What Is Engagement Rate?

Engagement rate is a fundamental metric to measure the performance of any content posted on a social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

The engagement rate defines the success of any campaign and gives clarity to social media marketers, social media influencers, etc., about their engaged audience. It is calculated based on the interactions or engagement that a piece of content registers with its viewers or social media users.

More About Engagement Rate

As simple as it sounds, engagement rates can be quite multifaceted. You need to evaluate several factors while determining the engagement rates, which may change according to the medium and context of interactions.

  • On a website, engagement rates include average time on the page, scroll depth, average page views, shares and form conversions, and bounce rate.
  • On social media, metrics such as retweets, comments, shares, and likes make up the engagement rate.
  • On email campaigns, the engagement rate includes the click-through and open rates.

So, what is engagement rate on social media, and how is it calculated? A simple answer is that engagement rate is a numerical value that can be utilized to measure whether your content was a success or a failure. This social media metric indicates whether your followers are able to connect with the content that you post.

If you want to calculate your engagement rate on social media, simply follow this formula:

Engagement rate = (Total engagement/Total number of followers) x 100

For example, you have 8000 followers, and your recent post has received 650 likes, 90 comments, and 30 shares.

Step 1: To calculate the engagement rate, first, add the interactions to get the total engagement.

In this case, it will be 650 + 90 + 30 = 770.

Step 2: Now, divide this number by the total number of followers.

770 / 8000 = 0.096

Step 3: Then, multiply this by 100 to get the engagement rate.

0.096 x 100 = 9.62%

Therefore, your engagement rate is 9.62%.

The average engagement rate varies according to the social media platform.

engagement by social channel

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is engagement rate important?

The engagement rate is a crucial metric because it can help businesses cultivate better relationships with their customers. It provides credibility to the social media account and garners referrals as well as word-of-mouth marketing. Higher engagement means higher brand affinity and greater visibility of the account, which can help reach target customers, influencers, and other advocates of the brand.

How does engagement rate help a business?

Businesses can use engagement rates to measure the success of a particular campaign and to target the right audience. Engagement rates can be monitored to evaluate the business's overall performance on social media platforms. It helps guide businesses toward better content creation strategies.

For every business, it is important to remember that customers prioritize their experience with the brand over the product price and features. Hence, increasing the engagement rate on social media platforms and other channels is crucial.

How can I increase my social media engagement rate?

A primary tip to help you increase your social media engagement rate is to analyze the trending conversations on the platform. Understanding what the audience wants is also important. Further, it is helpful to practice active audience interaction. It is important to note that the engagement strategy may differ depending on the social media platform.

What is a good engagement rate on Instagram?

On Instagram, a good engagement rate can be understood by tracking your past numbers, observing the engagement rates of competitors and the average engagement rate of the industry or niche on the social media platform. Typically, the average engagement rate on Instagram is 1-2%, and a good engagement rate is 3% and above.

What kind of content gets the most engagement on social media?

Generally, posting video content that is engaging, relatable, and humorous will boost your engagement. But it also depends on the audience. When targeting a particular demographic, the content of the videos must be relatable to them and should be age-appropriate.

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