8 Extraordinary Social Media Posting Tools For 2021

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With half the global population on social media, businesses can’t afford to ignore leveraging social media platforms to increase their brand awareness and brand reach. However, social media is extremely time-consuming.

To use social media effectively, businesses need to post regularly, engage with its audience, track analytics, do social media listening, manage ads, and the list goes on. It is not just time-consuming, but businesses need to have dedicated resources to manage all these activities without eating into their overall marketing budget.

Social media auto posting tools come in handy here. No doubt it saves time by automating the process. It is also super easy to use so anybody can learn and use them. There are plenty of social media tools out there, so if you’re unsure which one to pick for your business, we have covered eight social media posting tools that you should know.

Top Social Media Posting Tools For Your Business

Why SocialPilot?

  • Advanced post composer
  • Schedule multiple images, videos & GIFs
  • Canva integration
  • Social media content calendar
  • Shareable social media reports
  • Hassle-free team & client collaboration
  • 24x5 support

1. Social media posting tool - SocialPilot


Price: $50/month for 3+ users

SocialPilot is one of the most affordable yet highly functional social media posting tools with powerful cross-posting features. It has deep analytics and collaboration features as well. This social media sharing tool lets you minimize your efforts by allowing you to add all your social media accounts for maximum engagement with no limits! Want to grow your business like crazy? This is your go-to social media posting tool.

Why select SocialPilot as your social media posting tool?

  1. Save time, create and schedule customized posts for each social media platform from one place.
  2. Schedule 500 social media posts at one go with the bulk upload feature.
  3. Come up with new content ideas with the content curation feature.
  4. The effortless tagging feature lets you grab more eyeballs and engagement on your social posts.
  5. With advanced social media scheduling you’ll have all the flexibility to post it as you like based on an already set-up schedule with the Add To Queue option or other scheduling options

    create post fb
  6. Schedule and post carousel posts for Facebook and LinkedIn that help you convey your message and gain more engagement.
  7. Add emojis and GIFs to your social media posts making it more attractive.
  8. Let your content go the extra mile and reach your target audience with advanced post creation features like Facebook and LinkedIn audience targeting.

    audience targeting
  9. Make the process smooth and workflow easy for your entire social media team with team collaboration.
  10. Save your posts as drafts and use them later.
  11. You can visualize your social content strategy with the social media calendar
  12. The RSS feed automation makes sharing your favorite content easy.
  13. With the deep social media analytics and reporting feature you can analyze your social media account thoroughly and mark your progress.
  14. You can schedule Facebook boost posts and manage your lead ads with the Facebook ads feature in your SocialPilot account.

What people are saying

Luis Ignacio C.

I implemented SocialPilot as the main tool for content management. SocialPilot is truly amazing. Apart from all that, they also offer you a complete section of analytics, which allows you to show the orderly evolution of your work.

Dan F.

SocialPilot's ability to bulk schedule content is a giant time-saver. Having that feature plus an intuitive dashboard that was friendly to the new and intermediate user is a recipe for success. Lastly, SP is on the forefront of advancements and new technology. This is evident by the partnership they have with TikTok that allows SP to schedule TikTok videos.

Brian W.

SocialPilot fit a perfect price point and got me connected to all of my social media accounts very quickly. I can make my posts and schedule them as I like. Thank you!

SocialPilot Free Trial

2. Social media posting tool - AgoraPulse


Price: $199/month for 3 users

Over 17,000 social media managers actively use AgoraPulse to schedule and post their social media content, get all analytics reports, and engage with users from one single platform.


  1. Allows getting a hang of it with a 28 days free trial period.
  2. Let you listen to all your brand relevant conversations.
  3. An integrated CRM for better team collaboration and visibility.

Lene A.

The ability to actually see “Inbox 0” is insanely motivating and always makes me feel good.


  1. The reporting feature is basic with a scope of improvement.
  2. This social media posting tool is too costly for the features it has to offer in the subscription plan.
  3. The inbox is a bit clunky.

Bobby B.

One thing I miss is the possibility to boost/advertise through the platform.

SocialPilot vs AgoraPulse

To have a more detailed comparison, please check how SocialPilot proves out to be a great AgoraPulse alternative

3. Social media posting tool - Buffer


Price: $99/month for 3 users

Buffer is a social media posting tool that is simple to use, helps you tell your brand story, and drives in lots of engagement with efficient publishing and analytics tools.


  1. You can run the program manually or automatically
  2. Everything can be managed from the cloud so don't need to save anything

Soraya E.

Buffer is a software designed to program your publications in your social networks or computer platforms, allowing you to stay connected in some without neglecting the others.


  1. The mobile version has a lot of bugs. It can be improved.
  2. Buffer structure is quite confusing and leads to shelling out a lot of extra cash. They have all different subscriptions of Publishing, Analytics and Replying. So if you want to manage everything under one-roof you might need to spend like a handsome amount.

Verified Buffer User

It is quite confusing (from the social media apps) to know what is triggering what. Buffer does not help on clarifying that either.

SocialPilot vs Buffer

SocialPilot is the perfect alternative to Buffer app. Check the detailed comparison yourself!

4. Social media posting tool - SproutSocial


Price: $149/month 

Sprout Social an all-in-one social media cross-posting tool that helps you to grow your network and engagement on social media platforms.


  1. This social media posting tool has good listening capabilities. You can even customize your social media streams
  2. It has a bot builder that helps you in managing chatbots on Facebook messenger.
  3. It has a rich asset library.

Stephanie M.

I like that I can rely on Sprout to post my content for me after it's scheduled. I like the listening capabilities


  1. It is a bit pricey as the pricing model is for per user which is not suitable for large companies.
  2. There are additional charges for including more features on your account.
  3. Though they have an inbox to manage messages and mentions but it isn’t quite intuitive as they don’t have a unified inbox.

