Compelling Twitter Marketing Tools
  • January 30, 2023

14 Compelling Twitter Marketing Tools You Need in 2023

Twitter marketing can be pretty challenging. But that should not deter you from using it. Twitter has the potential to volte-face your existing business scenario.

Thanks to Twitter marketing tools, keeping up with your consistency streak is no longer an uphill battle. However, with myriad options comes the responsibility of choosing the right tool that caters to your every need.

A good Twitter marketing tool should be the one-stop shop for your tweets, right from creation to digging out analytics. But is there a supreme tool that makes the cut without hurting your pocket?

To help you kickstart that hunt, here’s a list of 13 Twitter marketing tools.

Best Twitter Marketing Tools To Boost Your Engagement




SocialPilot is your go-to Twitter marketing tool when it comes to social media marketing. You can bulk schedule 500 tweets in one shot and sort out even a month’s worth of content in just a few minutes.

Add images, videos, GIFs, etc., to your tweets. Personalize them even more with emojis, alt texts, and custom fields before sharing them with your followers. You can also mention other Twitter profiles while composing tweets to gain more reach.

In case you are running out of ideas to tweet, you can use its curation feature to get the latest tweets. You can retweak these curated pieces to suit your branding tone.

Apart from scheduling and managing your Twitter account, you also get access to in-depth Twitter analytics! It is indeed an all-in-one tool that helps you with scheduling, analytics, content curation, team & client management, and so much more.

Why Choose SocialPilot as Your Twitter Marketing Tool?

  • Check tweet performance in terms of likes, retweets, engagements, etc
  • Get a cohesive view of all your scheduled tweets for a particular account day/week/month-wise
  • Add account-specific details to your tweets
  • Edit images using its in-app editing tool
  • Add alt text to images and GIFs for better accessibility
  • Use in-built URL shorteners to share relevant links
  • Generate analytics reports for a quick overview of your presence on Twitter

The best part is that SocialPilot serves beyond Twitter marketing. It helps you manage multiple aspects of social media marketing, such as:

  • Social media analytics for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Business
  • Social media calendar to get a broad preview of your scheduled postings
  • Social media scheduling and publishing for all major social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Business, TikTok, and Tumblr
  • An in-built content curation platform to schedule relevant content from third-party websites
  • Bulk scheduling feature to schedule up to 500 tweets in one click
Twitter Marketing Tool




If you’ve been noticing the trend of tweets being shared on other platforms and are in complete favor of it, then ThreadMagic is the tool for you. ThreadMagic converts whole Twitter threads into well-organized, carousel-style PDFs that are ready to share on your LinkedIn pages. And it’s absolutely free.

All you have to do is copy your Twitter thread and paste the link onto the ThreadMagic tool online. Once you’ve pasted a link, you will get your ready-to-share PDF in your inbox, where you can then download your file and share it with the world.

Advantages of using ThreadMagic

  • It is easy to use
  • It is completely free
  • You don’t need additional design

What People Say About Us


Moss Clement

Tried it and it works remarkably great. I’d say ThreadMagic is a must-have and must-use tool for serious content marketers!


Andrea Todorova

Simple and really useful



Tweepi is the Twitter marketing software that guarantees engagement. If you fail to engage with your audience, your followers, even in thousands, hold no meaning. But it certainly takes a lot of time to engage with all for a handful of them to respond. That’s where Tweepi makes your work easy.

Tweepi is driven by artificial intelligence. It is one of the best Twitter marketing tools that offers such advanced features to shoot up your followers, keeping them engaged. Set up your Tweepi account and feed in the relevant hashtags and users/competitors you want to track. It will further study the targeted hashtags and users to filter the most active and relevant users fit for your engagement.

Tweepi offers its services under 2 plans: Silver and Platinium, with monthly pricing of $12.99 and $24.99 each.



Twitonomy, a Twitter marketing tool that provides with simple yet critical Twitter analytics. The well-designed charts and visual analysis are Twitonomy’s best features. It also has a feature where you can see all your mentions from around the globe on a world map.

They do have a free plan that can take care of all your basic Twitter analytics and tracking. For more advanced features, they also provide a premium version starting at $20 per month.



TweetReach is a helpful Twitter marketing software that helps you measure your content performance. Learn which posts, hashtags, and URLs work better for you. It also provides you with in-depth analytics and ready to share analytics reports. You can also use this tool for competitive analysis and tracking leading brands of your niche.

Tweet reach provides three different social media management places under Social Manager, Social Marketer, and Marketing Team at $49, $99, and $199 monthly. These plans include analytics of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Twitter List


Twitter Lists help you declutter your account and organize it better. It allows you to sort users into various categories. For instance, you can create lists such as influencers, partners, affiliates, the local community, and other relevant topics. Twitter List works as a directory that curates a feed of relevant tweets for you.

This is a feature of Twitter itself and is available free of cost. Check out the complete guide by Twitter to leverage Twitter Lists the right way.



Tweepsmap is another Twitter marketing software to track all your Twitter activities from a single dashboard. From in-depth analytics, scheduling posts at best times to analyzing all engagement metrics, this tool covers it all. It helps you learn more about your followers, their sentiments, and how they engage so that you can make better marketing decisions!

