Add More Than 4 Images to Your Social Media Posts

Add More Than 4 Images to Your Social Media Posts

Upload multiple images to your posts across all social media networks

Images capture the user’s attention and imagination, that’s what makes social media such an influential tool for marketing.

SocialPilot now allows you to add more than 4 images to your posts across platforms. You can now schedule more images and weave a full story with your detailed post.

The number of images you can publish with a post varies depending on each platform but with this latest update, Facebook posts can now be published with up to 10 images. As for LinkedIn, you can upload and schedule posts with up to 9 images, while Twitter doesn’t allow more than 4 images per tweet. 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to remember the maximum image count for every single platform. While scheduling on SocialPilot, you will see the count for the maximum number of images that can be scheduled for each social platform.

Now create and schedule impactful images that can get more eyeballs and engagement on your social media posts.

To know more about how many images you can upload to a specific platform and other guidelines, check out our how-to guide.


Create stunning images that perform well with our complete image sizes guide for all major platforms. Check out The Complete Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet   

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