Fernando C.

It is a bit expensive for companies with many workers since the program is per user. In addition, the cost rises if you want to have more functions. Another element that interferes with the total productivity of the program is that it needs consistent interaction metrics on all social platforms, that is, it would be ideal that it could cover all, not just some.

Sprout Social vs SocialPilot

SocialPilot compares itself as a budget-friendly Sprout Social alternative, Here's a detailed comparison, have a look!

5. Social media posting tool - Tailwind


Price: $14.99 for 1 account

Tailwind is the official Pinterest Partner for content marketing and Instagram partner for community management. From scheduling pins and discovering relevant content to growing reach and measuring results - this tool lets you achieve all this and more.

Apart from Pinterest management, Tailwind also helps you manage and grow your presence on Instagram.


  1. You can create a new pin every time instead of repinning your content
  2. Its automation function saves you time while helping you maximize reach
  3. Its powerful analytics and reporting features offers deep insights, lets you measure impact and optimize your strategy to accelerate growth.

Sara D.

Tailwind allows me to spend my time creating content because it saves me time pinning to Pinterest. It finds me the kinds of posts that I want to pin to my boards.


  1. It does not allow you to toggle between Tailwind accounts which could be a challenge if you are working for multiple clients simultaneously
  2. It does not let you post on Twitter and Facebook
  3. It is considered to be one of the costlier social media posting tools and is not competitively priced

Verified Tailwind user.

It took a while to get used to how things are done and you can not post to Twitter.

6. CoSchedule



CoSchedule is a realtime planner for your blog and social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest. It helps you organize and centralize your social media strategy which includes planning, publishing, automating, engaging and measuring.

This tool enables you to create full-scale social media campaigns and create reusable templates, thereby saving time and improving productivity.


  1. Agile marketing products that help to keep sync between your team, projects, and process.
  2. Gives a visual representation of all your content in one centralized place
  3. This tool seamlessly integrates with WordPress, making it easy to plan, publish, and promote blog posts and social media messages directly in WordPress


CoSchedule is useful for keeping me on track with everything I’m trying to accomplish. Reposting my best work regularly without needing to lift a finger.


  1. It is costly compared to other content calendar alternatives
  2. It is difficult to share the editorial calendar with the rest of the team and nor does it have a print-friendly version
  3. Scheduling blog posts is not as user-friendly as its alternatives

Jessica H.

Coschedule is more expensive than the normal content calendar alternatives I have found. Social media programming exists, but we find publication errors more often than we would like.

SocialPilot vs Coschedule

7. Social media posting tool - Hootsuite


Price: $129/month for 3 users

A complex social media posting tool meant for large organizations. It is one of the oldest market players supporting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Youtube.

With over 18 million customers, Hootsuite delivers the global scale and insights one needs to succeed in social media marketing.


  1. Easy navigation and simple to use, ideal for newbies, or those who are just starting out.
  2. Powerful analytics features that gives you a clear understanding of how your posts are performing across channels
  3. Supports a range of social networks (without having to install any applications) such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, FourSquare and Instagram
  4. Has an all-in-one interface that allows you to add multiple accounts across multiple channels

Harry W.

Using the streams Hootsuite offers, I can set up one for all posts to check consistency and monitor engagement, one for competitor research, and one for searches, and then more platform specific streams so I can really dive into the nitty-gritty if I need to.


  1. While the starting price is affordable, it tends to get expensive as you add extra apps and team members
  2. The crowded interface can get confusing and overwhelming
  3. Restricts you to using the ow.ly URL shortener. If you have your own short URL or use another service, Hootsuite might be a hurdle

Brie S.

The user interface is weak, it's not user-friendly nor is it practical or modern looking. It has a tendency to leg, it also isn't mobile friendly, they do have an app, but again it's not easy to navigate.

SocialPilot vs Hootsuite

SocialPilot proves out to be an intuitive and cost-effective alternative to Hootsuite. Check out the detailed comparison here.

8. Social media posting tool - Sendible


Price: $99/month for 3 users

From engagement to analytics, Sendible is built to help agencies manage social media marketing for multiple brands. This is one of the social media posting tools that supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Youtube, and Pinterest, along with blogging platforms like Wordpress, Medium & Tumblr.


  1. The social listening features lets you keep a track of your brand along with key industry terms and what competitors are doing
  2. It offers a simple, easy-to-use interface that does not require any training
  3. Apart from boosting audience engagement, it also helps you generate quality leads and improve ROI

Scott N.

It has an awesome user interface (UI) which is easy to use and generally a great user experience (UX).

I don't think there is another software I would use for social media management or analytics. Due to the ease of use, I find it costs down on the time I have to take in order to get work done on Social media - which frees me to get other things done.


  1. The mobile app tends to crash often, making it difficult to use and schedule posts effectively
  2. There are instances when scheduling fails and administrators are not notified about the same
  3. Reporting and analytics features are limited and can be improved.

Verified Sendible User

The Reporting section has quite a bit of bugs, mainly for Google Analytic connections. Not quite sure if Sendible is to blame or the API to google, but our reports tend to not pull 50% of the time. Sometimes the integrations don't work 100%. Instagram often doesn't pull featured images even when fetched. Hashtags sometimes run together after they're added to various services.

SocialPilot vs Sendible

Checkout the detailed comparison of SocialPilot being an easy Sendible alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

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As a social media marketing team, your ultimate aim is to manage your brands' social presence effectively and drive organic traffic to your website.

You should be able to post across multiple social media platforms without spending too much time on each platform. For this, you need an effective solution that is easy on your pocket and at the same time that doesn't compromise your efficiency. SocialPilot seemed the best fit overall - You can try it out for free to know better!

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