75+ Instagram Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2024

75+ Instagram Statistics Marketers Need to Know in 2024

Understand the compilation of 70+ latest Instagram statistics to empower your marketing strategy. Reach assures audience engagement with Instagram engagement, business, and advertising insights.

Instagram Statistics Marketers Need

The best way to keep your Instagram marketing up-to-date is to stay informed about the latest Instagram statistics.

Before we plunge into 2024’s Instagram stats, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to see how Instagram has changed over the last year.

Instagram introduced Instagram Threads to delve into text-based engagement, challenging Twitter’s dominance. Furthermore, it expanded post-collaboration options as well as rolled out new features such as broadcast channels, notes, and polls in comments.

But the important question is how the audience’s relationship has evolved with the changing Instagram landscape.

How many people are using Instagram in 2024? What’s engaging them the most? And most importantly, is Instagram still worthy of your time and budget?

Who are we kidding? It is! But let the latest Instagram stats we have curated guide the Instagram strategy you will need in 2024.

Wondering what’s in store in this blog? Well, here’s a snapshot:

  • General Instagram statistics
  • Instagram usage statistics
  • Instagram demographics statistics
  • Instagram engagement statistics
  • Instagram business statistics
  • Instagram advertising statistics

Understanding these statistics is crucial for marketers striving for a stronghold in 2024. Let this compilation of over 70+ Instagram statistics be your guiding star, paving the way to amplify your brand’s presence this year.

Let’s dive right in!

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General Instagram Statistics

Instagram, a visual titan in the social media arena, has transformed the digital landscape since its inception. With over 2 billion users worldwide, it’s not just a photo-sharing platform but a digital behemoth.

The number is quite impressive, considering the constant competition Instagram faces from the new platforms.

Each scroll and swipe unravels a vast universe of content, from sunsets in Santorini to tutorials on the latest dance craze. Discover the sheer magnitude of Instagram.

  1. Instagram has over 2 billion monthly active users. Also, it has over 500 million daily active users, making it , making it the world’s 4th largest social media network.
  2. Instagram is the 4th most visited website in the world.
  3. Instagram threads have 15.36 million active users.
  4. Instagram is the 10th most searched term on Google, with a massive search volume of 338,000,000.
  5. Approximately 20.3% of all active internet users use Instagram daily, showcasing its widespread adoption.
  6. 35.71% of the 5.06 billion active mobile internet users access Instagram monthly, the same amount of people who live in Europe and North America combined.

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Instagram Usage Statistics

Instagram usage metrics reveal intriguing patterns in user behavior. The platform remains one of the top choices for user engagement, with global users spending around 30 minutes daily on the platform.

Instagram presents vast marketing potential with its exciting new features and a massive user base equivalent to the EU and North America combined.

Here are some vital Instagram statistics to help you understand user behavior.

  1. Users spend an average of 12 hours per month or 30 minutes daily on Instagram globally.
  2. People in the US spend just 7.7 hours/month on average using Instagram on Android.
  3. More than 100 million people watch Instagram Live every day.
  4. The most-liked picture on Instagram as of December 2022 is of Lionel Messi and his teammates after winning the 2022 FIFA World Cup, with more than 61 million likes.
  5. The monthly active user base of Instagram is equivalent to the EU and North American population combined.
  6. Up to 95 million (9.5%) platform users may be bots, costing marketers $1.3 billion.
  7. Approximately 30.94% of the 4.48 billion global internet users use Instagram regularly.
  8. 21% of users log in weekly, and 16% log in less often than that.
  9. 38% of users log on to the platform multiple times.
  10. 70% of users watch Instagram Stories daily.
  11. Instagram Threads made history as the first app to reach 1 million users within just one hour of its launch.
  12. 71.9% of the content on Instagram is photo posts.
  13. 130 million users tap on shopping posts each month.
  14. 40% of Instagrammers post Stories daily.

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Instagram Demographics Statistics

Behind every like and double-tap, there are diverse users with unique backgrounds. From teenagers seeking the latest trends to seniors connecting with old pals, Instagram’s audience is as varied as it is vast.

