Enjoy an Improved Scheduling Workflow While Creating Posts

Content Management Experience

Directly adjust the scheduling time in the post-editing interface for agile content management.

Now, you can change the date and time of your posts directly from the edit screen. This update applies to various post statuses—queued, unscheduled, with errors, or pending review. The feature greatly simplifies the workflow by enabling users to adjust post-scheduling without leaving the editing interface.

select date and time

What users can do?

  • Change the date and time of a scheduled post while creating or editing the post.
  • Make all edits and scheduling changes in one place to maintain your workflow.
  • Reduce the number of steps needed to manage posts.
  • Have greater control over post-scheduling while minimizing the risk of errors.

While editing any post, you can seamlessly make alterations to its publishing time, without breaking the flow of post creation. This enhancement improves flexibility and efficiency in content publishing while avoiding any errors in the schedule.

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