17. Over 1 billion Stories get shared across Facebook apps daily

Story creation and consumption have increased since they launched, with over 1 billion Stories shared every day across the Facebook network of apps.

18. The Average Facebook page fan engagement rate is 0.07%

You are not the only one dealing with low engagement horrors on Facebook. The average Facebook page fan engagement with posts on a page was 0.07 percent.

19. The median engagement rate for brands on Facebook is 0.060%

The brands see a median engagement rate of 0.060% across all industries, which is higher than 0.47%, the median engagement rate of all industries on Instagram.

20. More than 1.8 billion people interact on Facebook Groups every month

More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook Groups every month. There are roughly 70 million admins and moderators running active Facebook groups, and more than half of all users are in five or more groups.

21. Facebook photo posts have the highest engagement at 0.12%

This latest Facebook fact will get you hyped up. The photo posts on Facebook get the highest engagement rate at 0.12%, followed by:

  • Status posts: 0.11%
  • Video posts: 0.08%
  • Link posts: 0.03%

22. 62% of users in the US plan to watch Facebook stories more than they do today

62% of people in the US say that they plan to use stories even more in the future than they do today. 57% of people say Facebook stories make them feel part of a larger community, and 65% say stories help them feel closer to their friends.

23. Facebook Gaming now accumulates 382 million hours of live-streaming

In Q3 2022, Facebook Gaming accumulated 382 million hours of live streams watched, down from an all-time high of 1.29 billion hours of streaming in Q3 2021.

24. Facebook is the second-most popular platform for streaming Live videos in the U.S.

Facebook is in the second position, right behind YouTube, in gaining the attention of U.S. livestream viewers. Here’s the breakdown of the live viewers in the U.S by age who flock to Facebook to watch the live streams:

  • 28 % of people between the ages of 18-34
  • 39% of people between the ages of 35-54
  • 19% of people above the age of 55


More and more people are already using Facebook to find and buy from brands and stores. it’s a no-brainer to create a Facebook marketplace or a Facebook Shop for your products as well.

But ensure you don’t put the engagement part at bay while selling your products. Facebook is inherently a community-building platform and people shop with the business they can talk to and trust.

Here are some Facebook business statistics to encourage you:

Facebook Business Statistics

25. More than 200 million businesses use Facebook apps to reach customers

Meta has helped several businesses make the transition online since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 200 million businesses use Meta apps every month to create virtual storefronts and reach customers.

26. Over 70% of Facebook users view local business pages at least once every week

On Facebook, the largest social media platform, 70% of users visit local business pages at least once a week

27. People are 53% more likely to shop from a business they can message

Conversation is the key to any business. Conversational Commerce already contributes to Southeast Asia’s cross-channel revenue and is expected to grow exponentially. People who message a business are more likely to shop with that business, and customers in emerging markets are 2.4x more likely to message a business.

28. Facebook Shops have more than 1 million monthly global users

The tech giant bet again on e-commerce by adding Facebook Shops. From January to March 2021, Facebook Shops reported an average of one million monthly global users and around 250 million active stores worldwide.

29. 19% of US shoppers start their search on Facebook

This statistic indicates that a considerable number of US consumers start their initial product search on Facebook. This underlines the fact that prioritizing SEO strategies on Facebook can help you get fruitful results. So, with the right marketing strategy and a efficient Facebook post scheduler, you can drive sales through the platform.

Facebook Advertising Statistics

Imagine launching an ad and, within moments, it’s displayed on the screens of thousands, if not millions, of potential customers. Intriguing, isn’t it? But what does it really take to create a ripple in the vast ocean of Facebook advertising?

Did you know that 2.249 billion individuals are potentially reachable through Facebook advertising? Or that a staggering 93% of marketers regularly invest in Facebook ads?

Check out more of these Facebook advertising statistics:

30. Marketers can reach 2.249 billion users with Facebook ads

Marketers can reach a total potential audience of 2.249 billion users through Facebook ads – as of April 2023. Thats an increase of 108 million from 1.983 billion in April 2022.

Indeed, the latest data shows that just 75.3% of Facebook’s monthly active users were shown an ad on the platform in the past 30 days up to the start of April 2023. This latest Facebook ad fact shows you how wide the scope is for advertisers.

31. Facebook Reels has a potential advertising audience of 697.1 million users

Another popular Facebook advertising trend….

In comparison to other Facebook surfaces, the following represents the possible advertising audience for different Facebook placement locations:

  • Stories: 1.25 billion users
  • Search results: 733.1 million
  • Facebook Marketplace: 495.7 million

Although the audience for Reels ads is now lower than that of Stories ads, Facebook is strongly promoting Reels. Things get really fascinating when you look at the following Facebook statistics…

32. Ad impressions increased by 28% 

The Ad impression across all Meta apps has increased by by 28% year-over-year in 2023. But here’s good news for every advertiser – the average price per ad decreased by 9% year-over-year.

