What Is A Dark Post?

A dark post is a targeted social media ad post that never gets published to your account's public feed or timeline as an organic post. Your followers will never see it appearing on their feeds. Instead, it appears on the newsfeed of the targeted individuals or groups of users based on demographic, geographic, or behavioral factors. It's often used for testing different messages targeting specific demographics using paid advertising or creating a private group or event.

More about Dark Post:

Businesses or organizations often use dark posts to test different messages without cluttering up their main page with many posts.

Dark posts are a type of social media post that allows businesses to test different ideas they have to get feedback on ad campaigns, deliver targeted messages to specific audiences, and publish content that may not be suitable for the main page or intended for a particular group of people. A user can see the promoted dark post even if the user is not following that specific brand.

Adidas published a dark post to promote the sale of their products at discounted prices by targeting their audience, who frequently show interest and buy their products. This helps Adidas gather their audience’s attention by letting them know that they can buy their favorite products at discounted prices, which obviously they would, given the target audience has already shown interest in the product.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Facebook dark post?

A Facebook dark post is a type of advertisement that is not visible on the advertiser's public page but is only shown to a specific target audience. This allows businesses to create and test different ads without them being visible to all their followers. Dark posts are typically used for A/B testing or for targeting specific groups of people with a message.

What is a dark post on social media?

A dark post on social media is stealthy advertising that is only visible to a specific target audience, which is opposite to regular posts that are publicly visible on a business's profile or page.

Dark post ad enables businesses and marketers to experiment with different ads, which is mainly used for testing purposes, targeting specific groups, or promoting content that is not suitable for everyone over social media.

It can be utilized for advertising on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

What is a dark post example?

An example of a dark post would be a business creating an advertisement for a sale that will only be available to a specific group of people who have previously purchased from the company.

The business would create the ad but only show it to the targeted group of customers rather than making it visible to all their followers on their public page. This allows the business to test the ad's effectiveness and make changes before showing it to a broader audience.

Are dark posts paid?

Dark posts are a type of paid advertising on social media platforms, and it differs from normal advertising as it is not publicly visible on the advertiser’s feed.

They are only shown to a target audience selected by the advertiser, allowing for more specific targeting of demographics, interests, behaviors, or custom audiences, compared to normal advertisements which have a broader reach and are publicly visible to all users.

What is the benefit of dark post?

The benefits of the dark post include the following:

  • Targeted audience reach: Dark posts allow advertisers to reach their targeted audience rather than a broad, public audience.
  • Increased relevance: By targeting specific demographics, interests, behaviors, or custom audiences, dark posts can increase the relevance and effectiveness of advertisements.
  • A/B testing: Advertisers can create multiple dark posts to test and compare different ad copy, imagery, and targeting strategies.
  • Privacy: Dark posts are not publicly visible, so advertisers can test or run advertisements without affecting their public image or brand reputation.
  • Cost-effectiveness: By targeting specific audiences, dark posts can lead to a higher investment return than standard advertisements.

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