Introducing Character and Hashtag Count

Introducing Character and Hashtag Count

Stay within character and hashtag limits with a handy counter

Social media platforms impose certain restrictions about the dimensions of the post, content, hashtag & more. For example, Twitter has a character limit for all tweets, whereas Instagram comes with a hashtag limit to prevent people from spamming posts.

These limitations declutter the social feed of users and also help your posts reach more relevant people.

Socialpilot has launched an update which will help you stick to these social media guidelines set for specific platforms.

While creating your post in the Post Composer, you’ll see a character and hashtag count on the bottom-right of the box. This number will automatically tell you if you are within the hashtag & character limit for that respective platform.

Let us look at an example to explain this feature, Instagram only allows up to 30 hashtags in a single post. This means that between the caption of the post and the first comment, there should be no more than 30 hashtags. Once, you exceed this limit, the color of the hashtag count will change to red.

If you are within the limit, then you’ll see the normal grey colored count that means you are good to go.


To know more about how hashtags can boost engagement with your audience and help your brand stand out from the clutter on social media, check out Social Media Hashtags Infographic For 2021.

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