French Language Support Now Available in SocialPilot

French Language Support in SocialPilot

Bolster collaboration with your french native mates and clients on SocialPilot

As more businesses go digital and global, localization becomes the new bridge to fruitful communication. Be it working with a non-native team member or an international client, you need to work around a way to collaborate with them better.

With a vision to become the favorite social media tool worldwide, SocialPilot also transformed and introduced support for global languages. After successfully adding 4 native languages, SocialPilot has released yet another popular language translation in its ecosystem.

Introducing French support! Now access all features in this native language within a click. Eliminate friction points and collaborate seamlessly with your non-english speaking team members and clients on board.

Switching to native languages will further remove ambiguity in the entire navigation process and elevates the user experience of non-english speakers.

The support isn’t just limited to dashboard white-label reports in 5 languages. You can even download performance reports summing up crucial analytics in the following native languages:

  • French
  • English
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

To know more about switching your default language, click here. Go ahead and experience the power of social media marketing automation in your favorite language now!

French Language Support

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