Launching LinkedIn Inbox on SocialPilot

Keep the conversation going with SocialPilot’s LinkedIn Inbox

LinkedIn is the ultimate hub to connect and forge authentic relationships. Sticking to the professional decorum of the platform, brands on LinkedIn prefer to engage in comments with their potential customers and followers.

These threads become the real hotspots for sparking dedicated discussions with them. You can actually beat the noise and stand out if you respond to concerns and queries in the comments immediately.

Apart from spiking engagement, it also sheds positive limelight and makes brands more people-centric.

However in the duel of managing multiple company and service pages, keeping tabs on all comments is a tough nail to hit.

And missing out on replying to these inbound comments can prove costly, especially if you are an agency or marketer who has rowed hard to gain visibility in the first place.

So even after you are done with scheduling your posts on LinkedIn, you still have to be vigilant enough, log in to every account, and look out for comments that await your response.

We are incredibly pleased to announce that our social inbox supports LinkedIn. You can use our LinkedIn inbox to respond to comments you receive on your connected LinkedIn pages without leaving SocialPilot. Now you can schedule posts and reply to comments you have received in just one place.

In the LinkedIn inbox, you get access to every comment received on posts you shared on your LinkedIn pages. Your replies automatically tag the person you are responding to. What’s more, if anyone mentions your brand page on a post on LinkedIn, you’ll get a notification of the same in your inbox.

Once you share your reply to a particular comment, move it to the Done tab and keep the comment backlog in check.

You can easily search and filter out specific comments from the inbox for a quick review. If the comments you received are derogatory or offensive, you can delete them directly from the inbox.

So go ahead and start engaging with your audience immediately with LinkedIn Inbox. In case you don’t have a SocialPilot account just yet, get its free trial now!

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