Facebook Reel Publishing Now On SocialPilot

Facebook Reel Publishing

Organize and Publish your Facebook Reel Content from the SocialPilot Dashboard

We’re in the Reel age and it’s not just channels like Tiktok and Instagram which remain a platform for the popular short video concept, Facebook has joined the bandwagon as well.

And what’s so special with Facebook Reels are that they appear right at the top of your feed and are visible to everyone – whether they follow you or otherwise. Which makes visibility a whole lot easier for you and your brand.

With Facebook being such a major part of any brand’s marketing strategies and Reels becoming almost an integral part of every social media calendar, the onus was on us to make sure that managing reel content on Facebook is made simpler for everyone.

With our latest product updates, we’ve incorporated Publishing and Analytics for Instagram Reels and now we’ve brought in the ease of creating and publishing reels on Facebook as well.

All you have to do is select Facebook and then the Reels option under the create post section, upload your reel video, add text or captions and hit publish. You can even schedule them later and manage a library of scheduled reels on your calendar.

It’s that simple and even easier than it sounds!

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