Influencer Marketing Platforms: Top-picks for Brands in 2024

Influencer marketing is the trending way of fast-tracking to the top of your target audience’s feeds. Seeing the economy of the influencer market worldwide growing to $21.1 billion, everyone wants a piece of that pie. But in the roadmap of influencer marketing, an important milestone is the influencer marketing platforms.

Here, we are not talking about the social media platforms where the actual influencer marketing campaign is run.

The first step for starting an influencer marketing campaign is to find the right influencers. Some prefer doing it manually. However, marketers who want to do it at scale seek the help of automation, i.e., influencer marketing platforms.

But an influencer marketing platform does much more than finding influencers for you.

What are Influencer Marketing Platforms?

Influencer marketing platforms act as bridges between brands and influencers. They not only help marketers find relevant influencers for their brand but also help them connect with them and streamline the resulting social media influencer campaign.

The best influencer marketing platforms offer authentic options, filtering your search results based on the type of influencer, the size of their following, the platforms they are active on, or the category they belong to.

Afterward, you can monitor your campaign performance through this platform, ensuring it meets all the performance benchmarks you set.

In essence, your influencer marketing platform is a dedicated assistant that guides you through every aspect of influencer marketing, from picking out the best prospect to showcasing the results.

Let us recount some of the best influencer marketing software we have come across, which more or less help in different aspects of influencer marketing.

Best Influencer Marketing Platforms

Upfluence: An e-Commerce Influencer Marketing Tool

An influencer marketing platform, Upfluence has been designed to cater to e-commerce businesses and direct-to-consumer brands through influencer campaign management, affiliate programs, creator management, UGC curation, etc.

Upfluence is integrated with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Klaviyo, Zapier, and many more. This allows you to run all e-commerce-related activities like handing out free products, creating promo and coupon codes, monitoring sales, and managing commissions, all from the same space.

It is also associated with PayPal, which enables you to monitor your campaign finances from a customized dashboard, giving you a direct view of your payments, campaign budget, current spending, and your campaign ROI. Making payments to your affiliates is glitch-free with Upluence.

Key Features:

  • Influencer discovery
  • Gathers real statistics on influencers
  • Checks for authenticity by detecting fake followers
  • Automated influencer outreach
  • Free-gift shipping to influencers for e-commerce platforms
  • Manage payment and budget monitoring
  • Measure campaign KPIs with analytics


Upfluence has three paid plans, starting from Growth, to manage influencer campaigns, which are for a single user. The next plan is called Scale, which has extra features aimed toward e-commerce businesses and affiliate campaigns for five users. The last one is the Enterprise plan with 25 seats, giving white labeling, dedicated tech support, and fully assisted onboarding.

GRIN: Influencer Marketing Platform For Creators

GRIN is another influencer marketing software that emphasizes authenticity and trust-driven relationship management rather than being solely based on transactions. The self-proclaimed creator management platform has accumulated an extensive database of influencers.

The influencer marketing software has a Chrome extension, making it super-convenient for users to instantly find influencers, evaluate their suitability, and find their contact information. GRIN is especially commended for its simple and user-friendly workflow.

If you have an e-commerce platform connected to GRIN, the influencer marketing software will crawl the social profiles. This will let you know who has influencer potential so you can recruit them as your ambassadors.

Besides all its major features, GRIN also offers useful free influencer marketing software like its CPM calculator, engagement rate calculator, fake influencer tool, Influencer Lookalike tool, and Influencer comparisons.

Key Features:

  • Influencer discovery suite
  • Content management & UGC content curation
  • Streamlining relationship management
  • Influencer discovery Chrome extension
  • Influencer campaign performance analytics and reporting
  • Automated payment management
  • Product seeding and influencer gifting management


GRIN has custom pricing, having users from the e-commerce sector of all sizes.

Influencity: Influencer Marketing Platform for Collaboration

A platform that had initially been focused on a handful of influencers from Twitter, Influencity has transformed into a multi-faceted influencer marketing platform. Now, it concentrates on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok but has over 170 million influencer profiles in its database.

The Discovery section in Influencity is highly customizable for finding the right fit in influencers for your brand. The module might seem complicated with all those filters to use, but the design manages to keep things comprehensible.

A handy feature of the software is that when you create a group of influencers for a category or an upcoming campaign, it shows you their congregated numbers. This helps you understand what kind of results the collaboration would wield for your brand.

