What Does 2024 Have In Store For AI-Generated Content?

In today’s interview with SocialPilot co-founder and CEO Jimit Bagadiya, we explore the intersection of AI and social media strategy, shedding light on the platform’s innovative features.

From AI-driven content creation to streamlined collaboration, discover how SocialPilot caters to agencies, small businesses and individual influencers.

Gain insights into the platform’s clientele range, the impact of automation on small businesses and how it empowers entrepreneurs to navigate the digital space seamlessly.

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DesignRush: What features does SocialPilot offer to agencies, and how do these features aid in client management?

Jimit: SocialPilot is a complete social media management suite specifically designed for social media marketing agencies, SMBs & multi-location brands.

We’ve built some features that foster collaboration within the team, streamline internal approval workflows, and easily share drafts for collaboration.

With SocialPilot, client and external approval workflow allows clients to approve content without logging in — which is easier for clients and each post has a dedicated chat window for post-specific comments and collaboration.

Can you elaborate on how SocialPilot’s AI assistant works and how it integrates with other features?

SocialPilot’s AI assistant helps users create social media ideas, copy and hashtags.

Our AI assistant enhances users’ creativity and helps deliver brand-specific social media content saving time for agencies & businesses.

Moreover, SocialPilot’s posts generated by our AI assistant are fully integrated into the Post Creation and Library workflows which helps seamlessly integrate AI-assisted content creation and publishing.

How does your AI model adapt its scheduling strategy for various social media platforms to maximize client engagement?

SocialPilot’s AI assistant aims to create social media channel-specific queues using AI, which will identify the best times for posting based on past data from each channel.

This will help users get maximum traction or organic views while creating social media posts at scale.

Currently, SocialPilot supports around eight million posts a month, and we are currently training the AI model based on anonymized posts with performance data we have access to.

We are constantly tweaking AI models to perform better for specific social networks such as Instagram and TikTok.

With SocialPilot’s AI Assistant, our agency users are now able to scale content generation, thereby adding more clients as AI can reduce the workload per client.

What are some of the most interesting statistics you’ve observed with the use of your AI assistant in post-creation and scheduling this year?

Customers have significantly scaled their post-publishing capabilities, utilizing templates and AI to craft customized posts, sometimes increasing their operations tenfold.

As of now, 15% of all posts published using SocialPilot are AI-generated.

Our internal survey also indicated that customers who are using AI Assistant reduced the time required for content creation by 35%.

We’re also seeing a surge in AI-generated images (using other platforms like MidJourney) being published using SocialPilot across channels.

This accounts for around 12% of images scheduled and published using the platform.

How do you see AI evolving within SocialPilot, and what are the anticipated impacts on social media marketing?

AI is seen as an enabler of new possibilities and enhanced productivity, complementing rather than replacing high-quality content teams.

AI is expected to improve the quality of output by providing assistance and learning opportunities, and exponentially improving productivity.

For our agency customers who require scheduling social posts at scale, these customers are using AI to customize their posts.

Previously, most of such bulk scheduling was done with generic content. However, AI-generated content used for bulk publishing is now also being customized. AI is also being used as a tool for brainstorming post ideas and captions based on specific context and reiterating at a faster pace.

Some of our agency customers have reported that brainstorming is now faster and as our AI model evolves, content creation, scheduling and publishing will become seamless and faster.

We’ve also noted that certain customers such as media websites are completely automating social media publishing using text and images generated using AI and frequently publishing new posts as the story develops further.

Can you discuss your clientele range and how adaptable your platform is to different needs?

SocialPilot caters primarily to Agencies, SMBs and multi-location businesses, offering customization for various industry focuses and content preferences, whether image-heavy or text-centric.

As of now, SocialPilot has around 13,000 paying customers which include large agencies and even small businesses.

How does SocialPilot cater to the needs of small businesses in terms of branding?

At SocialPilot, we understand that SMBs require the same level of sophistication as larger brands but often operate within tighter budget constraints.

That’s why we’ve tailored our Small Team plan to maximize productivity and foster seamless team collaboration without the hefty price tag.

Our platform features an integrated Content Library, enabling businesses to effortlessly manage assets — including images, hashtags and complete posts — consolidating their workflow and reducing the need to toggle between disparate tools and file formats housed on platforms like Google Drive.

With ample team seats, SocialPilot invites SMBs to onboard their entire team, ensuring a unified approach to their social media strategy.

Our all-in-one solution provides comprehensive management capabilities for publishing, robust engagement tools through social inbox, and straightforward analytics.

By centralizing these essential functions, SocialPilot empowers small businesses to punch above their weight in the digital space, offering a robust toolset designed for teams to succeed together.

For individual entrepreneurs or influencers, what unique advantages does SocialPilot provide in managing their personal brand on social media?

For entrepreneurs and influencers, managing a personal brand across various social media platforms can be a daunting task.

It often falls on the shoulders of a single individual to maintain a consistent and engaging presence online, which demands an efficient and encompassing tool.

SocialPilot is meticulously designed to meet these needs by offering a centralized platform that supports a wide array of networks.

With our intuitive scheduling tools, users can efficiently plan and publish content across different channels, ensuring their brand remains active and their message coherent.

Multinetwork support streamlines the management of diverse social media accounts, allowing personal brands to maintain a unified strategy with ease.

To top it off, SocialPilot’s simple analytics dashboard provides valuable insights in a digestible format, helping influencers and entrepreneurs make informed decisions to foster their brand’s growth.

The simplified user interface of SocialPilot not only promotes enhanced productivity, saving countless hours but also ensures that even the most time-strapped individuals can craft and sustain a powerful online presence with minimal effort.

Can you expand on your white-label solution, particularly how it enables agencies to personalize the tool for their clientele?

The white-label solution allows agencies to offer premium services with a personalized touch, including custom brand colors, logos, analytics reports and email notifications from their own domain.

SocialPilot’s white label feature enables agencies to showcase their technical expertise while SocialPilot does all the heavy lifting.

If you had to name three main reasons why companies should invest in automated social media posting, what would they be?

Managing multiple social media accounts across platforms can be tedious and requires assistance as the business scales.

Automation is key to maintaining competitive consistency and quality on social media.

Social media is an effective communication channel that builds loyalty and fosters one-to-one connections with brands and creators.

Automating social media posts with the right content at the right time improves audience reach and receptiveness.

Automation tools streamline social media activities, freeing up time for strategic planning and high-impact tasks.

Source: Designrush

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