What is Facebook Watch?

Facebook Watch is an online video-on-demand service offered by Facebook. It features a wide range of exclusive series and videos in a broad range of categories, as well as personalized video suggestions. Creators can post their own long- and short-form videos to it. While there is no charge for the service, a Facebook account is necessary.

More About Facebook Watch

In August 2017, Facebook Watch was first made available on mobile, desktop, and TV apps to a limited number of users in the United States. In 2018, Facebook Watch reached every country around the globe. 

It is integrated into Facebook and accessible via mobile platforms, streaming devices, and via the primary Facebook website and mobile application. It is located in a separate tab called Watch, which is like the Marketplace and Messenger sections.

Facebook Watch is set up similar to YouTube. There are no channels but rather specific content creators who maintain their personal Facebook Watch accounts featuring videos. Facebook Watch additionally features several Originals and series, each having its dedicated page that includes a series overview, user reviews, and episodes.

The search box is the most efficient way to find videos on Facebook Watch. It is located in the top-left corner of the Facebook Watch home screen. Enter the title of a desired video or series in the search bar to find out if it is available on Facebook Watch.

Benefits of Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch has provided marketers with one more way to market their products across a broader range of people. Here are some of the benefits of Facebook Watch.

  • Starting a regular show that addresses existing and potential customer concerns can improve sales leads and drive visitors to brand websites.
  • Using Facebook Watch, businesses may earn money directly from their content and can focus less on how to make money through Facebook.
  • Facebook Watch allows you to send videos to your viewers directly, ensuring that everyone sees what you have created. 

Facebook is on your side if your films are assisting them in reaching their objective of keeping people on their site for as much time as needed.

When you make a video for Facebook Watch, whether the video’s a live performance or a planned show, you can publish it to Facebook using the Creator Studio. The Creator Studio serves as a central location for all your Facebook business content.

Ways to Commercialize Facebook Watch Videos

Facebook Watch offers two distinct revenue streams for content creators: the Audience Network and Ad Break. Ads or brief adverts are included in videos in each of these approaches.

  • Audience Network: This is intended for major publishers as well as app and game developers. It’s not just limited to videos; it can additionally show advertisements from Facebook marketers on websites, applications, Facebook Express Articles, and gaming.
  • Ad Break: Your Facebook page must fulfill many requirements to be eligible for Ad Break video monetization, such as having a certain number of fans and watching minutes for each video for a predetermined period.

Below is an image of the Facebook Watch section. 

Facebook Watch

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Facebook Watch and Instagram reels?

Instagram Reels, which are similar to different social media platform formats, support simplicity, creativity, and ease of search. On the other hand, Facebook's standard video design for Watch often highlights longer storylines, elaborate storytelling, and higher production values.

Does Facebook Watch have an algorithm?

Facebook says it uses algorithms to organize all of the content. Be it the Feed, Search section, Marketplace, Communities/ Groups, or Watch, the algorithm presents users with the content at the very top of each interface that they believe users might be most personally engaged with.

Which is better, reels or videos on Facebook?

The choice between reels and videos on Facebook depends on your audience and goals. Reels are short and highly entertaining to help capture the viewer's attention within seconds. On the other hand, videos are more versatile. They help connect with a wider range of content types and formats. You can present longer, in-depth messages or tutorials.

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