Instagram Highlight Covers

Instagram Highlight covers are pictures used to label Instagram Highlights. Occupying the top position on your profile as clickable circular icons, the highlight covers are a systematic feature for sorting and categorizing Instagram stories based on different themes.

More About Instagram Highlight Covers

Do you know what Instagram Highlights are? These are groups of stories that you keep maintained on Instagram. Launched in 2017, they are a means for users to keep their preferred or most relevant Stories up for a period exceeding 24 hours.

The highlight covers are like the representatives or the doors that cover your Instagram stories. They provide an idea of what type of content is inside the tappable icon.

Since they are part of a user’s initial impression of your brand, using Instagram highlight covers strategically is critical for getting the most out of them. Top brands can be seen utilizing them for:

  • Showcasing products
  • Promoting events
  • Sharing trends or news
  • Promoting sales and discounts
  • Sharing testimonials
  • Promoting marketing campaigns
  • Highlighting work culture or processes

Therefore, it is important to choose colors and filters that fit your brand’s social media style and offer your page a consistent appearance. Prefer repositioning the image or uploading a new one to customize your Stories Highlights cover from time to time to make it a perfect fit.

Let’s go through some important tips to make better Highlight covers for Instagram:

  • Use your brand aspects: Your brand colors, icons, fonts, voice, or words are important aspects that represent your Highlight well. Use the ones that are specific to your content. The Highlight Cover Designs must align well with your profile or business.
  • Use good-quality images: Your highlight covers for Instagram must have high-resolution and good images. The look of your profile counts on Instagram, and your highlight covers appear as one of the first things on your profile. So, choose wisely for the sake of good first impressions.
  • Keep it clean and sorted: Your Highlight covers must be simple and sorted. They must give a slight peak at what the story has in store. Their purpose is to attract the users to click to find out more. So, be sure that your covers serve that purpose.

See the example below of a popular skincare and beauty brand known for its attention-grabbing marketing moves. Sephora’s Instagram Highlight Covers for Offers, Skincare, Haircare, and so on are well in sync with the stories they label.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to add Instagram Highlight covers?

To add Instagram Highlight covers:

  • Go to the Highlight section of your story.
  • Then, choose the desired Highlight or make a new one by selecting the new button.
  • On your profile, click the +New button and choose the desired Story.

To build unique Instagram Highlight covers, use a design tool like Canva.

What are the benefits of Instagram highlight covers?

Instagram highlight covers are found on the top of your Instagram profile to give a clearer picture of what your brand is all about to the audience. You can use them to have aesthetic consistency in brand identity, organize and highlight your content, showcase creativity and professionalism, remain organized and sorted, etc.

Can I see who viewed my Instagram highlights?

Select the highlight you want to look over. The Activity option, located in the bottom left corner of each Highlight Story, will allow you to check the accounts that have interacted with your story in some way. Viewer list and view counts aren’t available after 48 hours. Within 48 hours, you will notice the phrase 'Seen by' followed by a certain number of accounts who watched.

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