Peek at the Instagram demographic statistics to explore the intriguing blend of age groups, geographic locations, and gender distinctions that paint the vivid portrait of Instagram’s global community.

  1. The highest number of Instagram users are from India (326.6 million), followed by the US (168.6 million) and Brazil (132.6 million).
  2. The 18-34 age group is the largest of the demographics, contributing to 61% of total Instagram users.
  3. As of 2021, Gen Z users in the US spend almost 5 hours per week on Instagram.
  4. 85% of iOS Gen Z users aged 16-25 in the United States use Instagram.
  5. 70% of Instagrammers are under 34 years.
  6. 48.2% of all Instagram users are female, while 51.8% are male.
  7. 56.9 % of all Instagram users in the United States are women, and 43.1 % are men.
  8. 87% of Instagram users live outside the US.
  9. About 21% of US Gen Z adults use Reels weekly.

Sources: Statista

Instagram Engagement Statistics

Engagement is the beating heart of Instagram. It’s not just about the posts but the conversations they spark, the communities they build, and the trends they set in motion.

Dive into metrics that matter – likes, engagement rate, and more to unravel what truly resonates with the audience. It’s the era of authenticity, and Instagram engagement stats reveal what the Instagram community genuinely treasures.

  1. A total of 4.2 billion likes are registered on Instagram each day.
  2. The average engagement rate for all post types is 0.71%, 0.59% for photo posts, 1.26% for carousel posts, and 1.23% for Instagram Reels.
  3. The average Instagram engagement rate for business accounts with less than 10,000 followers is 0.98%.
  4. The average engagement rate for Instagram business profile posts is 0.65%.
  5. The average Instagram engagement rate for business accounts with follower counts of 10,000-100,000 is 0.68%.
  6. The average Instagram engagement rate for business accounts with more than 100,000 followers is 0.57%.
  7. The highest Instagram Reels engagement rates are recorded by Instagram accounts with fewer than 5,000 followers, up to 3.79% on average.
  8. Reels get 22% more interaction on Instagram than standard video posts.
  9. Instagram has seen an 80% increase in users’ time watching videos on the platform.
  10. On average, 10.7 hashtags are used in Instagram posts.
  11. Instagram has 58% more engagement per follower than Facebook.
  12. Data suggests Instagram users more actively engage with content at night at 8 pm.
  13. Sunday is the most favorable day, boasting an average engagement rate of 6.47%.
  14. Photos with faces perform almost 38% better than those without faces.
  15. Instagram Videos get 21.2% more engagement compared to images.
  16. Every month, 2.35 billion people interact with Instagram Reels.
  17. Instagram users engage more on weekdays, like Wednesday and Thursday, than at any other time.
  18. Posts with tagged locations get 79% more engagement than those without tags.

Sources: Oberlo, Emplifi, Viralyft

Instagram Business Statistics

Are you worried if Instagram is even worth a shot for your business? The answer is a big YES!

From local boutiques to global conglomerates, Instagram has emerged as a pivotal platform for business growth. The ‘Shop Now‘ tags and sponsored stories are just the tip of the iceberg.

Delve into how brands leverage their Instagram presence, the ROI they’re witnessing, and the innovative strategies rewriting digital marketing rules.

  1. There are over 200 million businesses on Instagram promoting their services and products.
  2. 80 % of social media marketers agreed to use Instagram to promote their business.
  3. US-based online stores lead with 86% Instagram accounts, followed by 81% accounts from the UK and 75% from Germany-based online stores.
  4. 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account.
  5. 62% of users say they are more interested in a brand after seeing it in an Instagram Story.
  6. 81% of Instagrammers use the platform for researching new products and services.
  7. 87% of Instagram users say they take action after seeing a product on Instagram.
  8. On average, major brands post on Instagram 1.56 times every day.
  9. 98% of fashion brands use Instagram for marketing.
  10. Over 150 million people use Instagram monthly to communicate directly with a business.
  11. 68% of weekly Instagram users visit the platform to interact with creators.
  12. 93% of marketers have already used Instagram to acquire potential customers.
  13. 74% of Instagram marketers want to reach a new target audience, 69% wish to improve brand awareness, and 46% want to increase sales.
  14. 54% of all influencers on Instagram are nano-influencers, while 33% are micro-influencers.
  15. 61% of consumers trust influencer recommendations more than brand content (38%).
  16. Nano-influencers are also rising, with the highest engagement rate at 5%.
  17. This year, Instagram Reels will be utilized for influencer marketing by over half (53.7%) of U.S. marketers.
  18. 36% of businesses use Stories to promote their products.
  19. 98% of fashion brands are on Instagram.
  20. 67% of users watch branded Stories.
  21. 73% of marketers favor Instagram for influencer marketing.
  22. The average monthly follower growth of business accounts on Instagram is +1.79%.