Tweepsmap provides a free plan with limited features. You can avail its exclusive features under premium plans. Tweepsmap provides 4 different plans: Starter, Growth, Advanced, and Enterprise plans priced at $14, $29, $49, and $149 per month.



Followerwonk is a Twitter marketing tool that optimizes your search. Find befitting bios and users to build fruitful connections. Look for influencers with ease with Followerwonk. A unique feature of this tool is that it lets you categorize your followers. You can sort them as per their interaction to reveal your loyal following base in real-time. You can also study your followers’ demographics to generate more relatable content.

CoSchedule integrates with blogging tools like WordPress and Hubspot, which helps you organize and publish your blogs right from your Coschedule account. You can also reshare your best-performing posts with a re-queue feature.

Followerwonk offers a free subscription with 2 paid plans: Target at $29 and Multitask at $79 each month.



TweetDeck, a tool acquired by Twitter that helps you with real-time tracking, organizing, engagement, and scheduling. It is available at no added cost. Here is a guide by Twitter on how to use TweetDeck if you wish to explore more.

This is one of the best free Twitter marketing tools designed in a way where you can use it for an individual or sign up as a team/agency. You can also schedule/create as well as analyze your tweets through TweetDeck. It also has a few features, such as a column filter that helps you customize searches by keyword, date and time, and stay on top of new Tweets.



GroupTweet is a Twitter marketing tool that helps you analyze activity, schedule tweets, and more to enhance your overall performance on Twitter. There are a few features that set this tool apart from the rest. You can integrate it with any other social media scheduling tool. So, if your team/client uses any other tool, they can access GroupTweet directly from the same app. GroupTweet also has this feature where you can communicate privately on Twitter groups, providing account access without sharing Twitter passwords.

GroupTweet has divided its services into 4 plans starting at $7.99. It also offers a free trial for all its plans.

Twitter Analytics


Just like the tools mentioned above, Twitter Analytics is an add-on feature provided by Twitter. It is easily accessible to everyone. All you need to do is log in to your Twitter account, click on your profile photo, and navigate analytics from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can access analytics from its site. The best part is that it is free. It covers various things such as monthly Twitter activity summaries, the audience, events, and much more.



Twilert is a Twitter marketing tool that helps in social listening. This Twitter tool fetches the right information you’ve asked for. Twilert sends you an e-mail every time your brand name, selected hashtags, or keywords are mentioned on Twitter. Twilert ensures that you don’t miss out on any crucial information and engage at every possible opportunity.

Twilert offers its services under 3 plans: Solopreneur, Professional, and Agency, priced at $9, $19, and $97.



Bluenod is a great Twitter marketing tool for building an engaging Twitter community and tracking influencers. It allows you to target topic-related communities and manage your Twitter lists directly. Bluenod ensures that you reach out to the relevant influencer easily.

Bluenod also offers a free trial. It provides services under 4 plans: Starter, Pro, Agency, and Enterprise at $99, $149, $249, and $599.


for 5 users is a Twitter marketing tool that makes it easy to build a meaningful and lasting relationship with your followers. It allows you to schedule content and provides you with in-depth analytics. You can also get access to shareable reports. This tool also lets you curate others’ tweets. One striking feature of is that it finds your loyal follower set and messages them a gratitude note.

You can try this tool free of cost. It also offers 3 paid plans: Pro, Business, and Corporate at $19.99, $24.99, and $117.99.

Summing it up!

It is crucial for businesses to make a 360 presence on social media. Though Twitter is an integral part of social media marketing, you should consider spreading your branding roots to multiple platforms. You can play smart here, and rather than investing in an ordinary Twitter management tool, you can opt for a complete social media automation solution like SocialPilot. Get your free trial today to witness the impact it brings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Twitter good for marketing?

Yes, Twitter is a good fit for marketing as it has 353 million monthly active users.

How is Twitter used for marketing?

Marketers use Twitter for sharing insightful content and engage with their followers. Many brands also use their Twitter profiles to assist their clients who have tagged them to prioritize their issues.

How do you promote your business on Twitter?

You need to post multiple tweets a day to promote your business on Twitter. Along with this, you should also invest in Twitter ad campaigns and engage with your potential customers. You can even mention/tag people and use well-researched hashtags to reach your target audience.

Can you make 2 Twitter accounts with the same email?

No, you can have only 1 account per email address.

What are the best Twitter marketing tools?

The best Twitter marketing tools that will help you boost your Twitter engagement are:

  1. SocialPilot
  2. ThreadMagic
  3. Tweepi
  4. Twitonomy
  5. TweetReach
  6. Twitter List
  7. Tweepsmap
  8. Followerwonk
  9. TweetDeck
  10. Group Tweet
  11. Twitter Analytics
  12. Twilert
  13. Bluenod

Can I promote my brand on Twitter for free?

Yes, you can. There are some free Twitter marketing tools that you can use to promote your brand and create a presence on Twitter:

  1. Twitter List
  2. TweetDeck
  3. Followerwonk
  4. Twitter Analytics

How can SocialPilot help in being the best tool for Twitter?

With SocialPilot, you can create a constant presence of your brand, knowing when your followers are active the most and your top-performing posts. With deep Twitter analytics and customized publishing for Twitter profiles, SocialPilot comes out to be a great handy and affordable Twitter marketing tool for your brand.

This blog is brought to you by SocialPilot

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