Stagger Posts with SocialPilot: Distribute Posts Evenly Across Multiple Accounts

Stagger Posts Across Multiple Accounts Directly

The latest feature update ‘Stagger Posts’ by SocialPilot helps you evenly spread posts across multiple accounts, so you’re not bombarding your audience with similar content across accounts.

As an agency publishing hundreds of posts for your clients across various locations, creating new content every day isn’t practically possible. To add to this, content also gets easily lost in the feed when clients demand high publishing frequencies.

Evenly Stagger Posts Across Multiple Accounts Directly

What Does the Stagger Post Feature Allow You To Do?

Publish posts at staggered intervals across multiple accounts, based on your time preference.

  • Spread out timings for each date across accounts: Set different dates for when you want the post to go live on different platforms
  • Choose stagger intervals between 1-24 hours: Your scheduled post will go live as per the start time. Posts in the queue will be delivered across even time periods following the start time.

This feature is available under the Repeat Post and Schedule Post options on the SocialPilot app.

Why Should You Follow a Staggered Posting Schedule?

  • Maintain a successful content flow
  • Leverage best posting times specific audience segments
  • Post at best times for higher visibility in case of multi location accounts
  • Reduce risk of content duplication on multiple accounts
  • Avoid time on manual posting for high number of accounts

Staggering posts also gives your audiences a sense of predictability about when to expect new content on their feed. This eventually impacts your brand visibility and reputation.

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