12 Social Media Collaboration Tools for Your Team in 2024

Having a good social media collaboration tool is key for streamlining the entire workflow of your team as well as scaling the subsequent growth of the business.

Social Media Collaboration Tools

A social media strategy is not an easy play if you don’t use a social media collaboration tool. It needs a lot of fine-tuning to post content successfully.

How? Let’s take a look at publishing just one post.

The whole marketing team has to sit together to decide on the priorities that ought to be promoted on social media. Once that’s done, you need to brainstorm an out-of-the-box idea.

After that, you have to discuss it with your Copywriter and come up with witty two-liners for the caption. You should also coordinate with the Graphic Designer to design pixel-perfect creatives for the post.

After much feedback and rework loops, you ought to rely on a Community Manager/Social Media Marketer to share the post at the right time. The work doesn’t just end after hitting on the share button.

You also need to delegate the task of responding to the comments if any are received. And if communication goes wrong at one point, your post won’t be able to go live at the right time.

However, you can escape the apocalypse by using social media collaboration tools. Your team can leverage these to strategize, generate content ideas, create a social media calendar, assign tasks, approve content, share files, track analytics, and so much more.

How we analyze & select these tools:

Through rigorous research and practical assessment, we have developed this list of elite social media collaboration tools. The factors we considered for evaluation included the tool’s user interface, G2 ratings and reviews, pricing, and scalability. We also assessed the capabilities of these tools in automation, content generation, visualization, analytics, and collaboration. We have invested resources in compiling this shortlist of social media collaboration tools to ensure that marketers are empowered with crucial knowledge to select the optimal tools and amplify their businesses.

Without any further ado, let’s look at the best social media collaboration tools.



per month

Have you ever wondered if there was a tool where you could give selective access to some members of your team to work only on specific accounts? Or do you wish you could create different levels of access such as manager, digital marketing head, content creator, and so on? Or even if you need to create a seamless workflow to ensure no content goes unchecked?

All of this and so much more are possible with SocialPilot. You no longer need to worry about utilizing different tools for your various social media requirements. SocialPilot has it all, so your team doesn’t have to struggle between multiple tools.

From bulk scheduling to detailed analytics, this is one of the best tools for social media collaboration.

Another great feat for flawless collaboration within SocialPilot is the easy communication achievable between the collaborators at the post-level. A dedicated feedback section enables team members and clients to share their thoughts in the form of comments on a post – all within SocialPilot.

Managing and collaborating on all your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and TikTok becomes easier with SocialPilot.

Features of SocialPilot

  • Delegate everyday tasks to your team.
  • Collaborate with your team or client by marking or leaving feedback on scheduled posts.
  • Grant selective access to analytics reporting and social inbox.
  • Exchange feedback on posts within the team and with clients through comments.
  • Shorten all your URLs and share them on your social media platforms.
  • Create customized posts for individual social media platforms.
  • Schedule the first comment to Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn posts.
  • In-depth social media analytics can be used to analyze and document your social media performance.
  • You can use Content Library to store and save all posts and hashtags.
  • Optimize your images with its in-app image editing tool or use SocialPilot integration in Canva to export your designs and schedule across social networks.
  • Utilize stock images with Unsplash integration so you enjoy a never-ending supply of visuals for your posts.
  • Strategize and organize your social content with a calendar.
  • Bulk schedule your content and upload up to 500 posts.
  • Create and schedule visually attractive posts.
  • Manage multiple client accounts hassle-free.
  • Access all page conversations in one place and leverage the power of social inbox.
  • Set approval workflows in team collaborations for seamless work.
  • Utilize Canva integration in SocialPilot and create the best designs.
  • Reach your ideal customers by targeting the right audience.
  • Its Advance Reports lets users download a comprehensive report of all their social media platforms to get a collective view of their efforts.

Advantages of using SocialPilot

  • You can invite interns or freelancers to your team and review the content before it goes for publishing.
  • You can encourage your team members to add more social media accounts even without giving them full admin access.
  • Collaborate on drafts right within the tool, allowing team members to work together on content creation and uphold content quality.
  • No errors and misunderstandings take place as every member stays on the same page through SocialPilot’s social calendar.
  • Any discussions regarding the content needing changes or edits can be done right here from the dashboard of the tool.

Luis Ignacio C.

Carrying the social networks of several companies at the same time, without the perfect tool, is a task that can end in a complete disaster. That is why, after using SocialPilot, I can say with confidence that it is the best option for small entrepreneurs and for consolidated work teams that seek to offer a better service.


JoAnn J.

I discovered Social Pilot after reaching my frustration threshold with several other social media scheduling platforms. Several were difficult to navigate; some were not responsive. So relieved I discovered SocialPilot!



per month

While Slack isn’t necessarily a tool for social media management, it works amazingly well as a collaboration tool.

