What is ICYMI?

ICYMI is an abbreviation of ‘​in case you missed it’ used in social media postings when sharing something that is not new (Cambridge Dictionary). ICYMI is employed in many ways, such as in emails, text messages, etc., to bring someone's attention to something of interest or knowledge. (Oxford Learners’ Dictionaries).

More About ICYMI

The abbreviation, which was first used in 2006, is used to highlight essential information and connect people to web resources for additional research.

In case you missed it, ICYMI is a prominent Twitter hashtag that is trending and gaining momentum. Owing to Twitter’s 140-character limit, people often use abbreviations, and that’s how ICYMI became a popular hashtag. This hashtag, when added, very precisely brings to light old content that has been forgotten amidst plenty of content that piles up every moment on the platform.

Correct Usage

ICYMI is primarily used in informal communication. The abbreviation can be written in uppercase letters to catch the reader’s attention, as well as in lowercase since it is an abbreviation rather than a word.

This expression is also used in promotional emails to encourage readers to pay attention to your statement. It is also utilized in tweets since you don’t want any of your readers to miss or neglect a vital topic.

The Importance of ICYMI

This abbreviation appears in a variety of social media outlets, headlines, and text from traditional media. It isn’t regarded as an acronym but rather an abbreviation or initialism.

In modern times, information circulates faster than ever, and a number of internet users believe that news can quickly become irrelevant. ICYMI is useful when people want to provide follow-up links to recent sources of information.

Look at a practical usage of ICYMI in this screenshot, where the FBI uses it as a hashtag to attract the audiences’ attention.


Frequently Asked Questions

Give some relevant examples of ICYMI usage.

Here are some examples of how to use "ICYMI":

  • "ICYMI: Hustlers is now on Netflix."
  • "ICYMI: TOI released an article about the PM's recent address."
  • "ICYMI: Bulletproof coffee gained popularity a few weeks ago.”

How do institutions use ICYMI?

Institutions increasingly use the abbreviation ICYMI in their articles or any other content when highlighting them as useful and powerful.

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