Sources: Embed Social, Facebook, Builtin

Instagram Advertising Insights

Standing out is the key in the crowded digital market, and Instagram ads are the magic wand for brands.

But what makes an ad click-worthy?

All credit goes to its wide range of ad feature that promotes your business in a very non-intrusive way. You can run ads easily from the app and target different demographics.

Also, 83% of consumers claim they use Instagram to discover new products or services. So it is wise to consider influencer campaigns if you haven’t started yet. Check out more Instagram statistics to decide on the ad specifics.

  1. Meta’s ad revenue rose by 23.8% in Q4 2023, reaching $38.7B, up from $31.3B in Q4 2022.
  2. Instagram ads have the potential to reach 849.3 million users.
  3. Instagram marketers spend 69% of their budget on influencer marketing on Instagram.
  4. Micro-influencers, who generally have 50,000-100,000 fans, are used by businesses to advertise their products.
  5. India has the highest Instagram ad audience size, with 180 million, followed by the United States (170 million) and Brazil (110 million).
  6. The ads on Instagram Stories contribute to nearly 26.7% of the platform’s ad revenue in 2023, up from 26.4% in 2022.
  7. The 18-24 age group accounts for the largest section of Instagram’s advertisement audience.
  8. 83% of consumers claim they use Instagram to discover new products or services.
  9. Instagram’s bogus bot accounts cost marketers an estimated $1.3 billion yearly in the advertising ecosystem.
  10. Video ads have 3x more engagement than photos.

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In the rapidly evolving world of social media, leveraging statistics about Instagram is more crucial than ever. Businesses witness unprecedented engagement and conversion rates as the platform introduces innovations like Reels and interactive shopping. These numbers are a goldmine for marketers, offering insights to refine their strategies.

To maximize potential, employ tools that streamline your Instagram campaigns, such as SocialPilot. Whether scheduling content or analyzing engagement, understanding these stats is the key.

As you harness these insights, craft compelling posts and explore tools that support multi-platform growth. Dive deep, strategize smartly, and watch your digital presence soar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective is Instagram for marketing?

Instagram has the highest average engagement rate of any major social media platform, outperforming Facebook and Twitter. In fact, it has a greater brand engagement rate than other platforms, indicating that Instagram users are more responsive to marketed content.

How do you view insights on Instagram stories?

To view insights on Instagram Stories, follow these steps:

  1. From your Instagram app, go to your profile.
  2. Tap on the profile picture in the top left corner to access your story.
  3. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the Insights for your story.
  4. You will be able to see the number of views, impressions, and reach for your story. You can also view the interactions, such as taps forward and back, replies, and shares.
  5. If you have multiple stories, you can view insights for each one by swiping left or right.

How to analyze someone's Instagram account?

You can use third-party tools such as HypeAuditor or Social Blade to see someone's Instagram statistics. These tools allow you to analyze an Instagram account's engagement rate, follower growth, and top-performing posts.

What are some of the top Instagram Statistics for the UK?

  • As of June 2023, the United Kingdom has over 35 million Instagram users, making it one of the largest user bases in Europe.
  • The most popular age group on Instagram in the UK is between 25 and 34 years old, with over 29% of users falling within this range.
  • The top five most followed Instagram accounts in the UK are dominated by celebrities, with the likes of David Beckham, Harry Styles, and Adele having millions of followers.
  • London is the city with the highest number of Instagram users in the UK, followed by Manchester and Birmingham.
  • The most popular hashtags used by Instagram users in the UK include #london, #travel, #fashion, #food, and #photography.

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