It can be used for all of your project needs like adding your social media team, creating different channels to share files, assigning tasks, and collaborating. You can also send group messages or personal messages and conduct voice or video calls.


  • You can integrate Slack with over 1000 tools such as Dropbox, Salesforce and Zendesk.
  • Everything stays in the same place in Slack so whenever you need something, you just have to do a basic search for it.
  • Teammates can share interesting links to generate content ideas and offer different perspectives.


Teams can collaborate and communicate across remote locations. The ease of sharing documents, code, images, etc is very good. Everyone working in the team can connect their software, services, and tools.


  • There is a learning curve if you need to set everything perfectly, especially for people who are not tech-savvy.
  • The mobile application needs a lot of improvements.
  • Sometimes, the search function faces a little issue and it turns out to be time-consuming especially if you have a large organization.

Dipak K

It’s a little complicated when you use it for the first time. Sometimes the app doesn’t show notifications on mobile. Need to open the app and see the updates or any new messages.



per month

Do you need to share too many work emails just to get your hands on one edited document? Or has it ever happened that you needed to post on Facebook urgently and you posted an older version document?

If yes, then Google Drive is the tool your business should be using. You can store files, documents, and images in it. You can also use Google Drive to directly upload media files to SocialPilot for creating post drafts seamlessly.


  • You can access everything from your mobile and even edit something if you don’t have a laptop nearby.
  • You don’t have to save things. All the changes you make can be seen by your team in real-time.
  • Many integrations are available that you can use and tie it to other apps and services.

Somnath B

The integration of Google Drive with other Google products such as Gmail, and Google Docs make it pretty resourceful. The ease with which documents and files (big or small) can be shared is much appreciated. Also, the encryption and security features make it even more tempting to use for all official and personal document storage needs in one place.


  • There is a storage limit so if you have to upload many files, it could turn out to be quite costly.
  • Apart from storage, no other social media requirement is fulfilled which could be a great downside for your team.
  • You’ll constantly require an internet connection and it takes a long time to download or upload files which could turn out to be time-consuming.

Pawan J

One of the facts I dislike about Google Drive is that it uses a lot of data to upload these files and the speed of upload is very slow if the files are large.



per month

Mention is a unique collaboration tool that allows you to listen in on what people are saying about you. It could be quite cumbersome for you to search everywhere your brand has been mentioned.

That’s why it is the social media collaboration tool to have for your team. It gives full access to your team members to listen to your brand’s mentions all across the internet and then split up tasks accordingly.


  • You can choose to monitor or block specific sources and web pages from your search to get better results.
  • It helps in easy collaboration by dividing work responsibilities. For example, someone could take care of all Twitter mentions, some could work on Facebook mentions and so on.
  • You can also schedule your posts in advance.

Zee G.

We used it when we first founded our business and we wanted to track the mentions around the Internet. We really enjoyed it because you don’t have to continuously google yourself (or your brand), instead, the mentions (especially when your brand name is somewhat unique) are coming to your inbox.


  • Since they’re based in France, some users state that they have to wait until the next day to get a response and the quality of the support isn’t that great.
  • Sometimes, the results shown are not that accurate and you may have to go through a lot of unwanted content.
  • The price is too high, especially for small businesses and businesses that are just starting out.

Verified Reviewer

My personal suggestion – never, never turn to their support team. It’s an absolute waste of time. Check guides, and experiment yourself, you might figure it out. The support team will only get you upset and you’ll feel yourself the most unvalued customer ever.



per month

Dropbox is a social collaboration tool that allows you to share large files with anyone, anywhere. You don’t need to send multiple emails for that or keep calling someone.

You can use it for sharing a plethora of files such as images for Instagram, strategy spreadsheets, videos, presentations, and more. The folders and files shared through Dropbox make you feel as if you and your colleagues are working from the same desktop.


  • You can recover deleted files and also restore previous file versions if needed.
  • You can password-protect your links and set expiration dates to grant temporary access.
  • There is an insights dashboard that you can use to monitor team activity, audit external sharing activity, and view connected devices.

Rachel H.

Overall, Dropbox Business was very helpful for our events. All users of the program could easily access the files, and got the hang of the program quickly. There were hardly ever any issues with the files and we could always share important information with ease.


  • As the price is user based, it could turn out to be quite expensive for big teams considering that no other social media management features are available.
  • File conflicts have been experienced by users and it takes too long to upload files especially if you don’t have a high-speed Internet connection.
  • There isn’t any way to edit files online which could be frustrating.

