Top 6 Content Curation Tools to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy

SocialPilot Team | November 08, 2017

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.” ~ Lee Odden


There was a time when getting relevant content was an issue. Now there is the problem of plenty. With the stupendous amount of content available on the internet, the task of selecting the best content for social media marketing has amplified manifold. And the fact that churning out new content regularly can be hefty on the marketing budget of a company. And tedious too.

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True that!

So, what to do?

The solution is simple. Recycle the best content available using a content curation tool. This content recycling system willsave your valuable time, money, and labor that goes into creating and searching for fresh and informative content. Content curation tools offer you great content from other sources to enhance your content marketing strategy, to increase your brand visibility and to boost your SEO ranking.

A mix of 65/35 is the ideal mix for created vs curated content in 2017- up-to-date-research

Let’s have a look on top 6 content curation tools having ability to smooth out your content marketing journey.

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1. Buzzsumo

As a blogger, I have always resorted to Buzzsumo for getting some great content that connects well with the audience and has a good reach.

How does it work?

Simply type in a keyword or the domain name and hit enter. You will get a list of the best shareable content on that subject. You can then sort the list using categories like date, content type, view backlinks, follow authors and more. All the articles displayed are already resonating with the audience and hence, is most likely that your target audience will relate well to it.

Let’s check out this example.

I’m looking for an article related to ‘self-driving cars’, here are the results.

image (3)-1.png

The first article displayed is from Techcrunch and has a total of 62k shares. You can get further insights about the sharers, the backlinks, and then analyze whether this kind of post will work for your content marketing strategy.


    • Use the ‘Content Research‘ tab to discover hot topics and interact with fans who share your content.
    • Set up alerts to notify you when influencers and eminent authors post new content.

2. SocialPilot

It’s a robust automated marketing tool for conducting social media campaigns. In addition, SocialPilot also offers excellent content curation services, that too at no extra cost.


Socialpilot gives its clients the dual benefit of getting their content marketed at optimum times, while it also provides the content curation features to increase the audience engagement.


Still not convinced?

Then let’s check out how it works….

Socialpilot offers the content curation features right from its dashboard. The content is elaborate, where the user has a wide palette of choices laid out before him. At the same time, the content is divided into specific categories like Business, Travel, Marketing, Music, and tech and anything relevant to your business. Just click on the category and you have an amazing list of blogs at your disposal. The biggest bonus is that Socialpilot offers you content curation features at no extra costs. This is a one-stop shop for all your content marketing activities.

Icing on the cake is you will always be welcomed by evergreen content i.e. content having maximum likes, shares, and comments. This eliminates the need to go in search of content that’s worth sharing.

That’s a win-win situation!

Some useful tips

    • Socialpilot has a social media analytics tool which helps in analyzing the post performances. Use it. Ascertain the number of likes, shares, and engagement an individual post gets. The results of the analysis are valuable sources of information which helps you discover the posts that connect well with the audience across various platforms and demographics.
    • Use the content discovery tool to churn out the evergreen content. Not only will our audience will love you for sharing those articles, it will further strengthen your relationship bond with your fans and followers.


Keywords are the soul of content marketing. Keeping that in mind, Socialpilot has devised an advanced search where marketers can place keywords relevant to their business and retrieve some amazing articles. You can even experiment by conducting searches by typing the name of your favorite website, author etc. The results obtained are a list of content suggestions that will help you boost your content marketing campaigns.

Social media automation tools like Socialpilot have definitely made content curation simpler!

3. Flockler

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Flockler filters the content spam and churns out fresh, relevant and informative content to publish in your content hub. It brings your fans, followers and industry experts to you. Flockler also publishes snippets from your social feed alongside all this curated content. You can then analyze the performance of your content using Google analytics and other powerful social media analytics tools. Companies also keep adding their own social content to inform fans about the company performance and latest happenings.

That is so cool.


You can specify your rules to automatically curate and publish content using the Flockler tool. The idea behind using the tool is to create an unparallel brand experience for your fans and followers. They are fed with useful and rich content which compels them to come back for more.

4. Trapit

Get a detailed data of industry insights, latest research, trending topics and excellent content from all over the internet using Trapit. Further, Trapit even organizes the curated data into topic-specific categories, for immediate reference and study. With Trapit, you can curate any amount of content as you want to attain the best available content. This app gets more intelligent with every search and you can then use the ‘trapped’ data for better engagement across all social media networks. The company claims that the ‘traps’ or pieces of content are a result of superior content creation technology which uses A.I. and handcrafted curation techniques.

Points to remember:

    • Trapit guides company employees to follow the best social media strategies which enable them to build relationships with fans and target audience to engage in social selling.
    • Launching an employee advocacy programs make the content look authentic and trustworthy. Trapit provides them with pre-approved data, hence staying in control of the messages they share.

5. Pocket

It’s your pocket to store a substantial amount of relevant content which you can use at a later date!


Consider this situation:

You have sent yourself numerous emails with links and a list of bookmarks, which becomes cumbersome to maintain. With pocket, you can do away with this mess and organize all your images, articles, and videos and keep it in a central place for reference. The website of ‘pocket’ is extremely user-friendly and the built-in search feature facilitates speedy searching of articles. Group your articles with tags for easy identification of articles with specific topics.

How does it work?

When you come across something that you like, click the Pocket plugin button and the content gets stored in your account. You can use the tool across several platforms. Whether you find the content on your computer or mobile, it all gets stored in the same place.


Pocket is simple to use content curation tool for beginners and startups that are looking for a viable solution for their content marketing strategies.

6. Pinterest

While the half-life of Facebook content can be as short as 90 minutes, that of a single Pinterest pin is three and a half months.

image (1).png

This seemingly sugar-coated cupcake website can be a powerful weapon for content curation.Keep up with the latest trends in fashion, pop culture, celebs, and influencers in your realm. At Pinterest, you can create boards and save pins around the topics of your interest. Work around these pins to create the best content for your social media marketing. This application is easy to use and a great collection tool to keep all your photos, infographics, and coveted items at one place. The guided search option directs the users to their kind of search and leads them to the pins they are looking for.

Quick roundup:

    • With Pinterest, marketers can accelerate their searches.
    • Use the ‘guided search’ option for getting results quickly.
    • Pinterest gives marketers the opportunity to identify content that might not necessarily be fresh, but will definitely be relevant to the topic. Use this content for your content marketing.
    • Collect the useful tips and hacks in Pinterest and build your content around them.


Social media managers should leverage the benefits of content marketing tools to create a strong presence on social media and increase engagement. With experience and careful analysis of the performance of your existing content, I’m sure you will engineer a strong content recycling system for your content marketing.

Do you use content curation tool which isn’t listed here? Don’t forget to share it in below given comment box. My readers would like to know about tools that make your marketing easier to execute.

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