Create Content Faster With SocialPilot’s AI Assistant

SocialPilot’s AI Assistant

Save time on brainstorming sessions and manual copywriting – AI-powered content for social media posts is now at your fingertips.

At SocialPilot, we are one step closer to revolutionizing your social media marketing with the all-in-one AI Assistant. This latest innovation of ours will help you create captivating social media captions and hashtags for all your posts in the blink of an eye.

Here’s what you can do with AI Assistant:

  • Complete your sentences in an instant.
  • Generate social media post ideas for a variety of topics.
  • Write captions for the major social media platforms and rephrase them if required.
  • Translate your captions into any language.
  • Create content based on tonality—witty, excited, bold, etc.—to infuse your brand voice and have your posts resonate with the target audience.
  • Generate up to 30 engaging hashtags for each of your social media posts in seconds.

The AI Assistant is completely integrated into the SocialPilot dashboard, making it super easy to use!

All SocialPilot users can access the AI Assistant using FREE AI credits, credited to your account every month depending on your plan. And what’s more – users on trial too get credits to give the AI Assistant a go!

Need more credits for your social media content needs? Not to worry. You can always purchase them as add-ons and continue using this game-changing feature.

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