What is TBH (To Be Honest)?

TBH is the abbreviation of ‘To Be Honest’ as per Merriam Webster. The slang is mostly written in lowercase and used broadly in social media and other digital cultures as well.

There are many other lingos, slang, or acronyms used in social media conversations. People use them in captions, conversations, and comments. So, knowledge of these is quite helpful when you are creating content on social media, sending responses to customers, or just having a chit-chat with a social media enthusiast!

More About tbh

You can use this term, ‘tbh’ for different general purposes on social media, like  

  • To admit something
  • To express an opinion 
  • To make a comment

In the cases of apps or platforms that allow users to engage with one another, the term may be used to show sincerity or truthfulness in communication. It is frequently used prior to or following a comment when someone would like to express their true thoughts or sentiments.

It is worth noting that the usage of tbh often varies between different social media platforms and communities. So, one must not forget to have an ample idea regarding the norms of different platforms before using them. This helps you to be understood and gives others clarity, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is knowledge of social media lingos or slags useful?

You must understand the most frequently used social media slang terms or lingo as it assists you in grasping what your target audience is trying to convey and how to communicate in their language. Some acronyms may even appear in marketing or sales reports, as well as business meetings.

What does a status saying "Like for a TBH" mean?

‘Like for a TBH’ implies that once you like their post, they will answer with a response that includes their real feelings about you. It is a popular social media style in which users offer and receive positive feedback and criticism or informally express their actual feelings.

Give a few informal example statements of tbh usage.

Here are a few interesting examples of tbh usage in our conversations or comments on social media.

  • "Tbh, I would like to have pasta and not a burger for lunch."
  • "Tbh, I wish I was in Disney World right now!"
  • "Tbh, that color does not give happy vibes."

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