YouTube Publishing is Live on SocialPilot Now

YouTube Publishing is Live on SocialPilot Now

Boost your YouTube channel’s presence with videos and shorts scheduling

Video has continued to prove its supremacy in the content marketing regime, and the one platform that is the ultimate stop for it is YouTube.

More than 50% of marketers are already pulling up their socks on the platform to revolutionize their branding with video marketing and get the much-needed attention. But posting alone isn’t enough.

Your hard-earned subscribers want to see more content on your YouTube channel. They want more uploads on a consistent basis. Thus, marketers have to bring their A-game with some automation in place.

After an excruciating wait, we are buzzing with excitement to announce that SocialPilot is now extending its support to YouTube. Scoop out more video content to promote your brand or agency with SocialPilot.

Now along with other social media postings, schedule YouTube videos and shorts hassle-free from the SocialPilot dashboard. Redefine your space and populate your channel by sharing more exciting content than ever before.

Just connect your account to SocialPilot and start posting videos for your YouTube channel at desired time slots. Know about the process in detail from here.

You can also accomplish the following when scheduling your YouTube posts:

  • Add video title and description
  • Upload thumbnails of your choice
  • Choose the privacy status
  • Select content category
  • Add tags for better reach
  • Include links and emojis in the description
  • Allow embedding
  • Age-restrict videos
  • Select license rights and ownership
  • Notify subscribers

So go ahead and explore our YouTube publishing feature. Take your free trial if you don’t have an existing account already.

Manage social media effortlessly.

  • Trial Begins Immediately
  • No CC Required
  • Change Plans Anytime
  • Cancel Anytime

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