Other than all of this, Influencity centralizes influencer marketing into one platform. Integrating outreach emails facilitates automated communication, easy audience segmentation, and subsequent campaign management with resultant data reporting.

Key Features:

  • Harbors major influencer databases from TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Lookalike search module in the Discovery feature
  • Granular and elaborate filters for influencer discovery
  • In-depth influencer data and past performance reports
  • Data-driven campaign performance predictions
  • Integrated influencer recruitment page set-up
  • Custom record keeping on influencers’ contact and preference information
  • Influencer seeding campaigns integration on e-commerce platforms


Influencity comes at three different fixed price points with a 7-day free trial for each, along with a custom plan. The first one starts as Basic, costing $168 for 5000 monthly results and 100 influencer storages. The following two plans, Professional and Business, are priced at $348 and $698, respectively. You can also create your own custom plans with the features you need.


Some tools perform on multiple fronts, and then some have a particular purpose. InsightIQ belongs to the latter type, with functions including influencer discovery and campaign analytics monitoring. This tool boasts little else but the vast amount of data in its possession.

InsightIQ is a social media influencer marketing platform with more than 350 million influencer profiles in its directory. They gather their vast influential creator reserves from Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. The discovery of profiles is not just limited to filters. The platform can match images to your topic of interest and find influencers accordingly.

The data in InsightIQ is updated every month, giving real-time stats to its users. It uses an AI-powered algorithm to analyze all this data, which has been gathered through a social media API connection. So, unlike other tools limited to the publicly available data, InsightIQ digs deeper.

When it comes to content, InsightIQ also gives you a peek at a profile’s historical data and the type of content they posted, segregating between paid and organic content. Once the campaign is done, the tool will provide broken-down costs for every impression, click, and engagement, along with a compiled take on all that you spent and earned.

Key Features:

  • Multitudes of filters for influencer discovery
  • Purchase intent analyzer
  • Comment analysis
  • Free Instagram, TikTok and YouTube engagement rate calculator
  • Follower authenticity verification
  • Comprehensive report generation
  • Customizable workflow with available APIs


InsightsIQ keeps its cards closed about the pricing, wanting to know your requirements initially. Micro-Influencers Platform

Since its launch in 2018, has been ahead of the curve as an influencer marketing platform, focusing on micro-influencers rather than running after celebrity names. Since then, it has evolved into one of the best social media influencer platforms for micro-influencers, with a vast array of creator profiles from TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Creating a campaign brief on the platform is simple in the first place due to the guidance of Campaign Builder. But the team of doesn’t leave you afloat. They review your campaign before the content goes live. has a platform of its own, the collaborative platform where brands make their pitches live, and the creators, all 175,000 or more of them, search and find the ones they want to be a part of. And brands have the full authority to say whether they deem the influencer fit for themselves.

Deep Insights reports offer in-depth influencer analytics, facilitating informed decision-making. It acts as a great influencer marketing platform for creators and brands.

Key Features:

  • Integrated affiliate marketing program
  • Deep Insights- reports revealing multi-layered information on influencers, mapping their audience and the followers of those people along with their interest
  • Quick UGC discovery using reference content
  • Multiple lookalike options for each influencer you select
  • Detailed campaign reporting
  • Collaboration Hub acts as a meeting ground for creators and brands.

Pricing: has two pricing plans, one of which allows users to do it by themselves, and the other is where assistance is provided for strategizing, brief building, and basic recruiting to drive successful campaigns. The former is called DIY, charging $460, and the latter costs $1795 per month respectively. Best Enterprise Influencer Marketing Software

Created by the folks at Expo Communications, who’ve been around the block with nearly two decades of experience in marketing and e-commerce, is their answer to bringing influencer marketing up to speed with today’s sales-driven goals. is all about taking the authentic content that influencers create and pushing it beyond the usual social media boundaries right into the shopping carts of e-commerce channels. It’s not just reaching Instagram or TikTok but also Amazon, Walmart, and your own website. The platform is a dream for medium-sized brands and enterprises that are big on e-commerce and want to see real, tangible results from their influencer collaborations. expects you to bring your own influencers. It offers top-notch tools for managing those relationships and making the most out of every piece of content created. From detailed campaign planning to in-depth reporting that covers everything from sales impact to market positioning against competitors, has it covered.

