Growth Hacking in Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Growth Hacking in Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide


We understand that marketing is not an overnight miracle. Waving the wand won’t get you leads appearing out of thin air- wish it was that easy!

Marketing is more about being consistent and trying out exciting experiments. But, unfortunately, with the boom of ever-increasing social media craze, marketers find it even more difficult to sustain as every business is ready to steal the other’s thunder.

Most of the time, businesses demand more leads and haste the promotional process. They spend a considerable fortune to run ads without even testing and straightaway start promotion a week before the big launch. The result isn’t just disappointing but panicking.

Here’s when growth hacking comes into play. The growth hacking strategies eliminate the donkey work and introduce more thoughtful options to beat down the noise and streamline your marketing activities. They are pivotal in obtaining faster results with minimal effort.

If you are a marketer, then this guide will save you a good amount of time and money. With the tested hacks and proven techniques mentioned here, you will become a top-notch player becoming a household brand in your niche. Here’s the breakdown of each chapter and its details. It is advisable to start from scratch to strike the balance right but jump right onto that section if you are looking for a specific hack.

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Growth Hacking in Marketing

In this chapter, you will learn what exactly growth hacking is and how it became the popular buzzword for every marketer. You will also get an insight into what typical growth hackers do and how you can be one by leveraging content marketing and social media marketing tactics as lead-generating tools.

Major takeaways from this lesson

  • Be well versed with the term “Growth hacking”
  • Know the responsibilities of a growth hacker
  • How to grow more in less budget
  • Different mediums of growth hacking
  • How to promote content via social media marketing
  • How to improve social media engagement for lead generation

The first step to being an expert is to start from very scratch. So begin with the basics from Fundamentals of Growth Hacking in Marketing now.

Chapter 2: How to Initiate Content Marketing through Social Media

In this chapter, you will kickstart your growth hacking journey by harnessing the power of social media. First, we shall identify your goals by auditing vital metrics. Then, learn how to integrate a storytelling approach with visual marketing in your social media regime. It also covers best practices and unconventional strategies for developing absolutely viral content.

Major takeaways from this lesson

  • Be able to find the right intent behind your content
  • Create engaging content that resonates with your target audience
  • Chalk out strategies to strike a chord with your audience
  • How to audit your marketing goals
  • How to analyze your current social media performance
  • Goal-specific metrics that you should be tracking right away
  • How to establish SMART goals for content marketing
  • How to create content that anticipates more shares
  • Best practices to follow when using visual content
  • Different types of content formats to experiment with
  • Keeping the content quality intact with the quantity
  • Steps to create gated content for free
  • Planning the right content mix

Setting the right goals and channels keep your efforts streamlined. Learn how to initiate content marketing through social media to select the feasible ones.

Chapter 3: How to Leverage Content Distribution and Promotion on Social Media Platforms

This section aims to introduce your business to a wider audience. You will know what permutation of platforms you should use to maximize your reach based on the nature of your business. Learn how to stand out from mediocrity with proper content customization for multiple platforms, thus laying a solid foundation on popular social media channels.

Major takeaways from this lesson

  • How to promote and distribute content
  • Channelize efforts in cross-promotion
  • Factors to consider when selecting a combination of promotional mediums
  • Optimizing content as per platform dynamics
  • Best tips on stellar promotion
  • How to make a content piece evergreen
  • Supplement your business posts with other credible shares and feedback
  • Beat inconsistency with scheduling

Producing content is just half the battle. But promoting it successfully is the actual game-changer. Learn how to leverage content distribution and promotion on social media platforms to reach your leads faster.

Chapter 4: Social Media Engagement Strategy Hacks

This chapter focuses on engagement as the driving force to thrive on social media. You will know the hacks to invoke anticipation in your followers and amplify your online presence to boost credibility. Implement strategies to create everlasting bonds with potential leads, nurturing word of mouth marketing to uplift brand image. Invoke your followers to be a part of you and use their dedicated posts to increase your brand authenticity.

