Save Posts And Hashtags As Templates With Content Library!

Save Posts And Hashtags As Templates With Content Library!

Creating posts easily with the content library at your disposal

In Social Media Marketing, inspiration can hit any time. You might come across some really creative post ideas which you want to store for the future. You might even have some great performing content that you’d keep wanting to share periodically for the best of results.

In cases like these, having a database of all your content becomes a great help as it enables you to create, organize and share your content under one roof.

That’s where SocialPilot’s latest innovation comes in!! 🤩

Presenting our all new Content Library – designed to help you create and store content in the form of posts and hashtag groups which you can access later on in a single click!

Our latest feature lets you:

  • Create platform-specific posts and save them for later use.
  • Store hashtag clusters for easy and quick usage.
  • Store evergreen content and access it quickly from the library.
  • Filter & search your saved content by usage, tags or creators.

Just the feature all you social media marketers were looking for?

Learn how to get started with Content Library and try out our latest feature TODAY!

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