Key Metrics:

  • Content review and approval workflow
  • Data importing and exporting tools
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities pull data from various retailers to provide insights on sales performance.
  • User-generated content (UGC) management
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Influencer segmentation and recruitment
  • Shoppable landing page creator module


The prices of the platform are custom and made known upon request. Influencer Marketing Agency Software started as Impact Radius, a platform built to take performance marketing to the next level. They’ve added many cool features over time, like fraud detection and AI analytics, and then rebranded to The platform got even bigger by acquiring Activate, hence merging the worlds of performance and influencer marketing.

They’ve added features like content amplification, a user-generated content (UGC) library, and even Shopify integration to make things smoother for brands and influencers alike. You can find influencers, set up campaigns with detailed deliverables, and then track everything—from content usage to sales impact—in a way that’s smart and straightforward.

Plus, their Media Vault and survey features add layers of strategy and relationship management that can help brands not just run campaigns but also build meaningful, long-term partnerships with influencers.

It’s a platform that understands the modern influencer marketing landscape, making it easier for brands to manage campaigns at scale while still keeping it personal.

Key Features:

  • All-rounded brand-partnership management for enterprises
  • Connected to a widespread affiliate network
  • Streamlined process of building campaigns
  • Marketplace gives access to more than 120k vetted global partners
  • Streamlined process of partner recruitment with integrated CRM tools
  • Readily available partner information in’s Marketplace
  • Outreach for partner onboarding
  • Generate contracts and maintain communication with all influencers at scale


The pricing plans of the platform are private information, revealed on a need-to-know basis.

Skeepers: Instagram Influencers Platform

Skeepers has evolved into a powerful e-commerce optimization and influencer marketing platform with the firm belief that customers hold influence. Since its inception, it’s been all about leveraging genuine customer feedback to boost brand credibility and sales.

The platform’s “Personal Profile” feature makes it easy to find influencers on Instagram who truly resonate with your brand values. This capability earns it a distinct credit for being an Instagram influencer platform despite supporting YouTube and TikTok as well.

Diving deeper, Skeepers prides itself on a rigorous influencer vetting process, ensuring that brands connect with the most authentic and effective voices for their campaigns. Their unique credit system for influencers ensures dedication and quality in campaign participation, setting Skeepers apart from the pack.

Despite its expansive capabilities, Skeepers keeps things user-friendly with a straightforward campaign management process and real-time, insightful reporting that keeps brands in the loop on their influencer marketing efforts.

Key Features:

  • Influencer credit system to ensure quality from the creators
  • A customer review feature in place to prioritize their opinion
  • Has an established network of micro and nano influencers
  • 2-step verification process before adding a creator to their directory
  • Rather than discovering creators, brands pitch their campaign ideas with details on the network, and influencers apply to be a part of them, shortening the selection process.
  • Real-time reporting


The prices of this platform are not public knowledge.

LTK: TikTok Influencer Marketing Platform

In 2017, rewardStyle evolved into the LIKEtoKNOW or LTK shopping app, combining social media with shopping. Today, LTK boasts over 200k curated creators and 10M+ users.

LTK Connect offers brands access to vetted influencers with proven sales conversion experience. Despite some user complaints about mobile optimization and limited audience data, LTK Connect caters to e-commerce brands of all sizes.

LTK aims to accommodate brands of varying scales, with plans ranging from Connect Launch to Connect Scale. Launched in 2022, LTK Connect builds on years of internal experience, providing users with comprehensive campaign management tools and access to extensive data analytics.

The platform streamlines the campaign setup process and offers detailed creator discovery features. Brands can review influencers’ conversion rates from past campaigns and make informed compensation offers.

The platform’s intuitive layout and visualizations leave no doubt about the value it brings to brands investing in influencer marketing.

Key Features:

  • Streamlined campaign creation process
  • Established influencer presence in the LTK shopping network
  • Templatized post requirements for each type of post from any platform
  • The inclusion of creators in the marketplace is strictly invitation-basis
  • Payments can be taken care of by users in the platform itself
  • In-depth historical performance data on the short-listed creators


LTK Connect is priced at $417 and Connect Pro at $1000. The other plans do not have any fixed price and are customizable.

How do you pick the right influencer marketing platform?

Knowing the right influencer marketing platform for your brand can make or break your campaign. Here are some of the things to consider while taking stock of your influencer marketing platform needs.

Be Sure of Your Goals from Influencer Marketing

The first step of any new marketing venture should start from the crucial step of defining your objectives clearly. Understanding what you aim to achieve through influencer collaborations lays the foundation for a successful campaign.