33. Facebook garnered 3.3% ad impressions from Reels in 2022

While this number might seem relatively small to you, this was a big jump from 2021. Facebook Reels is steadily gaining popularity and opening new opportunities for advertisers.

34. Average Cost-per-click of Facebook ads is $1.72

A study shows that Facebook ads have a CPC of $1.72 across all industries. Financial advertisers have the highest CPC on Facebook $3.77, followed by consumer services, home improvement, and employment and job training with $3.08, $2.93, and $2.72, respectively.

35. Facebook Ads have an average CTR of 0.9% and CVR of 9.21%

The average CTR for Facebook ads is 0.9% across all industries. The industries with the highest Facebook CTR are:

  • Legal advertisers – 1.61%
  • Retail – 1.59%
  • Apparel – 1.24%
  • Beauty – 1.16%
  • Fitness – 1.01%

The average Conversion Rate (CVR) on Facebook ads is 9.21%. The industries with the highest CVR are:

  • Fitness – 14.29%
  • Education – 13.58%
  • Employment & job training – 11.73%
  • Healthcare – 11.00%
  • Real Estate – 10.68%
  • B2B – 10.63%
Bonus: The formula to calculate Facebook CTR is:
Number of ad clicks ÷ number of ad impressions x 100 = click-through rate

36. Facebook’s global average revenue per user reached $9.62

Facebook, now called Meta, uses the ARPU (average revenue per user) metric to track its success. In April 2023, its ARPU reached $9.62. If you look at the quarterly change, the ARPU dropped by 11% (January – April 2023). The annual change in its ARPU was +0.8 (April 2022 – April 2023).

37. Facebook ads can reach 63.7% of Americans aged 13+ years

Facebook restricts the usage of its platform for people aged below 13 years. In 2022, 63.7% of Americans aged 13+ were reachable through Facebook ads. At the start of 2022, 54.8% of Facebook’s ad audience in the USA was females, while 45.2% were males.

38. An average Facebook user clicks 12 ads monthly

Based on the numbers published by Facebook’s ‘Insights tool in June 2021, the typical Facebook user aged 18+:

  • Clicked or tapped a media of 12 Facebook ads (including sponsored posts) in the previous 30 days.
  • The numbers also showcased a typical female user clicked 14 ads in June 2021, while male only clicked 10 ads.
  • Male users aged 18-24 clicked 8 ads per month, and male users aged 25-34 clicked 10 ads/mo.


So, there you have it, folks! A quick tour of the extensive world of Facebook statistics.

But why do these numbers matter?

The stakes are high, with 3 billion monthly active users, and the opportunities are boundless. The demographic, engagement, business, and advertising insights we’ve explored here are not just numbers. Together, they form a compass guiding businesses toward a meaningful presence and lucrative growth.

By leveraging these insights, businesses can craft strategies that resonate, campaigns that captivate, and posts that stick.

Ready to turn these stats into success stories? The digital realm of Facebook awaits, and with these insights in hand, the horizon has never looked brighter!

Want to know more?

Take a look at these social media statistics for 2024.

And if that’s not enough, we have curated statistics by individual social media platforms:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good Facebook engagement rate?

A good Facebook engagement rate can vary depending on the industry and audience. However, according to industry experts, a general benchmark is a 1-3% engagement rate. This means that for every 100 people who see your post, 1-3 engage with it (like, comment, share, etc.). Keep in mind that the higher the engagement rate, the better.

How do I find Facebook statistics?

To find Facebook statistics, you can go to the Insights section of your Facebook page. From there, you can access your page's performance data, including likes, reach, engagement, and more. The best way to get detailed insights would be to use a social media management platform like SocialPilot. This all-in-one tool provides comprehensive and consolidated analytics reports for multiple networks and accounts.

How many Facebook posts are published per day?

On average, 350 million photos are uploaded on Facebook daily, and 1 billion stories are shared every day. About 4.75 billion items are shared by Facebook users each day.

What are some Facebook statistics for the USA?

Here are the top trends for the US:

  1. Facebook has over 175 million monthly active users in North America.
  2. About 71% of the internet users use Facebook regularly.
  3. An average user spends 33 minutes on the platform.
  4. Facebook age demographics show that the 25-34 age group has the highest number of Facebook users, constituting 23.6% of the total base.
  5. More than 50% of older adults (65+) in the US are on Facebook.

How successful is Facebook advertising?

Facebook ads can be pretty successful depending on their development and management. With an average cost-per-click (CPC) of $0.97 and an average cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) of about $11, Facebook ads provide an avenue of substantial ROI for businesses.

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