Verified Reviewer

They don’t have plans suitable for small businesses. I used Dropbox for a few years. I had the 2TB plan, but only used 350GB. I asked Dropbox for a smaller plan, but they didn’t have a smaller than 2TB plan. I was paying way too much for space I wasn’t using.

Post Planner


per month

Do you assign post scheduling tasks to someone on your team and still find that sometimes it gets forgotten? Or maybe you are finding it difficult to figure out which kind of posts work best on Facebook?

These are the two worries that Post Planner helps you easily solve. They have a content engine where you can find the best content in your niche that will bring the most engagement.


  • They have a full image library to pick from for your social media posts.
  • You can organize and store your favorite content sources so you can always find new content for your pages.
  • They have thousands of status ideas pertaining to different categories such as questions, deep thoughts, family and pets, trivia, etc.

Verified Reviewer

This simple app has helped our business grow. The search provides us with interesting, relevant new content each day so that we post more, and more widely, with more likes and retweets.


  • The content search feature is limited and it only searches for the content that has the search keyword in the title.
  • It only caters to Facebook and thus could be quite costly to use for your business.
  • Many users have faced billing issues and trying to cancel the account because of this issue is tough.

Russ S.

Once they have your credit card they make it very difficult to cancel. The automated cancellation process does not work and even though I canceled by email they still debited my card a year later and refused to refund.



per month

Brosix is a secure team communication solution that gives you access to a private team network that you can completely manage. Team networks include various collaboration features that enable you to centralize your team’s communication in one place.

Brosix’s security requirements include end-to-end data encryption, making it an excellent alternative for improving your team’s cybersecurity.


  • The tool is quite affordable.
  • The setup process is easy and straightforward.
  • It is a beginner-friendly tool.

Charles S

It is self-contained; you can set up groups and permissions. Easy to set up and use. There are many new features like having a profile picture to show with the name. Also, the tech support was fast to respond with answers.


  • The billing and licensing processes are confusing.
  • The support team isn’t that great according to many users and your queries may take a lot of time to get resolved.

Verified Reviewer

It’s not the most modern interface, it can be buggy at times, and there are limitations – like history is specific to device, not login. So if you signed in on your laptop, had some chats, and later want to retrieve those from your desktop, it’s not an option. It’s also not as beautiful as other options like Slack. You can’t paste pre-formatted code, etc.

Evernote Business


per month

Evernote Business is not the same as Evernote. It can be one of the perfect collaboration tools for teams to strategize and share content within the team.

You can also collect materials, information, and ideas and have it all on a single platform for everyone to see and read. With this collaboration tool for social media, you can also track and manage all your different work projects over here.


  • With many integrations in store, you can streamline your team’s work and make sure nothing slips out of notice.
  • All your documents can stay stored in here and it can become your team’s central document hub.
  • They also have offline access so you can work even when your internet connection has gone on a vacation.

Verified Reviewer

I like that this integrates seamlessly with a lot of things. One integration is with Google, where when you are doing a Google search for something, it will look through your notes to see if this topic has been in your notes anywhere.


  • Document editing is available only while using the desktop app.
  • They do not have many features as compared to the other tools available.
  • The tool starts getting expensive if you have a lot of members on your team.

Maisarah H.

Evernote Business is not the cheapest digital notepad software in the market, and there are more software that are providing the same feature with less expense.



per month

Huddle is a general collaboration software and can be used for your social media collaboration.

You can collaborate with anyone from your internal team to your clients and partners. Assigning tasks, setting approvals, automatic version control, comment streams, this tool has it all.


  • The dashboard shows a real-time activity stream of document and user activity and thus you can easily check outstanding tasks and approvals.
  • You can set permissions and access to only include the concerned individuals.

Gregg L.

This certain product helps me to easily make connections with my teammates and also with the people inside my organization. Apart from this, it helps me to access all the documents and also to set permissions whether a particular person can view or edit the document or not is now completely under my control.


  • It can be quite overwhelming at the start as it can take a while to get acquainted with all the features and how to make use of them.
  • The content calendar is something that is lacking in functions and options.

Nikolaj M.

A better calendar functionality to help track partners’ schedules and an easier way to invite more than one person into the workspace is needed.



per month

One of the best collaboration tools is Asana. Businesses and agencies can use it to manage and organize projects and tasks and communicate in real-time, measure progress, and collaborate.

It enables teams to manage many projects at the same time. Task management, automatic notifications, collaboration tools, reporting, dashboards, and document management are primary features.

Asana integrates with various apps, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack. It’s free for groups of up to 15 people.


  • Setting up workflows is a breeze with visual dashboards.
  • It has cross-platform ability so you can use Asana on multiple devices.