And yes, the ultimate goal of every business is, no doubt, to make money. However, short-term goals can vary from creating brand awareness to garnering engagement to establishing consistency through content publishing.

The Size of Your Team can be a Deciding Factor

If you have a large team with many members dedicated to working on social media campaigns, going for a platform that would allow you to onboard multiple members is a great solution.

However, if you don’t have a large team and no dedicated staff to work on influencer marketing, you can either outsource the work to an influencer marketing agency or use a user-friendly influencer marketing platform to help you out.

Allotment of a Budget

More often than not, a fixed budget is set for influencer marketing out of the total marketing spend. So, any platform you want to use for this venture has to fit within that fixed bracket. You have to reserve a certain payment to pay the fees of the actual influencer you work with.

So, if you spend on an influencer marketing management platform, make sure it provides the value that it is charging with advanced features to make the management easier, requiring minimal effort from you.

Must-Have Feature Set

Depending on each business’s requirements, you should focus on specific capabilities of influencer software. However, taking from our own experience with them, here are some of the features a good influencer marketing tool should have:

  • Detailed search filter
  • Influencer’s recent campaign history
  • Audience demographic access
  • Similar influencer recommendations
  • Outreach automation
  • Management of the social media campaign
  • KPI tracking in real-time
  • Report generation

The above points cover the basics, and are a good benchmark to start with to pick an ideal tool for your business.

Other than the list we have curated for you, a thousand more tools are up for grabs. Once you are clear on your goals and budget, research is your friend. Peruse the websites of the platforms and fish out authentic user reviews from credible sources to get the actual picture.

Why Should You Consider Using an Influencer Marketing Platform?

Influencer marketing involves a lot of work on the part of a marketer. Influencer marketing software like the ones we discussed in the earlier section saves a lot of time and effort, automating the bulk of activities while letting you manage everything from the same dashboard. They also bring a certain level of accuracy to the table, which is impossible to do manually.

The seemingly troublesome process of finding and approaching an influencer who is a good fit for your brand becomes effortless. You can either set up specific parameters or create a short campaign pitch. The rest of the work is done by the platform, bringing authentic and credible creators to you.

Next, selecting an influencer with a less-than-real following gives marketers nightmares. However, most of the versatile influencer marketing platforms have verification systems or fake follower checking in place to ensure the collaboration is fruitful.

Making data-driven decisions is vital for the success of any platform. You can find all the historical performance-related data of a prospective collaborator within an influencer marketing software, eliminating the step of research on your part.

Streamlining and running an influencer marketing campaign is no piece of cake. But an ideal tool with advanced automation capabilities makes it exactly so. From communicating with the collaborators, launching the campaign, and tracking real-time analytics, all of it is covered by influencer marketing software.

These are some benefits you can surely get with any platform you go with. But there are many more advanced benefits like accessing creator marketplaces, integrating APIs to customize your user experience, using AI to improve your relationship with management with the creators, and much more.


Choosing the perfect influencer marketing platform can really take your campaign to the next level. There’s something for everyone – whether you’re all about e-commerce, looking for smooth creator collaborations, digging into the analytics, or focusing on those crucial micro-influencers.

It all boils down to what you’re looking to achieve, how big your team is, and of course, your budget. The right choice makes working with influencers a breeze and seriously amps up your campaign results. Doing your homework to pick the best platform means not just easier influencer chats but also getting those golden nuggets of insights that help tweak your game plan and grow your brand even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best platform for influencer marketing?

Here are some of the best influencer marketing platforms to assist you with all the aspects of an influencer marketing campaign:

  • Upfluence
  • GRIN
  • Influencity
  • InsightIQ
  • Skeepers
  • LKT

What is an influencer marketing platform?

An influencer marketing platform is a software or service that helps brands in every aspect of their influencer marketing campaign. Starting from finding the right influencer to collaborate with, onboarding them, monitoring the results, generating reports, and making payments to the collaborators, everything can be done with an influencer marketing platform.

Which platform is used most commonly by influencers?

Instagram seems to be the leading platform for influencers, with more than 500,000 influence accounts registered on the social media network.

Are influencer platforms worth it?

Yes, influencer platforms are absolutely worth it. Brands get an ROI of $6.50 for every $1.00 spent on influencer marketing on average. Influencer marketing platforms facilitate the optimization of marketing endeavors, enabling brands to maximize the advantages offered by influential creators and their dedicated follower base.

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