New Updates on Mobile App to Schedule Image Carousels, Repeat Posts, and More

Updates on Mobile App to Schedule Image Carousels

Add image carousels to your favorite social media platforms, get a detailed view of posts, and adjust your schedule easily on the improved mobile app.

Staying ahead in social media demands flexibility to stay connected and manage tasks from anywhere. For social media managers, this means having the power to execute strategies faster, engage with audiences when they are not active, and monitor campaigns without being tied to a desk.

The latest updates to the SocialPilot mobile app make managing social media faster and significantly easier. Now, you can engage with your audiences and manage campaigns from anywhere, anytime, with unprecedented ease.

Schedule Image Carousels

What can you do better with the new version of the mobile app?

  • Take advantage of the Post Preview feature to see how your posts will appear before they go live.
  • Add single or multi-images directly to your TikTok and Pinterest posts, making your content more engaging.
  • Quickly add photos from your camera or high-quality images from Unsplash directly to your posts.
  • Use new functions like Share Next to queue subsequent posts quickly and Repeat Post to schedule recurring content efficiently.
  • Expand posts in Reminder and Manage Posts screens to identify and review posts on smaller mobile devices.

Managing social media on-the-go is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity. Regular updates ensure that SocialPilot remains a relevant, powerful, and reliable tool for social media managers, helping them effectively manage their presence across various platforms.

Download the updated version of the SocialPilot mobile app on your Android or iOS device and experience a superior way of connecting with your audience. Read our help documentation to learn more about the feature.

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