What are Sponsored Posts?

Sponsored posts are social media posts in which a brand or company pays to have its content promoted and shown to a broader audience. Businesses can do this by directly paying the platform to boost the post as an ad or partnering with influencers or celebrities to create sponsored content featuring the brand's products.

More About Sponsored Posts

When the word “influencer” became mainstream in 2013, sponsored posts rose. This type of marketing effort includes paying platforms or influencers to get your content published and promoted on high-traffic, high-profile websites or channels. On social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, sponsored posts look like organic content and blend seamlessly into the feed.

Depending on the social media site you’re advertising on, the post could be photos, videos, a carousel, or text. Sponsored content may contain linkbacks and call to actions (CTAs) directing visitors to the brand’s website.

How do sponsored posts work? Answering this question may be challenging, but we can understand the basic structure of a sponsored post.

Each sponsored post has three participants:

  • The Sponsor: The business or brand paying the influencer or brand to promote its product or service.
  • The Partner: The influencer, brand, or platform ad promoting the sponsor on their social media accounts or other platforms.
  • The Post: The content itself, which can be a social media advertisement, blog post, article, or shoutout in a YouTube video.

It is common for businesses to seek out influencers in their categories and for content creators to approach brands giving their services. Following their decision to collaborate, the parties decide on the conditions of the collaboration, including the kind of content to be created, how long it will last, and the cost.

These posts appear in the users’ feed tagged as sponsored posts. Below is an example of both types of sponsored posts. The one on the left is a sponsored ad created by Land Rover on Instagram. The right-side sponsored post is created by the influencer to promote Kamoni’s swimsuit.

Sponsored Posts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sponsored story?

Sponsored stories are a sort of paid social media marketing that enables businesses to market their products or offerings by sharing the stories of customers who are using them.

What is a sponsored social post?

A sponsored social post is paid content on social media that blends with regular content but is marked as "sponsored." It's used to promote products or brands to a specific audience with the help of social media influencers.

How do you create a sponsored post on Instagram?

You must boost an already-existing post if you want to generate a sponsored post on Instagram:

  • Log into your profile and choose the post that you would like to advertise.
  • Click the "Boost post" button.
  • Choose your target (more profile visits, website visits, or messages).
  • Select your target market (you can design your own demographics or use a preset one).
  • Set a budget and timeline.
  • Pay, and you have completed the process.

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