What Is BeReal?

BeReal is a photo-sharing app that lets users post a single photo daily to display their actions in real time to their followers. The application focuses on the authenticity of people and persuades its users to be real.

As the application allows its users to post only once a day, its users can avoid spending hours on end on the application. This feature makes it unique compared to many other social media platforms.

More About BeReal

So, what is BeReal, and how does it work? The social media application of BeReal can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.

When you download the application, you will be notified by the app “Time to BeReal” once a day. The notification will direct the user to a window where they can post a picture of what they are doing presently. The app’s purpose is for the user to post an unfiltered and authentic snapshot of their life.

If you post an image outside the two-minute window, you will be seen as late. You are permitted to view other users’ photos at the time they have been posted. Once you have posted on the app, you can access the ‘Discover’ section to see these images.

The application does not have the typical ‘like’ option, but you can react to other posts with an emoji. These are some of the things that make BeReal unique as a social media platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

How popular is BeReal?

After its release in 2020, BeReal was quite slow in garnering engagement initially. But gradually, it has reached a high point in popularity and has registered over 56 million downloads. Worldwide, the application is most popular in the USA but is still in its growth cycle.

When do notifications on BeReal to post come up?

As a user, you can see the notifications of BeReal only once a day but at different times. Once the notification comes up, you only get two minutes to post your picture. If you post after that time, you will be considered late.

What is the purpose of BeReal?

As users will need to capture images instantly, the pictures they post cannot be retouched, fabricated, or edited to show an unrealistic and idealized portrayal of anyone or anything on social media. When you post an authentic picture within a set time, you give the best and most raw representation of your life. Thus, BeReal is a social media site that does not promote airbrushed and curated images.

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