How to Become a LinkedIn Badass with Houston Golden

Part 1: How to Become a LinkedIn Badass

Episode Summary:

In Part 1 of this episode, Houston Golden joins Tejas Mehta to share his LinkedIn growth hacks, what type of content works on the platform, and how to become a successful LinkedIn influencer.

Houston is the Founder and CEO of, also known as the world’s leading LinkedIn marketing agency. He has authored five books on the subject of LinkedIn, known as The LinkedIn Bible Collection, been featured in countless high-profile publications, and was recognized as one of Forbes’ Top 12 Innovative Founders.

Key Highlights:

  • 5:54 – 11:05 – What Do You Need to Become a LinkedIn Badass – To become a LinkedIn badass, you must think and execute strategically the four pillars that determine your success on LinkedIn. These are profile optimization, outreach, content creation, and people or comment conversions. The bonus number five pillar is omnichannel. Also, ensure that you post engaging and valuable content daily.
  • 11:05 – 18:15 – What Content Works on LinkedIn – Like on every social platform, LinkedIn’s algorithms change constantly. But you want to ensure you use the newest features the platform is testing to the maximum because they will push that harder and farther than any other format. The most recent algorithm updates want you to post a variety of content that engages with people.
  • 18:15 – 22:16 – LinkedIn Images and Videos – Instagram and LinkedIn are the polar opposite. People use Instagram more for entertainment, while LinkedIn is a business-type platform. The type of images you post on Instagram won’t work on LinkedIn. What best works on LinkedIn are natural and authentic of yourself or your team. Image quotes around engaging LinkedIn topics also work well. Videos still struggle to get reach. The easiest way to grow your following on LinkedIn is to repurpose viral videos with some engaging copy.

Part 2: LinkedIn Growth Hacks & Trends for Brands and Business

Episode Summary:

In Part 2 of this episode, Houston Golden joins Tejas Mehta to discuss growth hacks on LinkedIn, how small businesses can leverage the platform’s capabilities to build a successful business, and how LinkedIn helps grow your owned audience.

Key Highlights:

  • 0:27 – 5:51 – Stop Carrying, Start Sharing – LinkedIn success requires you to overcome people’s negative opinions and post something you believe in and stand by, even if it’s controversial. Stop caring what others say about you and talk about things people are uncomfortable with. Just be authentic and open. If you’re struggling in your business, talk about it. If you’re doing great in your business, talk about it. But share insights and tips to help people.
  • 5:54 – 19:31 – LinkedIn Content for Small Brands – When you just get started on LinkedIn, you need some social proof. First, optimize your profile. Then, start to reach out to people that might be interested in your product. But don’t just pitch them and spam them from the beginning. Connect with people, start conversations at scale, and show genuine interest in them with a subtle professional appropriate type of compliment. Talk to them like a real person. Then, use the so-called permission to pitch your product. When it comes to content, nine out of your ten posts should be engaging, entertaining, informational, and insightful. Also, be consistent and post daily.

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