Instagram Direct Publishing Through Zapier

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Tejas Mehta | July 09, 2020

Directly Publish To Your Instagram Account with SocialPilot and Zapier's Instagram for Business App

With Instagram being a highly popular social media platform for users and marketers alike, there is a great demand for Instagram Direct Publishing.

While SocialPilot has been offering Instagram Reminder Scheduling for quite some time now, there was always a demand for making Instagram Direct Publishing available.

With a recent enhancement in the Zapier Integration, marketers will now be able to use Instagram Direct Publishing capabilities through SocialPilot. The initial setup for enabling direct Instagram publishing will take a few minutes but once it is set up, users can effortlessly publish all their posts directly to their Instagram accounts without having to schedule reminders.

To enable Instagram Direct Publishing, users will need to create a Zap directing SocialPilot’s “Post Created Successfully” trigger to schedule a post to their Instagram account. Then, link the Zap with Instagram for Business app launched by Zapier to send their scheduled posts for publishing on their Instagram Business account.

While utilizing Instagram Direct Publishing, users will only be able to publish single image and link posts to their Instagram Business accounts.

Here is a short GIF on how it is done



For a step by step guide, check out our FAQs section here.