Bobbie R

Asana allows users to see all assigned tasks for the day, week, month, etc. at a glance. It allows you to divide your tasks into individual projects, keeping you accountable. Dashboards are a great feature if you are working with other people or groups on projects. The loading speed of this site has been improving over time being quite fast even when customized.


  • Email notifications are frustrating for many users.
  • There is no in-built time tracking mechanism.
  • It has a steep learning curve because of too many features.

Christopher A

Almost everything. The layout is confusing and feels like a puzzle. The management of tasks leaves my users feeling lost and confused as to what they should be doing next. It’s ended up creating many more problems than it’s solved as far as management goes.



per month

Planable is a content collaboration tool that helps teams create better content together. It was built by marketers for marketers, so every need you may have has been carefully taken care of.

With this collaboration tool that helps social media teams, you can establish your own feedback and approval process, regardless of the size of your team. With 4 different types of approval levels: none, optional, required, and multi-level, Planable prevents unfinished posts from being published.


  • It has multiple ways to view and plan posts: list, feed, grid, and calendar view.
  • You can leave comments and replies right next to the posts.
  • Content sync button to tweak your content for different platforms.
  • It has customizable approval workflows – from none to multiple levels of approval with one single click.
  • It offers separate workspaces to keep people and clients organized.

Verified User

Planable delivers the right amount of functionality and features, robust authorization and approval settings, clean and intuitive UI and scheduling, and fantastic customer service both in terms of response time and usefulness of responses. It has significantly reduced the turnaround time from scheduling to review/approvals/edits to posting and is an enjoyable platform to use.


  • Fixed number of posts on the free plan.

Verified User

A free plan is good for gettings started, but you really want that grid view and the option to import your previous posts. Its Pro plan is what you need.



per month

How often do you find yourself going back and forth via email or Slack with the team to find a meeting time? That’s where Appointlet comes in to help you easily select a meeting time that works for all parties (and across all time zones).

Simplicity is at the heart of Appointlet’s user interface (UI) design. This makes the platform easy to use, even for non tech-savvy people. Besides the simple design, booking meetings is also an easy process. All you have to do is choose your meeting type, set your availability, and share your booking link.


  • The free plan includes unlimited members, meeting types, calendar integrations, and bookings. There are no limits based on how much your team uses the software.
  • Automated confirmation and reminder notifications to help improve meeting visibility and reduce no-shows.
  • Easily manage all of your meetings from a single dashboard, with note-taking features that help you prepare for calls and record learnings after the fact.

Melanie L

We have been using Appointlet at my organization for over 5 years. It has been integral in creating a seamless scheduling process that is easy for customers to use and easy for us to customize and control. We could not have grown as a business by continuing to schedule calls manually. Appointlet has been invaluable!


  • The group scheduling feature does not include a polling option, so it works best for joining in. at a set time that people have already agreed upon.
  • No recurring meetings (scheduled once and recurring X number of times)
  • Payment collection is limited to Stripe and Paypal.

Will G

The lack of a “pay-what-you-want” feature in the payment processing is a bummer, especially for non-profits or other organizations that are using Appointlet to schedule free services but wouldn’t mind a few bucks. We get around this with a PayPal link in our confirmation emails, but having this baked into our Appointlet webform would have been great.


Social media is a collective effort. A team that lacks collaboration runs the risk of ineffective strategy execution. As a result, you end up ruining both time and effort with little output.

That’s why introducing social media collaboration tools in the team is crucial. Not only do they keep a tab on the extra work responsibilities, but also make work fun and less stressful. SocialPilot is one such tool that helps your team handle most social media tasks efficiently. Start your free 14 day trial period now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are social media collaboration tools?

Social media collaboration tools allow you to organize your workflow in such a manner that work becomes easy and nothing goes out of sight. From scheduling your posts to assigning tasks, social media collaboration tools make it easier for teams to work effectively.

Which are the best social media collaboration tools?

  1. SocialPilot
  2. Slack
  3. Google drive
  4. Mention
  5. Dropbox
  6. Post planner
  7. Brosix
  8. Evernote Business
  9. Huddle
  10. Asana
  11. Planable
  12. Appointlet

Which is the best collaboration tool for social media management?

SocialPilot is the best social media collaboration tool as it allows you to handle all your collaboration requirements and also has many more features like bulk scheduling, content curation, link shortening. It has everything you need at an affordable rate.

How collaboration tools can improve team communication?

Collaborative tools make communication between team members and managers easier and more efficient, especially in the face of remote work and pandemic limits. It also simplifies allocated responsibilities and roles and details what each team member is responsible for.

What are the benefits of collaboration tools?

Some benefits of collaboration tools are:

  • Saves times
  • Boosts productivity
  • Increases efficiency
  • Improves communication
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