Major takeaways from this lesson

  • Ways to increase social media engagement on your business page
  • Making your social media profile active
  • Building personal connection by establishing rapport
  • How to know what’s trending in your niche
  • Implementing active social listening for community build-up
  • Engage with your audience to keep the conversation going
  • Leveraging user-generated content to empower authenticity
  • Reactive and Proactive tactics of engagement
  • Being prompt in social media groups
  • Using a brand tone for a unique brand identity
  • Role of gamification in customer engagement
  • Differences between Social Page and Social Profiles
  • Videos that should dominate your content planner
  • Incentive ideas that pay off instantly
  • Best practices to maintain brand integrity and ethics

The major challenge for every marketer is to hook the audience’s attention for a prolonged period. Know how to keep them interested with Social Media Engagement Hacks now.

Chapter 5: Lead Generation using Adverts and Social Media Campaigns

In this chapter, you will know how to get more top-funnel leads without the spammy sales method using the retargeting tactics. Empower personalization and competitive analysis tricks. Learn how to run LinkedIn Dynamic and Static ads, Facebook and YouTube ads for retargeting purposes. Get some insight into various social media campaigns, driving massive traffic to your site, and their proven effectiveness for organic growth. Know the impacts of social proofs and how to use them to garner more leads.

Major takeaways from this lesson

  • Be well versed with the term “Lead”
  • The traditional way of generating leads
  • Personalization hack to capture more leads
  • Retargeting with different types of LinkedIn Dynamic Ads
  • Best practices for LinkedIn Dynamic Ads
  • Targeting decision-makers with LinkedIn Static Ads
  • Analyzing competitors’ ads on Facebook
  • Observations for a competitive advantage
  • Steps to create Facebook ads for beginners
  • How to retarget with YouTube Ads with different Ad formats
  • Leveraging social media campaigns for organic growth
  • Steps to planning a social media campaign from scratch
  • Metrics to be tracked for campaign’s effectiveness
  • Benefiting campaign types
  • Driving traffic from social channels to the brand’s official website
  • Methods to harness social proof for lead generation
  • Pitching your offerings the non-salesy way

You need no heavy pocket to implement ads for branding. Here’s everything about Lead Generation using Adverts and Social Media Campaigns for effective promotion.

Chapter 6: Top 10 Advance Social Media Hacks [Tested]

In this section, advanced hacking techniques have been covered in detail. You will learn how to come up with an unmissable offer for your potential leads, leverage the power of micro-influencers, saving time and money on bots and automation. You will also know how to start a social media campaign even on small budgets and cover it live. Finally, learn to make connections with decision-makers for faster conversion.

Major takeaways from this lesson

  • Customer acquisition through social media
  • Narrowing down on the perfect list of social channel
  • Analysis of popular social media based on different industries
  • Customized incentives for different channels
  • Social media campaigns that solely run on special offers
  • Benefits of collaborating with micro-influencers
  • Enhance customer experience with chatbots, automated actions, and replies
  • Real-time marketing using Twitter
  • Live-tweeting for ongoing events
  • Using voice messages for direct marketing
  • Creating groups for product related promotion and queries
  • Hack to increase your connections and followers
  • Understanding the term “Native Videos” and its benefits

Need some inspiration for the next social media campaign? Here are the Top 10 Advanced Social Media Hacks [Tested] that you should be implementing.

Chapter 7: Best 12 Social Media Growth Hacking Tools [Result-Driven]

This section lists all the best tools along with their features, pros, cons, prices, and testimonials. The covered tool stacks cater to different needs serving individual aspects of growth hacking like content marketing, content distribution, engagement, and lead generations. The aim here is to get you the best deal that’s trusted in the industry for demonstrating guaranteed growth.

Major takeaways from this lesson

  • Social media distribution tools
  • Content marketing tools
  • Social media engagement tools
  • Social media lead generation tools

Early success comes to those who know how to cut down the miscellaneous tasks and focus on major ones.

Are you excited to learn it all? Wait no more! Click on the Fundamentals of Growth Hacking series to start now. To stay updated with more hacks, join our Facebook community and connect with prominent marketing experts. Happy growth hacking ahead!

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